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12 Must Have Apps on Your Phone if You Are A College Student

12 Must Have Apps on Your Phone if You Are A College Student

As a student, there are many must have apps that will be helpful to you especially during your time in college. You should strongly consider downloading the following list for both social connection and study needs. These apps may also be essential during your time in college depending on where you attend school and the resources available to you.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is the social media app of the century. When you are meeting people in college, it is more lowkey and less awkward to ask for a stranger’s Snapchat, rather than their phone number. Having a Snapchat in college will help you communicate with more people, and allows easier access to getting to know new faces on your campus. Along with this, Snapchat has various features that make the app more unique than other social media platforms such as the funny filters provided on the app, and the ability to instantly send messages, photos, and videos in group chats of up to 32 users.

12 Must Have Apps on Your Phone if You Are A College Student

2. GroupMe

GroupMe is an absolutely essential of these must have apps if you are planning in partaking in any extracurricular activity during your time in college. The app supports group messaging of up to 500 individual users and any type of device can utilize GroupMe regardless of if it is a smartphone. This accessibility and easy to use platform makes it a common form of communication for many formal groups such as greek life organizations, clubs, and sports.

3. Twitter

Twitter can be used as both an informative app and a social media platform, as many college students receive daily news updates via their Twitter feeds. This unique media platform allows you to receive instant updates on whichever news sources you choose to follow, while still having social interactions through the app when you follow friends. While Twitter may not be as relevant to high schoolers, this app is arguably one of the most widely used social platforms in college.

4. Blackboard

If your college uses Blackboard, then you should consider downloading the app version of the site on your phone. Although Blackboard already sends daily emails regarding assignments you need to work on, or that are overdue, not every college student is the best at checking their email. If you are an individual that keeps their friends close, but their phone closer, downloading the Blackboard app is a smart decision if you want to stay on top of your college workload. The app gives you notifications directly to your device that will pop up on your home screen, ensuring that you turn in your papers on time.

5. Pinterest

While you might not expect Pinterest to fall onto this list of must have apps, do not doubt the multiple uses of this platform. If you need inspiration for college Halloween costumes, mixer theme outfits, or advice on what to wear to an interview, Pinterest is your go-to app. Not only can you browse through various posts regarding whatever you search, but you can also put together boards of the pins you find most useful, so you can always look to them again directly on the app.

12 Must Have Apps on Your Phone if You Are A College Student

6. Canva

If you are a creative major of any sort or a club President, Canva may be useful to you during your time in college. Canva creates social media banners that you can personalize however you may choose. Whether you are advertising a home basketball game at your school or posting on Instagram to announce a fashion club meeting, Canva is an easy app to combine text, photos, and art in an aesthetic and informative way.

12 Must Have Apps on Your Phone if You Are A College Student

7. Zoom

In the midst of this current COVID-19 ridden world, Zoom has become a necessity for college students across the nation. With millions of students having to return to their homes and hop on their computers, the nation’s current situation proves the benefits of Zoom. Not only can it be useful for school, but also social connection. This video chatting app allows up to 100 participants and is easy to use. By containing features in which you can choose whether or not to use your microphone and camera, Zoom is entirely controlled by you and feels like an advanced version of Facetime.

8. Doordash

By the end of your first semester in college, I can guarantee that you will become tired of the campus food, and will be begging for a Taco Bell burrito. If you do not have a car with you in college, Doordash gives you the opportunity to purchase and receive food from the world outside of your campus for relatively inexpensive.

12 Must Have Apps on Your Phone if You Are A College Student

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9. Transit

Transit is the simplified travel app of your dreams. If you are going across state or even country borders for college, Transit falls on this list of must have apps as a top priority for you. By entering your current location and desired location, the app automatically generates a travel plan that leaves and arrives at your destination whenever you may wish. The app includes all forms of transit including busses, planes, trains, and even walking.

10. Uber

Uber, out of all of these must have apps, is the most popular among college students specifically, and it’s for a reason. Not only does Uber act as a safety precaution for many college students involved in the party scene, however, Uber also benefits those carless on college campuses. Typically cheaper than a taxi, and more convenient due to the easy ordering system operated through the app, Uber gained traction due to its elimination of the DD, or designated driver. By taking an Uber with friends when going out and coming home, no one is forced to remain sober throughout the night in order to take on the responsibility of driving. Rather than risking a night gone wrong, take an Uber for safety purposes and so the whole gang can have fun.

12 Must Have Apps on Your Phone if You Are A College Student

11. Venmo

At college, it can be a struggle constantly going to the bank or an ATM to get money out of your account, and you may be taking a risk carrying around cash on a college campus. By using Venmo, you can make quick transactions directly to your friends through an app on your phone. Whether you need to pay someone back for lunch, or your mom is depositing money in your account, Venmo is quick and convenient for college students who have little time to be making trips to the bank.

12. Amazon

If you don’t have a car at college, you will need an alternate way of getting supplies for your dorm, or other necessary school supplies. Amazon is ideal due to its quick turnaround from purchase to shipping, and low prices. Many college campuses even have an Amazon prime locker where you can pick up packages that are specifically from Amazon.

What must have apps do you recommend as a college student? Let us know in the comment section!

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