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12 Musicians You Should Listen To That Share Your Zodiac Sign

12 Musicians You Should Listen To That Share Your Zodiac Sign

Musicians always have a way with their words or rhythms that connect to us on a different level. These artists share your music zodiac sign and you should listen to them to connect spiritually as well.

1. Aries: First Up and Firey

Aries babe: the fire sign that burns within and carries a fighting spirit. You are either the hero or the one to be saved, but either way, you are born to steal the spotlight. Your confidence inspires others and your explosive passion motivates others. Take Ari Lennox’s Chocolate Pomegranate or Up Late to understand raw devotion to sound and lyrics. Jazmine Sullivan had already made her mark in the music world (Let It Burn) as one of the greatest vocalists at the moment and has 3 albums to prove it. Ari and Jazmine have also collaborated on a song, On It, which just makes us wish it was a whole album. Another powerhouse vocalist, Kiana Ledé, showed us what she has in store. She also collaborated with Ari, Chocolate, and we can only hope for future features. Check out EX or Wicked Games from Kiana Ledé’s first album to get a sense of her true Aries power.


2. Taurus: Sensual and Sensible

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so these musicians are lyrically and smoothly sound. While constantly stubborn and unchangeable, Taurus enjoys the luxury in life when they can. They are constantly looking for comfort and safety and sometimes love too much. Their music style is very sensual in either lyrics or sound, but usually both. Take Syd who founded The Internet but has since gone her own route. She hasn’t released an album since 2017 (listen to Body), but her features are always worth listening to (Getting Late). Taurus is always seen as materialistic, but Moses Sumney shows how simplicity goes a long way in Cut Me and Don’t Bother Calling. Duckwrth is a Taurus that embraces change. His latest album is more pop than the earlier ones, but still carries a signature sound that will make you proud you share his music zodiac sign. Listen to RARE PANTHER and then New Love Song and enjoy! 

3. Gemini: Chatty and Clever Twins

Gemini is adventurous, fast-moving, and knowledgeable. Their communication and charisma get them wherever they want to be. Their confidence is high and they are always the life of the party. They may get lost at times, but always find their way back with a heart full of excitement. A Gemini musician with your shared music zodiac sign is rapper Princess Nokia, who you might know from the TikTok song I Like Him. Her sound is adventurous and has changed throughout her career (start with Brujas, then Dragons, and Wash & Sets), channeling her true Gemini adventure. Another artist is rapper Kari Faux who caught my attention with the smooth track LEAVE ME ALONE, and her latest album shows her adaptability, Look At That. For a more musical sound, Steve Lacy, who started out on The Internet, speaks through his guitar. A master collaborator, he has many features that elevate his signature sound. He just released a new album, but check out Playground, Love 2 Fast, and N Side from his first album. 


4. Cancer: The Sensitive Crab

The lovable and sensitive Cancer. The crab with a shoulder to cry on, loyalty, and comfortability ready at hand, musician Cancers are ready to deliver feelings. They are moody but surround themselves and everyone they love with comfort. They cling to memories and mementos, which makes their music very affectionate and nostalgic. It’s no wonder why those Cancers that share their music zodiac sign with the musician are more attached. A great Cancer is Kali Uchis who shows that sensitivity comes in two languages. Her latest album is bilingual, but even if you don’t know Spanish, you’ll understand her feelings (try listening to vaya con dios or​ que te pedí//). If that isn’t your style, listen to Dead To Me or Your Teeth In My Neck. Now, Solange should not be unfamiliar to anyone, but I think she gets overlooked a lot. Listen to Cranes in the Sky, Binz, Dreams, Almeda…. just listen to all of it and watch a live performance on YouTube and you’ll understand. Lastly, H.E.R. is another great vocalist and her Cancer vibes are all over her lyrics and features. Focus is all you need to listen to fall completely in love with H.E.R. 


5. Leo: Glamorous Leading Lion

The center of our universe, Sunny Leo loves a spotlight. They seem self-centered but are full of generosity and love to spoil their favorite people. Some Leos show more confidence than what is actually true to them by overdressing for simple occasions, but still make sure others feel like royalty with them. Huge confidence comes in various ways and in musicians, it’s all lyrics. Take Bia and her songs COVER GIRL and FREE BIA. In both songs, Bia is making it aware that she is worthy of the time, but will not give her time to just anyone. There is also Tierra Whack who has had an impressive list of features but teased it with a short album. Still, her creativity is one to look out for, as she has shown in her video of her whole album Whack World. Sharing your music zodiac sign with either of these Leos should be known purely for bragging rights. 

6. Virgo: The Elegant Perfectionist 

Known for their overanalyzing minds, Virgos are amazing listeners and advisers. They are sometimes too critical, usually to themselves, but use that to channel into their project that they will make sure is perfect throughout. They have their own way to show love and value honest communication. Jay Electronica is a Virgo who uses his lyrics to show you that you don’t need a lot of albums to have an impressive career. His song A.P.I.D.T.A. shows how emotions and lyrics are his comfort zone. For more emotion, listen to Snoh Aalegra’s Whoa and I Want You Around. Make sure you aren’t in your feelings when you listen to her! For someone different, KAYTRANADA is a producer who had worked with a lot of artists and created various electronic staples. If electronic isn’t your thing, not to worry! Songs like YOU’RE THE ONE featuring Syd and 10% featuring Kali Uchis are much more pop. Fellow Virgos, listen to your shared music zodiac sign musicians who are so versatile! 


7. Libra: Balanced and Charming 

Libras get a bad rap on their indecisiveness, but they know when to stand up for justice and they will do so in style. They just don’t like being rushed and would rather smell the flowers than take a picture of them. They either care a lot or a little, but look for the beauty in everything and with it attract unique people. Jamila Woods has a song called Basquait about the famous artist that shows her true Libra balance. Her melodic voice and tough lyrics show that she can do it all in one song and will still sound award-worthy. The same goes for James Blake who is a producer, singer, and songwriter for himself and others. His collaboration list is enormous and he has proven that he can also do it himself with Life Round Here and UnluckThen there’s Smino who spent almost 2 years on tour to promote his great album “blkswn.” If you haven’t heard it, Wild Irish Roses, blkswn, and Amphetamine are all you need to want to listen to the whole album. 


8. Scorpio: Intense and Mysterious 

Who are you really Scorpio? We know you’re misunderstood and naturally secretive but what else? Scorpios are great at picking up vibes and can read people the best but still need to work on opening up their trust to improve their relationships. Whether putting people on edge or displaying their sense of humor, Scorpios value authentic communication and friendship. Open Mike Eagle is a great Scorpio named “art rap” and his style is reflective. He battles his personal issues for everyone to see in Microfiche, Ziggy Starfish (Anxiety Rap), and (How Could Anybody) Feel At Home. Then there’s Sampha who has sadly not released any new music in a couple of years but is too good of an artist to ignore. You might have heard a collaboration or two, but his own Timmy’s Prayer and Incomplete Kisses are timeless and too great to ignore. If you’re a Scorpio with an attitude, you definitely share your music zodiac sign with Junglepussy. From her first album, she has made it clear that she is here to make herself known, and if this is the first time you’re hearing about her… I have no words. Listen to Nah, Pop for You, and Ocean Floor for a personal description of what it means to share your zodiac with this Halloween-born Scorpio. 

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9. Sagittarius: Happy Adventuring Archer 

Our most spirited and open-minded sign, Sagittarius is our greatest wanderer. Ambition and curiosity rule this sign and sometimes it causes them to start what they cant finish. Still, they go through experiments to find who they are and what appeals to them most. They like what’s different than “normal” and love the freedom to be happy, which causes them to want to explore the unknown. For our artist, we’re leaving the country and flying to Panama to find fellow Sag: Sech! He has shown that slow progress is better than no progress with his first hit Otro TragoHis second album showed worldwide success (Casino, Portarse Mal, Se Va Viral) and is definitely an artist you’ll hear at your favorite club. There is also Lady Leshurr from the U.K. who released two albums, one called “Quaranqueen” with the song Quarentine Speech, which is the anthem of 2020. Have a listen and reflect on sharing your music zodiac sign with this queen. 

10. Capricorn: Responsible and Successful

Capricorn, our old souls, and wise friends. They are the successful sign because they overcome their struggle constantly, even when they put themselves through it. Traditional hard worker, Capricorn will devote everything to their lover through their actions. They find peace in music and nature. An example is FKA Twigs who started as a dancer and created an intriguing style all her own. To fully appreciate her, start with her first album from 2014 with Lights On, Two Weeks, and Video Girl. Blood Orange mixes his sound to sound nostalgic, Out Of Your League, but also current, Orlando. He has worked with a lot of artists, including FKA Twigs, and his latest album speaks on the black experience and the anxiety surrounding it. Capricorn is a strong sign to share with these wonderful musicians.


11. Aquarius: Free-Spirited Extrovert

Aquarius, a gorgeous individual that is also a ride or die. They are originators, authentic, individualistic but also a team player. They love people and can become friends with anyone. They tend to disappear when close-minded people are hard to talk to, but they have the ability to detach themselves to understand the bigger picture. We have some big-name Aquarians already like Megan Thee Stallion and Alicia Keys, but Ravyn Lenae is a quiet competitor. She has been in the game since the early 2010s but has not released much. Still, bragging rights with this shared sign are necessary just because her song Sticky and 4 Leaf Clover features Steve Lacy. Also, to highlight Little Dragon’s frontwoman Yukimi Nagano, a great vocalist who has also been making music with her group for some time. Think of her as montage music you would listen to all the time, like Are You Feeling Sad (one version features Kali Uchis), Twiceand Feather. Listen to this shared music zodiac sign musician when you’re in an unknown mood.


12. Pisces: Empathic and Imaginative

Pisces, the baby full of feelings. Consistently trying to escape reality, but the most creative because of their huge imagination. they are creatively expressive by dancing, singing, art – any and every way. They are the dreamers with healing powers, even as the most sensitive. They create meaning wherever they go while trying to find their own purpose. We have a lot of famous Pisces like Jhene Aiko, Tyler the Creator, and Rihanna but let’s focus on CHIKA. If lyricism is your thing, you’ll love how poetic CHIKA can be. Already in the eyes of various big shots, CHIKA made her debut mean something bigger than she expected. Get your feelings ready for FWBa confidence boost from Crown, and an emotional trip with SONGS ABOUT YOU. I wish I shared my music zodiac sign with this anticipated musician. Make sure you listen to her music whether she shares your zodiac sign or not!

What do you think about these artists and your music zodiac sign? Did you already know them or did you discover someone new? Let us know in the comments below! 

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