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6 Movie Theater Snacks Perfect For Sneaking In

6 Movie Theater Snacks Perfect For Sneaking In

Movie theater snacks are so overpriced! If you're wondering what snacks are good for sneaking into a movie theater, these ideas are great! Here are 6 movie theater snacks perfect for sneaking in!

Summer flicks are on the horizon but so is that car payment—need some ideas for movie theater snacks that aren’t outrageously priced?

People, you can’t just stroll into the movie theater with any ol’ snack—there two rules for the flawless execution of the movie foodie hack. If you want to avoid that awkward moment of being snagged with crunchy contraband… keep your munchies quiet and compact. Here are six fool-proof ways to see the big summer flicks while still having money left over for that humble-brag-worthy bikini.


Can’t live without the movie theater classic but don’t want to risk the incessant crackling of the usual plastic packaging? Cracker Jacks—all day, all night, my friends. The iconic box packaging is super-sly and its contents? It’s as classic as it gets in the category of popcorn.

Quench That Thirst

Overpriced high-fructose overdose? Nah…quench that post popcorn thirst with your favorite water—old school spring water, coconut, maple—whatever floats your boat. But ditch those commercial water bottles and upgrade to this classy collapsible.

Individual Packets of Trail Mix

Speaking of bikinis, it’s time to think about reducing that sugar to keep that summer bod beach ready. Individual packets of nuts or trail mix are a protein packed movie snack that fit easily into most hand bags. Look for low-salt or unsalted to maximize the nutritional oomph. Keep your tummy on trend with edgy Sahale varieties like Pomegranate Glazed Pistachios or Korean BBQ Glazed Almonds!


Chocolate is a total yes at the movies but the crackle-crackle of the wrapper is a total NO. Ditch the plastic for foil. Individually packaged Hershey Kisses or Dove Promises help keep you sneak snacks on the down low and unwrapping each tasty chocolatey bite will curb your inclination to over-indulge.

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Environment Warrior?

You’re that girl. Maybe you have a Jane Goodall tattoo. You’re single-handedly saving the environment. If you’re also the girl that likes to save her cash at the movie theater, then you need to invest in reusable snack bags. They’re better for the environment…and keep your snacks super stealth. Crackle-free packaging—good for saving Mother Earth and your budget.

Don’t Pause Your Pre-Game

Summer flicks and warm weather sips. If you’re all in on some Katniss-level covert wardrobe finesse, then the hidden flask infinity scarf is your go-to Trojan Horse. The hidden pocket conceals the ultimate wardrobe accessory: a collapsible flask! Looking to keep your options open? Add your own flask to the secret pocket in these affordable secret pocket scarves!


What other movie theater snacks do you think are perfect for sneaking in? Let us know down below!
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