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20 Must Have Items To Stay and Get Cozy At Home

20 Must Have Items To Stay and Get Cozy At Home

While you’re stuck quarantining, you might as well have all of these must have items to stay home and get cozy! Self care is so important, and designating a day to yourself and relaxing will have so many benefits. If you’re on the hunt for ways to make your stay at home a little cozier, you should definitely check these out!

1. Sherpa Blanket

If you are planning on having a Netflix marathon, then you will definitely need a cozy blanket. A sherpa blanket is not a comforter that lays on your bed, but instead a throw blanket. You can easily find a cheap sherpa blanket online. They come in so many different colors and sizes. Cuddle up in one of these and you wont want to move all day.

2. Oversized Hoodie

Wake up and throw on your favorite hoodie! You can buy an oversized hoodie almost anywhere! And if you don’t want to spend the money, simply go through your dad’s (or uncle’s, etc.) closet to find some of his old hoodies! Oversized hoodies provide so much comfort and are perfect for a day spent relaxing at home.


3. Candles

What’s better than sitting and basking in the the scent of your favorite candle? Nothing! If you are trying to have a relaxing day at home, candles are exactly what you need. Set them up in the room you are in, and light them up! These wonderfully smelling accessories will create a cozy atmosphere that will set a calming tone for your day.

4. A Good Book

Cuddle up with your favorite book and call it a day! Take some time out of your schedule and read a new book series — or re-read one you loved! If you want, you can even switch with your friends and then have a little book club with all of them!

5. Sweatpants

If you want to get fancy, you can get matching sweatpants to your favorite oversized hoodie! Sweatpants are a must for a cozy day. Put on a pair, and you are all set to have the coziest day ever! If you want, you could turn on your favorite movie, cozy up with your fuzzy blanket and you will be all set!


6. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you are trying to have the ultimate cozy, relaxing day, then an essential oil diffuser will be your best friend. There are so many great benefits to essential oils. Some are known for their calming effects, ability to boost energy, or even helping a headache. Pick your favorite scent and then let it do its thing! You will be relaxed in no time!

7. Cookies

Who doesn’t love fresh baked cookies? I can already smell the cookies wafting around the house now. For the ultimate cozy day indoors, turn on a movie or your favorite TV show and bake some cookies! Cookies are the perfect dessert and can make you feel so warm and happy. Break that diet and splurge on a few cookies! You will not regret making a batch.

8. Bean Bag Chair

What’s more fun and comfy than a huge bean bag?! And why bother sitting on the couch all day when you can sink into a comfortable bean bag chair? You can get bean bag chairs online, and they come in so many different colors and materials. Not only are they cozy to sit in, they can be a cute decoration to a living room or bedroom. Get a fuzzy one in order to have the comfiest day!


9. Tea

Finding the right tea can make all the difference for your cozy day indoors. If you are looking to cozy up at home, tea is the perfect thing to drink. Out of all of the must have items, tea will soothe your stomach and make you feel relaxed. There are so many delicious flavors of tea, and some are even good for calming and sleep. If you are not a huge coffee fan, tea can be the perfect caffeine fix for the day!

10. Headbands/Scrunchies

If you are staying at home, hanging out all day, you definitely do not want to be worrying about your hair. I know for a fact that I do not want it to be in my face all day. If you are trying to look cute but keep your hair out of the way, purchase a cute scrunchie or headband, and throw your hair up! This is a super cute look, and only requires minimal effort. Who doesn’t love that?

11. Wine

Okay, wine is not an essential item, BUT, it definitely might add a little bit of excitement to your day spent at home. Have a wine night and set up a movie marathon to watch. This is a perfect end to a long day. Get all cozy with your friends and pop open that wine bottle! You wont regret a single sip.


12. Face Mask

Skin care is an essential thing to practice everyday, so why not take care of your skin while having a relaxing day at home? A face mask is the perfect way to do this. There are so many different types that do all sorts of great things for your skin. You can watch your favorite TV show or read a book while your mask is on! Your skin will feel so refreshed after.

13. Comfy Pillow

Out of all the must have items, who could forget about a comfy pillow? If you are planning on cozying up all day, you will be in need of a comfortable pillow! Instead of using your bed pillow, I recommend getting a throw pillow that you can keep on your couch. There are so many different types of fuzzy throw pillows you can order that will be sure to add great comfort to your day at home!

14. Slippers

When you are hanging out at home all day, you are going to want a pair of slippers! Slippers are the perfect item to buy to get cozy in. Jump out of bed,  slip on your favorite pair, and you are set for the day. Cozy slippers offer comfort for when you’re walking around your house. Find your favorite fuzzy pair and hop right into them for the best day at home!

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15. Blue Light Glasses

A day at home might call for catching up on Instagram, watching movies, or searching the web. All of these things can cause so much strain on your eyes, and can even leave you with a bad headache. Get yourself a cute pair of blue light glasses to wear during the day, as they will relieve any eye strain you might have from looking at your screen. They can be the perfect accessory to add to your cozy outfit as well!

16. A Board Game

Take some time away from your phone and TV, and gather your friends and family together for a fun board game! This is a great way to have fun at home. Set up the game in your living room, get comfy and start playing. Board games are a great way to spend time with others. Everyone can get involved and share in the fun.


17. A Onesie

Channel your inner 7-year-old self and throw on a onesie! You can find one so easily, and they are a great purchase. You will feel like you are wrapped in a cozy blanket all day. Who doesn’t want to walk around the house wearing one of these all day? Talk about ultimate comfort!

18. String Lights

If you are planning on having the most perfect comfy day at home, then you need to have the right atmosphere. Setting up your room in a way that sets a calm tone is so important. Buy some string lights that you can hang up on the walls, and decorate your space with them. This will create a comfy atmosphere in your room, not to mention the perfect lighting, too. Out of all the must have items, lights are one that you will most definitely need to set the mood for your cozy day at home.

19. Bath Bomb

What’s a comfy day at home without a relaxing bath? Set up some candles, start a bath, throw in a bath bomb and prepare to feel the most relaxed you have in a while. This is a great time to take a few minutes for yourself and relax. A bath bomb is the perfect item to improve your bath experience, and the perfect opportunity to practice self care. Play some relaxing music and get comfortable, your bath will be the best part of your day!


20. Fuzzy Socks

If you do not have slippers lying around the house, grab a pair of fuzzy sock and throw them on! Fuzzy socks can make you so comfortable and warm. They are an essential item that will be keeping you cozy all day. If you are looking to have the most relaxing day at home and don’t have access to comfy slippers, fuzzy socks are a necessity!

If you loved any of these items, let us know which ones were your favorite in the comments!

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