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Moving to a New City for a Job or Internship

Moving to a New City for a Job or Internship

As we make our way into the end of April, we are also making our way into the end of the semester and school year. For some, this may mean getting ready to take on their summer job back home, or staying on campus in the lease they can not get out of and finding a new job at school. For me, the end of this semester means the end of my comfort zone for the next four months. I am moving to a new city for a fashion merchandising internship I (somehow) scored.

Moving is miserable in general. Nobody wants to pack their stuff up just to lug it over to a new place and unpack it again. Luckily, I will not have to move my furniture to New York City this summer, (that would just be crazy) but I do have a lot to come with me! And do not get me started about the apartment search! Here I am only three weeks away from my moving date and I still have not a clue in the world about where I will be living for the next four months. Luckily though, if you do need help storing your stuff or moving, there are some great options out there more you.

One thing you have to watch out for when finding a summer sublease in New York is scamming real estate agents. Like me, you may find an awesome listing for a three bedroom apartment you and your roommates would be able to afford, but when you call the agent they could tell you that apartment is taken, and will try to flip you over to a different, much more expensive apartment. I can not say I have much more advice on apartment finding in NYC because I have yet to locate my own place to live!


If there is something I know for sure, it’s this: even if you are going alone, GO! You will never get the opportunity to do something like this in such a cool city ever again! I took a chance and applied to a few internships and actually got something amazing. I first decided to move to NYC this summer by myself, as I got my internship offer back in November. I definitely was terrified, but that is part of the excitement and thrill. And in a city so big it is practically impossible not to find some friends for the summer!

However, it turned out two of my closest friends got internships in New York this summer as well, so I have girls to go experience this adventure with. Although I am thrilled that they are joining me, I would still have gone alone no doubt about it. And you should, too!

Whether it’s for an internship like me, or a new job after graduation, I encourage you to venture out to a new city far away from your home town.

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1. It is a great experience and an amazing chance to really be thrown into the real world.

2. And who knows, you may even score a career out of it! Many internships are known for hiring you on as a full time employee after your summer with the company.

3. It’s something that is all yours. Although I did have to sacrifice my spring break this year to make the trip up to a snow-filled NYC (yes I went during the snow-pocalypse) it was worth it on so many levels. Not only did I achieve this all on my own, but this is the real deal! Nothing says a fashion internship like a NYC fashion internship!

4. You will grow in so many ways. Not only will moving to a totally new city for an internship help you grow in your career, but it will also build you into a better and more responsible person. You are thrown into a completely new environment where you are forced to make important, adult decisions on your own.

5. Your memories will last a lifetime. This could be an experience you tell your grandkids about. And if it doesn’t work out, then at least you can say you tried it, and learned some big lessons along the way.

So go apply! Many places are still looking for summer help, and many others are already taking applications for next summer. There is never any harm in applying to as many places as you can. I, myself, applied to over twenty companies until I found the one that worked with me! Apply, reach out, and never be afraid of our own success!

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