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10 Must Have Crystals For Beginners

Crystals, although they have been around and used for many centuries, are the newest trend in wellness and self-care. Crystals have opened the door for healing and becoming more spiritual for many people. Crystals are a great introduction to the wellness and spiritual world because they are easy to use, easy to obtain and don’t cost very much. There are crystals for every occasion, emotion, problem, and goals that you might have. You can get crystals that help with everything from friendship to creativity to get a better night’s sleep to healing old wounds. Whatever you’re looking for in your life there is a crystal out there to help you with it. While there is no right or wrong crystal to choose as a beginner, as you should always pick one that feels right for you, here is a list of must-have crystals to get you started!

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the ultimate love crystal. It is usually a soft, light pink color and is connected with the heart chakra. Rose quartz can help strengthen the love of between the existing relationships around you, can help you find romantic love, or most importantly, can help you cultivate unconditional love of self. When we have more love in our lives, everything seems to be more positive and possible. This is a powerful crystal for beginners because the strong feminine energy can help give you the boost of love you need when working on forgiving, compassion and healing old wounds.

2. Citrine

Citrine cultivates positive energy and uplifting thoughts. This crystals usually comes as a yellow, golden brown color and is connected to the solar plexus and crown chakra. This is a great crystal for beginners because as we work towards our goals we can use the positive emotions to uplift us throughout the day. It also doesn’t hold on to any negative energy, so if you’re having a bad day, all that will be reflected back is more positivity. With that, Citrine has been known to help people who experience anxiety or depression. You can experience success and good luck with this crystal as you bask in all the positivity.

3. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is arguably the most popular and the most must-have crystal. It is obviously clear in color like glass and is connected with the crown chakra. It can be used for almost any purpose as long as you are sure to set a clear intention. By being this adaptable, this crystal becomes a very strong healing and energetic tool. These crystals tend to absorb everything, so be sure to set them out in the sun often in order to clear and balance them.

4. Amethyst

This is the crystal for meditation and to help improve your spiritual gifts. It is a bright purple color and is connected to the crown and third-eye chakra. It is a very spiritual gemstone that helps provide calmness and peace, perfect for meditation, as well as healing properties. Amethyst is mostly popularly worn as jewelry because of its beauty and uniqueness.

5. Green Jade

Known as the lucky charm, Green Jade can provide not only luck but peace and harmony during stressful times. This crystal is a dark green color and is connected to the heart chakra. Along with serenity and happiness, Green Jade helps bring balance and harmony to all levels of your being including physical, emotional and spiritual which makes it a great stone to have for beginners or others who feel the modern world can be overwhelming.

6. Obsidian

Obsidian is the perfect grounding stone for beginners. This crystal is a dark black color. It can be used to restore your stability when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stressful energies. Also, if you’re feeling foggy, tired, drained or shaky, this crystal can clean away any negative energy or confusion and ground you. Obsidian also can act as a protection crystal and shield you from negative energy. Who doesn’t want to say goodbye to bad vibes forever?

7. Blue Calcite

One of the most relaxing stones out there, Blue Calcite is a great crystal to use to relax during times of deep healing. It is a light navy blue color and connects with the heart and solar plexus chakra. This crystal inspires calm and peace for your mind and your space in times of stress. It also helps with peaceful communication with others.

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8. Aquamarine

Aquamarine, like the ocean, provides soothing energies like serenity and courage. It is light blue in color. It eases emotional distress and takes away old pains. If you’re feeling fearful, anxious or panicked it calms these emotions and rids you of fear. Aquamarine is a great crystal to have for extra strength and peace when you need it most.

9. Moonstone

Powerful energy meets harmony and inner peace with this crystal. Moonstone is white and pearlescent in color that also shines like, well, the moon. This crystal inspires emotional balance and inner peace that encourages you to go with the flow when life seems to become overwhelming. Moonstone is, of course, connected with the moon cycles that help you smooth out the emotional highs and lows of your life.

10. Rhodonite

We all need to be compassionate towards others. However, we first need to give it to ourself, so we may heal and then provide that kindness and understanding to others. Rhodonite can help us with just that. It is a darker pink in color and is connected to the heart chakra. This crystal encourages us to nurture ourselves by knowing our worth and giving ourselves and others unconditional love. It also helps us heal our old emotional wounds and traumas by riding us from fear, anger, self-doubt, and anxiety. So, help yourself during difficult times and bring compassion and peace to yourself and others. 

As a beginner, crystals can be overwhelming as there are so many to choose from. However, there are no wrong answers when you pick one that feels right to you. Which one of these must-have crystals are you feeling drawn to? Comment your favorites down below!

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