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10 Music Festivals That You Must Go To Before You Graduate College

10 Music Festivals That You Must Go To Before You Graduate College

If you love music and want to have a good time then you absolutely need to attend these music festivals before you graduate from college!
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Music festivals are something that most people love. It may be because of the music, the atmosphere, the people or simply just an excuse to party. Whatever it may be, it is a place where people go to have a great time. People always say that college is supposed to be the best 4 years of your lives, so why not go to a few music festivals to vamp the experience. To help you out, here is a list of the top 10 music festivals, regardless of which college you attend, that you should check out.

1. Coachella (California)

The famously star-studded event is one that many people dream of going too. With its unspoken boho chic dress code, the A list line up and celebrities, it truly is a time to remember. It is so popular that Coachella hosts two weekends of the festival in order to accommodate the many people who would love to attend. This year, Coachella will be in April, with it’s first week starting on the 12th of April.

2. Outside Lands (California)

Although a little farther than Coachella, try driving out to Outside Lands. Before the busy fall semester starts, attend this music festival with your friends! This festival is more low-key than the incredibly well-known Coachella music festival. This year, Outside Lands will be on August 10th to 12th 2018.


3. Burning Man (Nevada)

Burning Man is a music festival that is in a desert setting. Unlike most festivals that are mostly on grass, this one is on sand and rubble. If you are worried about them getting clothes ruined, make sure to not wear white shoes. Last year, this music festival was full of celebrities like the Victoria Secret Angels  Martha and Candice. This year dates will be August 26th to September 3rd 2018!

4. Bumbershoot (Washington)

Another west coast festival is Bumbershoot in Washington. If you live around this area, this festival would be a fun one to check out, especially because the other music festival in Washington — Sasquatch — will not be returning in 2019. This year’s headliners are J. Cole, The Chainsmokers and SZA! Get your tickets soon because the festival is August 31st to September 2nd 2018.


5. Lollapalooza (Chicago)

If your in the east, Lollapalooza in Chicago is a great one to check out! This year Post Malone, Bruno Mars, Khalid, The Weeknd and many other artists will be there. If you loved the festival, go to it’s official after shows with Playboi Carti, Gucci Mane and others. This four-day event will be held from August 2nd to 5th 2018.

6. Ultra Music Festival (Florida)

Unlike most music festivals that are normally only held in one place annually, the Ultra Music Festival is one that travels and holds many throughout different countries. From Singapore to Brazil, Ultra is held all over the globe. This coming year, Ultra will be holding one of their festivals in Florida. It will be on March 29th to April 1st 2019!

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7. Governor’s Ball (New York)

Looking for a good way to celebrate the end of a semester and the beginning of your summer? Go to the Governor’s Ball in New York for a blast! This year it was from June 1st to 3rd and we are assuming that the 2019 dates will be similar. This past festival featured Eminem, Halsey, Travis Scott and other artists.

8. Electric Picnic (Ireland)

Going abroad to Europe? Check out Electric Picnic in Ireland to see how people across the ocean party.  Though it may be geographically far, the music taste are very similar. This year, Kendrick Lamar, Dua Lipa and many American-known performers will be there. The dates are August 31st to September 2nd 2018!

9. Glastonbury (England)

If your in London, exploring its history and culture, take time to experience Glastonbury as well. This festival just won “Best Festival” at the NME awards. If that doesn’t prove how fun the festival will be, I don’t know what will. Though the 2018 festival just finished, next year’s event will be from June 26th to 30th 2019.


10. Tomorrowland (Germany)

Heard of Tomorrowland? If it sounds familiar, that speaks to the notoriously, well-hosted festival in Belgium. Even in a non-English speaking country, performers like Martin Garrix, David Guetta and others will be performing some songs in English. Don’t worry about the language barrier because when it comes to music, there is no such thing. This year, the first of 2 weekends will start on July 20th.

What are your favorite music festivals to attend? Tell us in the comments!
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