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5 Movies To Watch To Better Both Your Partner’s Mood and Your Chances

5 Movies To Watch To Better Both Your Partner’s Mood and Your Chances

5 Movies To Watch To Better Both Your Partner's Mood and Your Chances

Do you want to get your partner in the mood, but don’t want to seem too overbearing? Here are five movies that can calm your partner, humor them, and brighten their day. Doing so will show them you care and maybe even brighten up their mood enough where they’ll like to make you feel good too. 

1. Shrek

Many of us will remember watching Shrek for the first time as children, the pristine levels of animation, the killer soundtrack, and the thought provoking plot. We carry the memory and lessons of Shrek throughout our lives and now, as adults, the lessons we’ve learned from this masterpiece have evolved as we have grown. Now, the music, animation, and plot serve a new purpose, such as the new excitement it can bring in the bedroom. The sleek animation that impressed us as children now can motivate your partner, who would want to match the movie character’s sleek and impressive movements, in the bedroom. Smash Mouth’s smash hit, All Stars, will definitely get your partner in the mood. No one can defend themselves from the seductive voices or the erotic beats of the song. The images the lyrics bring of a woman with a finger and thumbs on her forehead as an L brings to your partner’s mind a lot more things they can do with their fingers. As a plus, the adult jokes littered around the movie can now bring to your partner a laugh to their lips, something that always makes sex much more enjoyable.

5 Movies To Watch That Will Get Your Partner In The Mood

2. Fifty Shades of Grey

For the people who like a bit more kinks in their bedroom activities, Fifty Shades of Grey is a wondrous movie to get your partner in the mood. The beauty of actress Dakota Johnson and actor Jamie Dornan will definitely captivate your partner’s fantasy, no matter what direction of the sexual pendulum they swing. The sex scenes in the movie are amazing bookmarks to not only let you know when the time for sex is best so you do not miss any of the amazing story, but also to send your partner the discreet but clear signal of what you want to do during or by the end of the movie. As a plus, for design fanatics, the layout and objects of Christian Grey’s sex chamber will excite every part of your partner’s imagination that they will be unable to stop themselves from attempting each and every little fantasy they come up with on you. Good luck.

5 Movies To Watch That Will Get Your Partner In The Mood

3. The Bee Movie

Bees are dying and it is a very important but, unfortunately, not very widespread issue. Watching The Bee movie will not only show your partner of your awareness concerning nature and animal lives, but also make you seem much more intelligent and caring. These two traits are always things sexual partners look for in the bedroom. If mentioning The Bee Movie already alerts your partner to your attractive qualities, the actual movie will guarantee you some action, with its plot filled with sexual undertones and the heartwarming actions taken by the characters. For example, in the very first minutes of the movie, Adam Flayman, voiced by Matthew Broderick, state that they are the most perfectly functioning society on Earth, which is immediately followed by a bee swallowing a stream of honey, a great innuendo to entice your partner into thinking what they might want be swallowing that much of. This scene alone will definitely get your partner in the mood. 

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4. White Chicks

Many people in today’s world do not identify with the sex they were born as, and White Chick recognizes them and their struggle. Instead of being seen as deviants, White Chicks empowers your partner if they don’t agree with their born gender and accepts them as people who also have sexual urges and inclinations, like any other person in the world. This compassion will be conveyed to your partner and will let them know, through the attractive actors and erotic jokes, that they are, in your eyes, sexually attractive because of who they are, instead of what they were born as.

5. The Interview

North Korea as a dangerous enemy of the United States, and if your partner is a strong willed patriot, then the patriotic power of Dave Skylark and Aaron Rapoport, played by James Franco and Seth Rogen respectively, and their bawdy humor will definitely get your partner in the mood. When Seth Rogen sticks a missile into his anal cavity to protect his cover in order to complete his mission, it would make any patriot stand and salute at the sacrifice and commitment to their country. At the conclusion of the movie, when Kim Jong-un explodes in an helicopter explosion from democracy-fueled tank rounds, your partner will be tearing up at the sight and will be ready to be honey-potted, just like the main characters, into bed.

5 Movies To Watch That Will Get Your Partner In The Mood

What do you think of these movies? Let us know any other movies you think will raise your chances of getting you partner in the mood!

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