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15 Mug Recipes For Your Late Night Cravings

When late night cravings strike, you want to satisfy them right away. But when it’s late at night, you don’t usually want to break out a ton of pots and pans to make yourself a snack. The good news is there’s a way for you to make one-serving snacks to satisfy your late night cravings without making a huge mess in the kitchen: mug recipes. 

Mug recipes adapt larger recipes into one-serving portions that can be made in a mug. They come in sweet and savory options, so you can definitely find a recipe for whatever craving you’re feeling. Plus, it’s way easy to make one cookie in a mug than a whole batch of cookies at 10:00 at night. 

Here are 15 recipes for your late night cravings that can be made in a mug. 

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

If you find yourself craving a Reese’s peanut butter cup, this chocolate peanut butter mug cake might be a good choice for you. It’s easy to make with ingredients you probably have in the house already. 

This mug cake has a great texture to it and is the perfect balance between chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a way better and more filling choice than eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. 

2. Cookies and Cream Mug Cake

Here’s a good recipe to bring out if you have a few Oreos left in the pack. This cookies and cream mug cake is a good choice if you’re craving white chocolate. You can experiment with the amount of Oreos you include in this recipe to make sure your mug cake is tailored exactly to your cravings. 

3. Chicken Pot Pie In A Mug

Mug recipes don’t always have to be sweet. Sometimes you’re craving something that’s more on the savory side. In those cases, try making a single serving chicken pot pie in a mug.  This recipe is made with cream of chicken soup, frozen vegetables, rotisserie chicken, biscuit dough, and seasoning. It’s a good recipe if you have some leftover chicken in the fridge that you’re looking to use. 

4. Mug Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s not exactly feasible to bake an entire batch of cookies when you have a late night craving, so this is the next best thing. This mug chocolate chip cookie recipe is a way for you to have a cookie for one. 

It’s perfect for satisfying your cravings without making a mess of your kitchen late at night. Plus, it’s way quicker than baking a batch of cookies in the oven. 

5. Apple Pie Mug Cake

Pies can be difficult and time consuming to make, but this apple pie mug cake can be a solution to that. This recipe uses apple pie filling, so you don’t have to go through the labor of making the filling yourself. 

Finish off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream right after you take the mug out of the microwave and enjoy your single serving of warm apple pie. 

6. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are super easy to make in a mug in the microwave. Just beat milk and eggs together in a microwave safe mug and cook in the microwave for a minute in a half. If you’re looking to enhance your microwave scrambled eggs try adding things like cheese, ham, or garlic salt. 

7. French Toast

Mug french toast is a good option if you’re having a late night breakfast craving and you have a few slices of bread that are starting to get stale. Add bread cubes in to a mug with a mixture of melted butter, milk, egg, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla and microwave for about a minute and a half. 

Full-sized French toast can be messy and time consuming to make, but this mug recipe can satisfy your cravings without all the hassle.  

8. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a classic comfort food that can make a perfect late night snack. You don’t have to break out a sauce pan to make yourself mac and cheese late at night. Instead, you can cook mac and cheese in the microwave with some water and a mug. Feel free to experiment with toppings, like breadcrumbs, bacon bits, and chives. 

It’s a great way to make a single serving of a comfort food snack in around five minutes. 

9. Pizza in a Mug

Pizza in a mug sounds like it would be more of an ambitious undertaking, but in reality you can make a personal pizza in a mug in under five minutes. You might need to take a trip to the store ahead of time to get some of the ingredients, like spaghetti sauce or refrigerated biscuits. 

See Also

This is another example of a mug recipe that gives you a little bit of freedom when it comes to toppings. Some good options might include olives, bacon bits, or pepperoni. While it’s not exactly the same as getting a fresh pizza delivered to your house, but this pizza in a mug should be enough to satisfy your late night pizza cravings. 

10. Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast for dinner is already a thing, so why not have a breakfast burrito in a mug for a late night snack? Place a tortilla in a mug, then add some whisked eggs and your favorite burrito mix ins and microwave. 

It’s all the craving satisfaction that comes from eating a breakfast burrito without the hassle of trying to wrap the burrito up. 

11. Sugar Cookie

Just like the chocolate chip cookie recipe from earlier, you can also make a single serving sugar cookie in a mug to satisfy your late night cookie cravings. This sugar cookie in a mug can probably be made with things you have in your house already. 

12. Brownie

This mug brownie recipe is one of my personal favorites. It’s perfect for when I’m looking for a little something sweet before I go to bed. You may have to play with the ratios of wet and dry ingredients to get the texture you like, but overall this is a pretty good mug brownie recipe. 

13. Jelly Doughnut

Most doughnut shops won’t be open for business late at night, but you can still satisfy your jelly doughnut cravings at home with this mug jelly doughnut recipe. It won’t taste exactly the same because it’s baked in the microwave and not fried, but it definitely does the job in satisfying a late night craving. 

14. Vanilla Mug Cake

A lot of mug recipes are aimed towards people who like chocolate, but here’s a recipe for people who are craving a vanilla dessert. This vanilla mug cake is perfect for if you’re craving a vanilla cupcake late at night. 

15. Flourless Chocolate Mug Cake

Here’s a good choice for a mug recipe if you have dietary restrictions that prevent you from eating gluten. With this healthy flourless chocolate mug cake, you can indulge and satisfy your chocolate cravings without butter, eggs, flour, or sugar. 

What mug recipe will you be making to satisfy your late night cravings? Let us know in the comments!

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