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10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

There’s not much worse than the feeling of an empty stomach. Especially when you are in college and don’t have access to your pantry, fridge, or cupboards back home. Choosing the right dorm room snacks can be difficult, but here are 10 ideas to guarantee that you will never go hungry in your dorm room!

1. Pringles

Chips are always a go-to snack. They taste good, are a quick bite to eat, and can fill you up accordingly with how hungry you are. With Pringles, there is no worry about clips; the cap provides an easy grab and go option without the worry of stale or spilled chips.

Plus, they come in dozens of flavors and sizes. I’d recommend either original, extra hot chili and lime, or honey mustard, but the possibilities are endless. Mix and match or try something new. No matter what, you’ll feel satisfied and fulfilled. 

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

2. Ramen Noodles

In college, there will be plenty of times when you may be hungry for a full meal, but the dining hall isn’t accessible. This is the perfect time for ramen. Ramen is quick and easy to make, is cheap, and makes for a very filling and tasty snack.

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

3. Granola Bars

Although it is deemed “the most important meal of the day”, there is often not much time for breakfast at school. To assure that you don’t starve during morning classes, a granola bar is a perfect snack to fuel you through the morning. 

Granola bars come in dozens of flavors, are healthy, and can serve as a sack during any time of the day. They are small but pack a big punch when it comes to giving energy.

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

4. Nuts

Whether cashews, peanuts, almonds, or any other type, nuts are a perfect dorm room snack. They are a crunchy and nutritional option, easy to eat wherever. Unless your roommate is allergic, nuts are a great snack to keep in the room. They provide quick energy and can be nibbled on whenever you’d like.

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

5. Dried Fruit

A dorm room is not necessarily the best environment to keep fruit, however, dried fruit is a perfect substitute option. There is nothing more important than fruits and vegetables so it is important in college to find ways to sneak them into your meals and snacks somehow.

Dried fruit can be easily stored, doesn’t go bad as easily, and is essentially fruit in a less messy and inconvenient state.

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

6. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

There’s no better combo of food than the salty/sweet mixture, and what better than chocolate and pretzels. Both snacks by themselves are great, but when mixed together, they’ll have friends flocking to your room for more. 

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

7. Flamin Hot Cheetos

The only downside of Flamin Hot Cheetos is the mess it leaves on your hands, however, the nearly addictive flavor far outweighs the cons. Flamin Hot Cheetos are a perfect snack to munch on throughout an afternoon or evening. They aren’t too heavy, but always will leave you coming back for another handful. 

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10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

8. Microwave Popcorn

The only thing better than the soothing buttery aroma of popcorn is the actual popcorn itself. Whether it’s a homework snack, for a movie, or just to munch on, microwave popcorn is easy to make and super delicious. 

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

9. Fruit Snacks

Everyone loves fruit snacks, and having some in your dorm room is a smart move. Fruit snacks are sweet but are a much better alternative to a majority of candy. They also come in small portions, forcing you to be conscientious about the amount you eat. Use fruit snacks as a study incentive or just as something to satisfy a sweet tooth.

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

10. Veggie Straws

Crunchy snacks are always delicious, however, most are loaded with salt, fat, and grease. Veggie straws are one of the few exceptions. Veggie straws provide a delicious, crunchy snack, while also serving as a healthy option.

10 Must-Have Dorm Room Snacks

What are your go-to dorm room snack? Do you prefer to eat healthy at school or do you just eat whatever you can get your hands on? Comment down below to share with others!

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