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5 Must Have Geek & Tech Gifts

5 Must Have Geek & Tech Gifts

There are endless tech products and geek products on the market. However, some stand out as must-haves that will elevate the things we value most in life, health, loved ones, and convenience. When it comes to gifting a tech or geek, it can be hard to find what suits their lifestyle, what meets their needs, or finding something unique on the market. I’ve put a list together of five items that are perfect to gift any tech lover or geek in your life.


Dodow is a device to help anyone sleep better. It is for the person who has a restless mind and finds it hard to turn off their thoughts for the night. Some people take a long time to fall asleep; they cannot shut off what is rattling around their minds and need some assistance to calm and relax their minds and bodies. Dodow is a small device placed on a nightstand and adjusts the brainwaves to turn off the fight or flight response causing the mind to relax. The Dodow slows down breathing causing the body and mind to calm and, in turn, causes the individual to fall asleep faster. It is the perfect tech gift for those who can’t seem to escape their overactive minds.


Portal from Facebook

Portal is a smart video calling device that is more than just video calling. Portal keeps loved ones connected and utilizes popular streaming apps. Several features make Portal an attractive device. Iheart radio, pandora, Spotify, and Netflix, and Instagram are just a few apps on the Portal device, along with using Whatsapp and zoom or other apps to connect with people for work, streaming live video. Portal also allows the use of AR when taking photos, sending video, or video chatting. Portal comes in various screen sizes, but there is also a portal camera that hooks to television, making your home television a large communication device. Messenger rooms and sending personalized cards is another fun way to send fun messages and celebrate any occasion. Portal offers a watch together feature which allows users to watch movies or shows together as if they were in the same room. Another nice feature is the use of AR when video chatting. Images can be laid over the screen or the individual based on what they choose. The AR feature makes reading stories to children or having conversations with others fun and unique. In times that everyone is separated and unable to see loved ones or friends, the Facebook Portal provides a great way to stay connected.

Mark & Grahams Charging Bracelet

The Charging Bracelet is a stylish and functional piece of jewelry. The bracelet looks like a bangle, and once it is taken off and separated, it provides a micro USB connection. The bracelet holds a charge for 30 days and can increase the iPhone battery charge by 50% in 40 minutes. The bracelet comes in a few different colors and is discreet. The Charging Bracelets also have the option to be customized with initials. There are currently two sizes of bracelets, both small and medium. However, there are a few finishes to choose from. The finishes available are rose gold finish, gold finish, silver finish, and matte black finish. With the Charging Bracelet, there is no more fumbling for chords and battery packs to revive your phone’s life. Having a charging device right on your wrist makes it easier than ever to charge and go.


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Lovebox Messenger Color & Photo

The Moma Design Store brings a great gift idea during a time of separation. The Lovebox Messenger is a small 1.1-pound bamboo box with an OLED screen inside it. There are two types of Love boxes available, one is color, the other is black and white. Using a free phone application, the sender can write love notes, send photos, drawings, and stickers to the recipient in a creative way. The app speaks to the box and sends a customized message to the box. The pixelated heart on the bamboo box will spin to notify the recipient of the new message. The sender is notified when the message is viewed via the application. The Lovebox is a creative gift choice for lovers, friends, and family alike. Sending messages is a nice gesture to let loved ones know you are thinking of them. It makes a great anniversary gift or a gift for someone who has to be separated from loved ones or is away on a trip. The box makes for a perfect anytime gift or special occasion present. Lovebox is a special treat while offering a fun and interesting way to communicate with others. 


BOOST↑CHARGE™ UV Sanitizer + Wireless Charger

This little device doubles as a charger and a station to sanitize your phone. It is a well-known fact that cellphones are infested with bacteria, and in times that cleanliness is more important than ever, this charging station is a must-have. You can stick your wallet, keys, cards, phone, and other items inside the station for it to sanitize the contents using UV lights. The UV sanitizer uses LED lights so that it is not harmful to others. Belkin claims that the UV Sanitizer kills 99.99% of bacteria in under ten minutes.  After cleaning the phone, the top acts as a wireless charging station. The Boost Charge has an auto shut off feature, one-touch button sanitation, two cleaning modes, and allows your phone to charge simultaneously while other items are sanitizing inside the box. The Boost Charge offers two cleaning modes, a quick clean for three minutes or a deep clean for ten.  The Boost Charge UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger are capable of keeping our most used nonporous items clean.

What tech gifts do you like the most? Are there other tech or geek gifts you think would make a fantastic gift for someone? Which gift mentioned do you think is the most practical gift? Which item would you most like to own or give to someone? let us know in the comments below!

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