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10 Must Have Clothing Items For A Lazy College Girl

10 Must Have Clothing Items For A Lazy College Girl

If you are on your way to college, there are a few clothing items you should consider investing in. College is a time of study, little sleep, and lots of hangovers which probably means you will become very, very lazy as a college student. The following is a list of ten must-have clothing items if you transform into the lazy college girl that most students come to be.

1. Sweatpants

The number one lazy clothing item out there is sweatpants. This is for a few reasons. Sweatpants can be worn pretty much anywhere on a college campus with no judgment. You do not have to confine to your dorm when you are wearing comfortable clothes because sweatpants can actually be made cute. Not to mention how crazy comfortable the clothing item is, sweatpants can be paired with simple tank tops to give off a cute and nerdy girl vibe.

10 Must Have Clothing Items For A Lazy College Girl

2. Cardigan Button Up Sweater

An easy throw on clothing item, if you are running late to class or are unwilling to put much effort into an outfit, is a cardigan button-up sweater. These are often cute and comfortable which is a perfect outfit choice for the lazy college girl image. This clothing item can be matched with a grey pair of sweatpants or even leggings. A preppy, stylish sweater will keep you comfortable throughout the day without making you look like you just rolled out of bed.

10 Must Have Clothing Items For A Lazy College Girl

3. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are a staple clothing item for bedtime in college. After taking a shower in the communal bathrooms (or a single bathroom if you are lucky) and getting into your pajamas, putting on fuzzy socks is a cozy addition to crawl into bed in. If you are in a college dorm, you probably do not want to be walking around barefoot anyway, and fuzzy socks will both keep your feet clean, and comfortable.

4. Scrunchie

If you are a VSCO girl then you understand the benefits of having a scrunchie around your wrist at all times. Whether you are in the library studying or in the comfort of your dorm room, having a scrunchie on hand allows you to throw your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail whenever you may wish. The lazy bun is an essential part of the lazy college girl image and a scrunchie makes it all possible. Along with this, unlike a normal hair tye, scrunchies do not leave a dent in your hair when you take it out, meaning after your study session or class, you can take your hair down out of the bun to perfection.

5. Birkenstocks or Slides

Another part of the VSCO girl trend are Birkenstocks. This staple shoe, however, should not be designated for VSCO girls only, as many lazy college girls can be seen flaunting this brand of footwear. Whether you want to wear birks or slides, every lazy college girl needs a shoe they can simply slide on and leave wearing. Both these shoe options are cute enough to be worn in public, however, match the comfort level of the rest of a lazy college girl’s outfit.

10 Must Have Clothing Items For A Lazy College Girl

6. Oversized Hoodie

The most common clothing item for lazy college girls is an oversized hoodie. This is an easy clothing item to simply throw on, and cuddle up in no matter where you are. Although hoodies tend to be expensive, hoodies are relatively easy to find at thrift stores with a significantly reduced price tag. I recommend purchasing a singular staple hoodie that is unique to you and then finding other ones at thrift stores.

10 Must Have Clothing Items For A Lazy College Girl

7. Cute PJ Pants

Let’s face it, lazy college students have days where they roll out of bed and walk into class seconds before it starts. If you know that is the type of person you will be for your 8 AMs or even 9 AMs in school, I highly suggest investing in a cute pair of PJ pants that fit you well. Even though you are still walking around campus in pajamas, no one will be making fun of you for your spiderman PJ pants that are too short on you.

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8. Quarter-Zip Jacket

A quarter-zip jacket is a must-have for any lazy college girl. Similar to the oversized hoodie, a quarter-zip is an easy throw on, and by purchasing both you can rotate between each jacket style depending on your mood and liking. Many girls can be seen wearing Patagonia, or LL Bean on college campuses to name a few brands that produce cute, stylish quarter-zips.

10 Must Have Clothing Items For A Lazy College Girl

9. Moccasins

Another shoe option for a lazy college girl’s look is moccasins. Depending on the location of the college you attend, moccasins keep your feet warm and cozy as most pairs are lined with faux fur. These shoes will make you feel as though you are wearing fuzzy socks, however, still, give you the foot support you need to make your way around campus.

10. Denim Jacket

While a denim jacket may come across as a fashion staple, this clothing item can actually be worn lazily as well. Easily styled and comfortable, a denim jacket matches nearly anything and can be matched well with a pair of black leggings and a big t-shirt underneath. This look will keep you both fashionable and comfortable on your way to class.

Getting the Lazy College Girl “Look”

Whether it means investing in all of the clothing items on this list or only purchasing a few, you are bound to have some lazy days in college in which you will want to be comfortable and relaxed. After staying up all night studying in the library, no one is expecting you to come to class looking perfect with a full face of makeup and your hair done up. Instead, put on a pair of sweatpants, slip on your moccasins and throw your hair up in a messy bun. These clothing items will help you get comfortable and make your trek to class less stressful.

What are your favorite clothing items for lazy days in college? Comment your response below!

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