Music Festival 101: What To Expect At Coachella

As always, music festival fans, or simply those who just hope to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities, cannot wait for April to roll around. Why? Coachella. Coachella is the most coveted music festival in Indio, California, bringing the biggest names in the music industry to perform in the same area, on the same weekend. If you’re a newbie to the madness of music festivals…here’s what to expect at Coachella 2016.


The Talent

This year, one of the big headliners is the reunion of the 80’s rock band, Guns ‘N’ Roses, whose given us great hits such as “Paradise City,” “November Rain,” and of course, “Welcome to the Jungle.” Other notable artists include Calvin Harris, G-Eazy, Ellie Goulding, Sia, and tons of up-and-coming artists such as Halsey and James Bay.

If you loved the film Straight Outta Compton, you’re definitely not going to want to miss Ice Cube’s performance. Many anticipate that he will incorporate some of N.W.A.’s greatest hits and maybe even bring put some of the former members to pay tribute to the late, Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. Also, Rae Sremmurd’s popular party songs such as, “No Type” and “Come Get Her” are sure to electrify the crowd at the festival.


The Fashion

The music aspect only touches the surface of what to expect at Coachella. One of the biggest draws to the festival is the immense amount of fashion that is displayed throughout the weekend. From boho chic to urban edge, Coachella is a place where many will show off their perfectly crafted outfits and stunningly chic ensembles.

The Celebrities

Festival-goers are always on the lookout for their favorite celebrity, since Coachella draws in tons of A-listers. While most of these celebs spend the majority of the day at upscale parties and VIP areas – if you are one of the lucky ones, you may be able to snag a quick picture with them as they traverse the open fields during a show.

The Dos and Don’ts

Still a little unsure of what to expect at Coachella? That’s okay, you truly can’t be fully prepared until you actually go and experience it yourself! That being said, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind before you go.


Do: Bring Water

I don’t know how many of you have ever been to Indio during the middle of spring, but for those of you that haven’t, it is hot — EXTREMELY hot. Be sure to carry around a water bottle at all times. Nothing will ruin your experience anymore than getting dehydrated, sick, and unable to see the bands you came to see.

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Don’t: Wear Heels

We’ve all seen the celebrities wearing those perfect heels to accompany their trendy bohemian outfits, but I’m telling you – don’t do it. Chances are, you’ll be walking around all day – whether it be from your campsite to the festival grounds or dancing the night away at the Sahara tent. Wear cute yet comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you later.


Do: Stay With Friends

During Coachella, the Empire Polo Club is a huge field in the middle of nowhere packed with thousands of people. If you and your group of friends do decide to split up to go to different stages, be sure to have a central meeting spot because the cell reception is pretty much non-existent there. If you get split up with no plan, don’t bank on seeing your friends for the rest of the night.

Don’t:  Get Too Messed Up

The most important part of going to Coachella is to have hear great music, spend quality time with amazing people, and to just have fun. You can’t do any of these things if you get so messed up that you can’t even leave your tent. The experience of going to Coachella is one that you will forever treasure with your friends; so try and remember it – the stories will be some for the books!
Do you have any other tips for the newbies on what to expect at coachella? Share in the comments below!
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