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30 Moving Hacks You Don’t Know Yet

30 Moving Hacks You Don’t Know Yet

Moving can be an overwhelming process especially if it is your first time! Asking around for advice and hacks is a great way to prepare. Everyone has different hacks they love using!

Here are some moving hacks you might not know!

1. Breathe and make a plan.

Moving is not something you can do at the last minute. It requires a lot of time, effort, and energy. While it may be an overwhelming, stressful process, know that you have complete control over the situation!


30 Moving Hacks You Don't Know Yet

2. Enlist friends and family to help!

Moving is too big of a task to take on by yourself. Ask friends and family if they would be willing to help out! Make sure to treat them well, provide some food if you can. Even offering to pay for gas money if they are using their own vehicles will let them know how much you appreciate their help. This moving hack is less expensive than hiring professional movers!

3. Make a moving schedule.

Rome was not built in a day, and no one can move out of one space into another in twenty-four hours. Space out moving large objects like your bed frame, furniture, and add in-between days for smaller items like lamps and other boxes. This hack makes moving more manageable.


4. Rent a moving truck.

Moving trucks can be expensive, but in the long term, are a more reasonable option than taking innumerable trips back and forth in your car. Some things are even too large to fit in the bed of a truck! If you can afford it, rent a moving truck so you can get everything out more quickly and efficiently. 

5. If you can’t rent a moving truck, use your friends’ vehicles!

This is a more tedious process, but it is easier than moving everything on your own. The more friends you have, the quicker the process! After a few round trips, you will have made a large dent and will be one step closer to being done!

6. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Thinking that you can wait until the night before to cram all of your belongings into boxes or into your car is a move that will only result in more stress. Moving takes a long time, and you will discover you own more than you realized. Start packing weeks before for less stress! 


30 Moving Hacks You Don't Know Yet

7. Get more packing materials than you think you need.

Boxes look big until you fill them with odd-sized items that are wrapped in bubble wrap. Buy more than you think you will need just to be safe! This hack ensures that all your belongings will arrive unharmed!

8. Buy oversized markers!

Without labels, you will have no idea where anything is and will end up rummaging through all your boxes to find one item. Save yourself the trouble and label all your boxes as best as you can! Being specific when labeling is a simple hack that will make your life easier!


9. Invest in furniture sliders.

These little guys will make your life so much easier! They work on carpet, wood, and tile floors so no matter where your furniture is, you will be able to push it out of the room. This hack great for moving into a new place and for moving furniture around later!

10. Pack with purpose.

One mistake many rookies make is cramming everything into random boxes. Avoid this! (Bonus hack: Pack some outfits, and daily necessities into a suitcase so you won’t have to unpack right away to find your toothbrush!)

11. Sell or donate anything you don’t want to take with you.

Do you really need that many coffee mugs? The more you pack, the more you will have to unpack later on. Having to unpack everything is daunting. If you do not want to unpack an item, do not take it with you! This hack will lighten your load and relieve some stress.


12. Pack one room at a time.

Start with something like your laundry room before packing up the kitchen. Packing up one room at a time makes the process feel more manageable and you will feel more confident as you continue to make progress! This hack ensures you won’t combine dry foods with your crafting items!

30 Moving Hacks You Don't Know Yet

13. Label boxes in order of importance! 

Keep the system simple and label each box with a one, two, or three. Boxes with a one are things you will need to open within the first few days of moving into your new space like pots, pans, and extra toiletries. If you can wait a week before opening, write a two! Seasonal decorations, and other items you can wait to open for weeks you can label with a three! This hack makes unpacking less stressful!


14. Instead of packing your hanging clothes in boxes, try a different hack.

Keep it simple when moving your hanging clothes and poke the hangers through trash bags. Not only do they act as makeshift garment bags, but you will be able to re-hang easily in your new closet. Secure the bags with tape if needed! 

15. Only box items together if they are similar.

Try to make the unpacking process easier by giving each box a general label! If you can, try to write a list of the most important items in each box. This moving hack makes it easier to find what you need when you need it!

16. Heavy boxes go on the bottom.

Unless you want your favorite lamp to get crushed beneath your books, make sure to read the labels on each box before stacking them inside whatever vehicle you are using to transport your things! When you carry things inside your new space, try to avoid stacking them on top of each other to avoid breaking anything. 


17. Realize your limitations.

Moving takes longer than you think and it is physically and mentally exhausting. Try not to rush the process and do not be afraid to ask for help or take breaks! While this is not a real “hack,” it is something important to keep in mind during this process.

18. Tape things together.

If something goes with something else, attach them together so they will not get separated! There is nothing worse than trying to set up your TV and not being able to find the remote. Keep everything together so you can find what you need later! Simply keeping things together is a hack that will keep you sane!

19. Research before hiring movers.

Read reviews and hunt around until you find movers that are within your price range and are reliable! The last thing you want is for your items to be stolen or broken because they were in someone else’s care other than your own. Using movers’ help might not be the best hack for everyone.


30 Moving Hacks You Don't Know Yet

20. Moving plants and pets is difficult.

Plants can become damaged in the moving process because there is no easy way to secure or transport them. For this hack, make sure you support plants as best as you can and treat your animals well! They may not understand what is going on and the less stress they experience, the longer they will live.

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21. Do buy or borrow travel cages or tanks for your pets.

Yes, you may only use a travel tank once for your fish, but you will not want to transport their large tank filled with water. It is impractical and not good for them! One way to hack this hack is to borrow from friends if they have carriers!

22. Don’t buy anything new.

Wait until everything is unpacked before buying new things. Having to deal with new pieces while unpacking everything else will only add to your stress. The less you have to transport, the better! While this is not a real moving hack, waiting to buy new items will prevent you from impulse purchases.

23. Don’t unpack your dresser drawers.

This moving hack will save time and space when packing everything else up! Stack them on top of each other when transporting and after you bring in your dresser, slide the drawers back in their place.


24. Eat perishable foods from your fridge and freezer before moving.

You will not want to be worrying about your food staying cold or frozen while moving! Try to eat as much of it as you can before the process starts to avoid any unnecessary stress. This moving hack will save you money in the long run!

30 Moving Hacks You Don't Know Yet

25. Use ice to keep everything else preserved.

Fill some coolers with ice to keep your perishables intact until you can unpack them and put them away. Worst case, if something defrosts, it is not the end of the world!


26. Don’t wear nice clothes!

Wear comfortable shoes, and clothes you do not mind getting dirty or sweaty in. Your feet will get sore quickly if you do not wear comfortable, supportive shoes. Break out your least favorite pair of shorts or leggings and that old shirt you should have thrown away years ago and start moving boxes!

27. Keep track of all your paperwork, keys, dates, etc. in the process!

The logistics are just as important as the actual moving process. Make sure you keep everything in one place so you can find your new key when you need it! This hack is crucial!

28. Don’t unpack immediately.

While you might be excited to start hanging pictures and artwork on your new walls, try to wait until everything has been moved inside your new home before unpacking! This hack ensures everything will stay protected inside their boxes and make your moving process shorter.


29. Thoroughly clean your old space!

Make sure you do everything your landlord or landlady wants you to do before locking everything up. Try to leave on a good note and not leave a mess for them to clean up. 

30. Turn on the thermostat in your new space the day before you move!

The last thing you want is to move a bunch of boxes and furniture into a hot space. Even if it is a cool day, you will be thankful for the air conditioning!

30 Moving Hacks You Don't Know Yet


Hopefully, these hacks were helpful! Are there any moving hacks missing? Share your favorite moving hacks below!