5 Must Go Places In Elk Grove Village

These 5 must go places in Elk Grove Village are going to make you feel like you spent your entire life growing up in this town. The town has a population of 33,000 people, however, these places make you realize how tight-knit the town really is. A good bunch of the people who live in Elk Grove Village always have, or at least have lived here for a very long time. Because of that, when everyone meets up at any one of these iconic places, it is always a good time.

1. Munchies Pizza & Bar

This pizza is all the rave. Besides the typical Chicago chain restaurants that serve great pizza, this is one of Elk Groves classics. Whether you are getting their pan or thin crust pizza, pasta, or meatball sandwich you are guaranteed a mouthgasm! The best thing about Munchies though? Their ranch. Everyone in Elk Grove Village knows that they could drink munchies ranch by the gallon. It is great to dip your pizza and their tasty thick fries in! There is even a pillar in the restaurant that people who come in can sign their names on making you feel like you’re apart of the family who runs it!

2. Elk Grove Bowl

The bowling alley is fun for anyone of all ages and definitely a go-to spot when you are in Elk Grove. The bowling alley is friendly, clean and loads of fun. At the same time, it is a relaxing spot to just hang out. They have bowling leagues, cosmic bowling, pool tables, game machines, a bar, a restaurant and so much more. It is a great place to host a birthday party anywhere from ages 5 to 50! You can bring the family or go out with friends. The best part? Their KILLER cheese fries.

3. Rotary Fest

Rotary Fest comes once a year over father’s day weekend and it is something everyone looks forward to. The parade, the carnival games and rides, the concerts, the alcohol, and of course the corn. The fest provides fun for everyone. Kids can run around the carnival winning prizes and riding rides. The teenagers stand around the carnival visiting with their friends. And the adults whip out their folding chairs and get drunk at the concert tent screaming free bird until they lose their voices. This four day weekend is a must-attend Elk Grove Village event.

4. Coach’s Corner

Coach’s Corner is another Elk Grove Village must-visit restaurant. It is a common place for people to go with the family or go sit at the bar and get drunk. This sports bar is an entertaining atmosphere to watch your favorite sports team and eat anything from pizza, to a cheeseburger, to chicken parm. No matter what you get it is without a doubt that it will slap. You have not been to Coach’s though if you do not try their Pizookie. They warm up cookie dough and put a glob of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles on top. Pizza cookie. Pizookie. It is a must-eat dessert and a must-experience place. The Stanley Cup has even sat on two of their high top tables when the Chicago Blackhawks won the cup in 2010 and 2013!

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5. Rainbow Falls Waterpark

Even though it is directed for people of younger ages, the Elk Grove Village park district pool has activities for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you want to go lay out and tan by the poolside, eat lunch at the Hideaway Cafe, take a trip around the lazy river, or shoot down the waterslides, you are guaranteed a good time. This is one of Elk Grove Village’s main attractions because there is something there for everybody. As you walk to the back of the park you walk into the fun house where you can have the giant bucket poor gallons of water on you, shoot water guns, walk through tunnels and make your way up to their biggest waterslide: the toilet bowl. You shoot through the tube of this body slide and get spat out into a giant bowl that spins you in circles while the people above spray you with water guns until you drop into the 7 feet of water below!

What places and events in your home town do people NEED to attend? Comment them below!

Featured Image Source: http://www.portebrown.com/elk-grove-village.html
Sarah Ritondale

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