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Movies Of The Early 2000’s You Definitely Forgot About

The early 2000’s was a beautiful era, full of Tamagotchi’s, Beyblades and Pokemon cards. This time was also one of the best in cinematic history, with hits like Love Actually, Legally Blond and Gladiator, but there are a ton of movies that were possibly our childhood favourites that we have completely forgotten about. I’m here to refresh your memory and remind you of the best early 2000’s movies that you’ve forgotten about.

1. Spy Kids (2001)

An absolute movie classic. The kind of life we all wish we had as kids, taking on the role of super-spies, armed with the coolest futuristic spy gear we’ve ever seen (to this day)in order to save their family. Going on an adventure of a lifetime, we were all able to live out our fantasies vicariously through super cool Carmen and her little brother Juni. We were also all mentally scarred by the creepy thumb men in red suits… you know what I’m talking about.

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley, New York Minute (2004)

All of the Mary-Kate and Ashley films are literally my childhood. There wasn’t a single one that was a flop and they definitely all made us want to become fashionista’s like the Olsen twins and preferably also have a twin. My favourite was probably Passport to Paris, purely because that’s the one I think I watched the most growing up, however, that was actually released in the 90’s (where my 90’s babies at?!), so for all intense and purposes of this article, I’ll use New York Minute as an example. Running around New York with your hilarious twin sister in pursuit of beautiful men? Yes, please.

3. Honey (2003)

Save the last dance? Meh. Step up? Channing Tatum… but meh. When it comes to 2000’s dance movies, Honey takes first place. The ultimate Hip-Hip dance movie with a beautiful message, Jessica Alba (AKA Honey) runs a community dance class to keep kids off the street, when a break in her career finally arrises, it turns her life around, but it’s not exactly the career she was looking for.  We’ll also never forget that final dance to ‘I Believe’ ft that kid on Heelies, goosebumps.

4. A Walker to Remember (2002)

Another tear jerker by Nicholas Sparks (he really does get us every time), full of beautiful music and twist and turns in the plot, it’s probably the first time any of us truly experiences heartache, this one really cut me deep. We also all definitely fell in love with Landen and all wanted to be the beautiful Jamie.

5. Elf (2003)

I’m gunna throw it out there, best Christmas movie ever made. Every year this one comes out, it’s just as funny as the year before. Will Ferrel really makes this movie, he’s absolute comedy goal and he makes the character of Buddy so special. If you didn’t watch this feel-good movie back in the early 2000’s, for of all, what were you doing? Second of all, get it on this Christmas, trust me, you won’t regret it.

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6. 8 Mile (2002)

Another classic, not really too kid friendly so I’m not sure why we were all watching this back in the day, but it is definitely what got us all into rap music and, specifically, made us all Eminem fans. It’s an awesome story of a ‘nobody’, building their way up from the bottom into the spotlight (with a lot of hiccups along the way). With some raunchy scenes and some violent moments, this film is really turbulent and has a bit of everything.

7. Superbad (2007)

Such a classic coming of age movie that I’m sure all teenage buys can relate to. The story centres around a group of boys who are trying to score some alcohol for a party to impress the ladies, however, the journey to get the drink takes some ridiculous twists and turns and ends up being an epic adventure in itself. It’s a hilarious representation of the lengths that teen’s go to impress each other that we can all relate to. McLovin’ has become such a memorable character he’s actually now been mentioned in a Kanye West song, if that doesn’t scream iconic I don’t know what does. 

If you grew up in the early 2000’s, make sure you re-watch these movies and remind yourself of all the cinematic gem’s of the era, the ones I’ve mentioned being only the best of the forgotten movies, there’s also the classic that everyone remembers such as Mean Girls, Bring it on, The Harry Potters and Shrek. Both movies and music, in my opinion, peaked in this era and it’s all only going downhill from there! Let me know in the comments if you agree that the early 2000’s was the time of our lives.

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