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5 Movies Everyone Forgets About But Are Really Good

Since last March, I have watched a lot of movies everyone forgets about. The movie might be very underrated, or it’s just that the movie never got enough attention when it was released. It’s easier to sit down and watch a movie than it is to binge-watch a series. Movies make you feel better, usually, but sometimes you watch a thriller movie for the joy of it.

There are so many genres of movies that you would be able to find a movie for every mood you’re in. The only problem is that there are so many of the same movies now. Superheroes are a big movie plot, but there are so many other movies you could watch. The movies I have included in this article are some of my favorite movies that nobody seems to have heard of or that everyone has forgotten about.

1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

This is my favorite movie ever. Almost no one I talk to has ever heard of this movie, which is why I included it in this article. It is one of the movies everyone forgets about, and it is really underrated.

It is about an inventor who fixes a racecar his two kids found. The three of them, and the woman the inventor falls in love with, go on trips to the beach, where he tells stories of them using the car to save children from an evil king. The king doesn’t like children, so he has a child snatcher kidnap all of the children and bring them to a prison underneath the castle. They use the car to escape once they save all of the children.

This movie is definitely worth a watch. It has a built-in intermission a little more than halfway through the movie. The child snatcher is a little terrifying, but the movie is still really good when you ignore that. I would annoy my family with how often I watched the movie as a kid, so I think you’ll like it if you give it a chance.

2. The Black Cauldron

This is a movie that I actually did forget about until Disney+ was released. I watched this movie recently and think it is definitely one of the movies everyone forgets about that everyone should give a chance to.

It’s a little confusing if you aren’t paying close enough attention. A teenage boy, Taran, is an assistant pig keeper. He has to take the pig, Hen Wen, to safety when they learn that her oracle powers will be used for violence. Hen Wen gets taken by the king, and Taran follows after. He rescues Hen Wen but gets taken in the process. He escapes with the help of Princess Eilonwy and they help get Hen Wen to safety while meeting more people.

I had to watch the movie a few times before I started to actually like it. There’s a lot going on during the movie, so you have to rewatch certain parts to figure out what’s going on. The movie is one of my sister’s favorite movies, though, so it is a good movie to watch if you have an hour of free time one day.

3. Treasure Planet

This movie is definitely one of the movies everyone forgets about. It’s a really good Disney movie that we rewatched recently because we hadn’t seen it in a long time. It’s futuristic, too, which is always good.

Jim Hawkins is a teenager who lives on a planet in a different galaxy. He always gets in trouble, no matter what he does. A spaceship crashes onto the planet and the pilot gives him something and tells him to beware of the cyborg. A group of pirates raids the inn Jim’s mother owns and they take Jim with them. They set out to find Treasure Planet, using the device the pilot gave to Jim. Jim saves them all along the way.

This movie is a little more recent than the first two movies I mentioned, so the quality of the movie is better. But I also think the plot is a lot better. It’s a really good watch if you like science fiction movies. I love these types of movies, so I will always say to watch this movie. Give it a chance and you will not be disappointed.

4. 28 Days Later

This is supposed to be a horror movie, so if you don’t like scary movies, just skip this movie. I am not a big horror fan, but I thought this movie was very good. I would still recommend it to everyone.

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Animal activists in England release monkeys from cages that have a disease that turns infected people into zombies. Jim was knocked unconscious and woke up 28 days after the first person got infected. He learned that his parents died and that he only had one person he could trust. They heard a radio broadcast saying that an army was in London and everyone should go there. Jim ends up saving his friend from the zombies in the end.

I know zombie apocalypse movies are kind of overdone, but this movie is a really good choice. I wouldn’t suggest watching it at two in the morning, though that would make it extra scary if you like that sort of thing. This movie set the path for a lot of other zombie-themed movies, so this is definitely a good movie.

5. October Sky

This is another one of my favorite movies. I don’t normally recommend movies that were real-life events, but this one is way too good not to talk about. It’s also a book if you want to read about it first.

Homer Hickam’s father is the manager of a coal mining company. Homer doesn’t want to follow his father’s steps, so he starts building rockets out of spare parts the company gets. His father never shows up when he launches the rockets and they get into a fight over it. His father gets stuck in an explosion in the mine, so Homer has to take over his job. He starts to realize what his father goes through while building more rockets.

This movie is a documentary but not in the normal sense. It is way more dramatized than it is a biography, so you don’t have to worry about being bored by it. I would suggest anyone who likes rockets, or even outer space, to watch this movie. It’s worth the two-hour watch and it’s very entertaining.

There are so many movies everyone forgets about that I have definitely missed some. If I missed any that are your favorites, feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know!

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