10 Music Festival Hacks You Need To Know

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…festival season!  Lollapalooza, Hard Summer, Warped Tour, Moonrise, and so many other amazing festivals are coming up. I’ve got you covered with some helpful tricks to make the best of your time there.  Here are 10 music festival hacks you need to know!

1. Seal your water bottle.

You already spent $300 on your ticket, now do you really want to spend another $6 every time you need water (which will be A LOT)?  Most festivals allow you to bring in a sealed water bottle, so grab one for a dollar on your way there and resist the urge to break it open for a sip before heading in.

2. Invest in a hydration pack.

Better yet, skip the water bottle and get yourself one of those backpacks that have a pouch for water!  They range from $30-$70 and you can even find super dope holographic ones in a rainbow of colors.  You’ll be thankful when you don’t have to run back and forth for water after every set.

3. Budget for food.

You’ve been living off ramen noodles and McDonalds for the past month to save up every penny for those festival tickets, but don’t forget to set aside money for food.  A simple hamburger and fries could rack up to a whopping total of $20, and when you’re at a festival for 8 hours straight, you’re going to need a couple of meals.

4. Bring cash.

Most festivals now accept credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to bring some cash with you just in case.  The last thing you want is to get to the front of the line for food after waiting 30 minutes for a $10 snow cone to find out they don’t accept card.

5. Keep your eye out for fallen treasure.

Festival grounds are full of fallen treasure, treasure from those unfortunate enough to drop something on the ground and not notice.  One time my friend spoke to the universe and found a perfectly sealed water bottle on the floor just after finding a $20 bill.  Scope out the floor at all times, but make sure you’re not the one dropping anything!

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6. Pick a meet-up spot.

Going to a festival in a big group seems like a great idea, until you’re pushing through the crowd and lose Sally from the back of your chain.  Since there’s virtually no cell service ever at festivals, pick a point at a medical tent or informational booth that you can all meet at in the event someone gets lost.

7. Choose a buddy.

Because the chance of losing somebody is so high in a big group, pick one person in the group that you will stay with NO MATTER WHAT.  You can keep it on the down low, but stay together!  The worst possible feeling ever at a festival is being alone and lost, so make a blood oath not to split up because you can’t go back on those.

8. Use the furthest bathrooms.

When you’re sick to your stomach and about to yak, you’re going to go to the closest bathroom you can get to.  That’s why the ones in the back are less likely to be covered in nasty substances, and more likely to have toilet paper.  BONUS TIP#2 Coachella even has a trailer at the back of the port-a-potties with air conditioned real bathrooms and sinks. Anyone can use them and because most people don’t know about them, they’re usually open and (relatively) clean.

9. Bring kaleidoscope glasses.

Kaleidoscope and refraction glasses make the lights 100 times crazier.  You can find them online, and it’s definitely one of my festival essentials.  It’s also a great way to make friends!  Offer the glasses to the person next to you for a song, and watch their face absolutely light up when they try them on.  Share the love!

10. Give yourself free time!

Festivals are full of cool and quirky pop ups that you should definitely give yourself time to explore.  There’s usually things like sculptures, interactive museums, and even virtual reality tents scattered throughout the grounds.  Also giving yourself free time to check out artists you don’t know is a great idea, and you might just leave with some new favorite music.

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Festivals are worlds of fun, and these music festival hacks will help you get the most out of them.  Be safe and be smart! Good vibes only from me to you! Share your festival experiences in the comments below!
These are all the music festival hacks you need to know about!
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