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Music Artists Everybody Should Be Listening To

Music Artists Everybody Should Be Listening To

Music is a way for people to connect to one another, especially in this generation. We have used music as a means to express emotions, make friends, and feel our emotions through lyrics (and sounds). These are five music artists that have helped me with those three things, and they will help you too.

1. Frank Ocean

You’re not listening to Frank Ocean yet?! In my unbiased opinion,;), Frank is one of the best artists to ever exist. Extremely versatile, he goes from soulfully singing R&B, and even covering jazz songs like Moon River, to smoothly rapping the best verse on every track he’s featured on.

His lyrics transcend to every emotion and to every person that listens to them. Playing with words and double entendres often, Frank knows how to write a song like a story, and create a beat like no one else.

He was a part of Tyler The Creators, Odd Future group and slowly stepped aside to work individually at Def Jam Records. When he released his most successful album, Blonde, he did it under his own independent label. This was just another way to express his freedom and the freedom others should feel.

Songs to listen to when;

You want to get aquatinted with Frank Ocean: Chanel & Thinkin’ Bout You

You’re sad: Bad Religion & Self Control

You’re Hype: Pyramids & Novacane

You need inspiration: Nights & Pink Matter

Music Artists Everybody Should Be Listening To

2. King Princess

King Princess shows us how much talent 20-years-olds can possess. She just released a new album on October 25th, and through her lyrics, she lets listeners have a huge glimpse of what her life is really like.

King Princess, who is really Mikaela Straus, sings about love, heartbreak, and being a heartbreaker. Open and completely honest, she knows who she is, what she wants. This makes her an extremely inspirational person to listening to, proving that it’s okay to have self-worth and it’s okay to flaunt it.

Record Labels have been after King Princess since she was 11. But she didn’t release any music until 2018. And she didn’t blow up until Harry Styles tweeted a lyric from her song 1950.

Songs to listen to when;

You want to get aquatinted with King Princess: Holy & 1950

You’re sad: Talia & Tough on Myself

You’re Hype: Cheap Queen & P*ssy is God

You need inspiration: Upper West Side

Music Artists Everybody Should Be Listening To

3. Kevin Abstract

A member of the group Brockhampton, Kevin Abstract is the reason it exists. The only reason Brockhampton isn’t on this list is that they’re a collective and I wouldn’t be able to praise each member enough.

When he isn’t singing the chorus or rapping a heartfelt verse on a Brockhampton track, Kevin is doing it on his individual projects. Kevin uses his music and talent to express what it’s like being… abstract. Kevin Abstract songs should be getting just as popular as Brockhampton, he’s one for the misfits and lone wolves, he brings them together. All of his songs cut deep and remind us that our differences make us the same.

Kevin Abstract has come a long way from when he first dropped an album. So much so that he actually removed an earlier album from streaming sites. The album MTV1987, while filled with perfectly produced, lyrically heavy tracks, wasn’t truly him. Some lyrics were lies and that’s not the person Kevin wants us to see.

Songs to listen to when;

You want to get aquatinted with Kevin Abstract: Miserable America & Boyer

You’re sad: Corpus Christi & Echo

You’re Hype: Joyride & Yellow

You need inspiration: Empty & Georgia

Music Artists Everybody Should Be Listening To

4. Clairo

Claire Cottrill, known as Clairo, is a guitar-playing homemade artist. She started on youtube just covering songs and trying her best to make her own with the little material she had. She became famous when she posted a video of her song Pretty Girl, on youtube. The song quickly got over 40 million views, prompting the start of her career. Her sound is super indie-pop and low-fi which means it really makes an impact on her listeners.

She is brutally honest with her tracks, especially when it comes to heartbreak, missing somebody, and wanting freedom. Clairo finds a way to make her lyrics so relatable, it’s almost like whoever is listening, wrote it.

Songs to listen to when;

See Also

You want to get aquatinted with Clairo: Sofia & Pretty Girl

You’re sad: Feel Something & Bubble Gum

You’re Hype: I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again & North

You need inspiration: Bags & I Wouldn’t Ask You

Music Artists Everybody Should Be Listening To

5. Shea Diamond

Creating some of the most soulful music I’ve ever heard, Shea Diamond is too talented to be such an underrated music artist. empowering everyone that takes her lyrics in, Shea knows how to grab a heart and make it feel.

While she doesn’t have much music out, yet, Shea released a single this summer and is still working on more powerful songs to come. With her soothing powerhouse voice, Shea isn’t afraid to show her worth to the world, making her one of the important artists of this decade.

From her lyrics alone, Shea is an activist for many different causes. Aside from her music, she still fights every day for equality, justice, and freedom.

Songs to listen to when;

You want to get aquatinted with Shea Diamond: I’d Love To Change The World & Keisha Complexion

You’re sad: Seen It All & Don’t Shoot

You’re Hype: Good Pressure & I Am Her

You need inspiration: American Pie & I Am Her

Music Artists Everybody Should Be Listening To

6. Honorable Mentions

  • Syd
    • Get Acquainted: Body & Bad Dreams/ No Looking Back
  • Mykki Blanco
    • Get Acquainted: Loner & Join My Militia
  • Troye Sivan
    • Get Acquainted: Youth & The Good Side
  • Hayley Kiyoko
    • Get Acquainted: Girls like Girls & Demons

Music connects us and reminds us how similar we are, even when we feel so different. What Music Artists do YOU think we should be listening to? Let us know in the comments below!

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