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Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

Lately cupcakes have become one of those things you can’t forget to have at a party! Some people have even started gifting cupcakes at the end of an event such as a weeding or a baptism as a way of giving something to the people that has spent that important day with them. But not only that, cupcakes are often gift to the people you love or as a present to someone you don’t really know what to give yet something tasty is always a good choice.

If you are having a thematic gathering or gifting these little treats to someone you know is a big fan of a movie, we bring you some ideas. This movie inspired cupcakes are just so pretty we don’t really know if we should eat them or just save them to watch them over and over again.

1. The Hunger Games Inspired Cupcakes

The inspiring story of Katniss Everdeen and her fellow companionships on the hard journey of surviving has been a hit since its book release and then again in 2012 when the first movie came out. If you are a huge fan of this series, then these cupcakes are just for you! With a golden mockingjay topper, attached to a black arrow, surrounded by red and orange flames just as Katniss dress from the first movie, these treats are going to blow your guests mind!Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat


2. Superhero Inspired Cupcakes

We can’t have movie inspired cupcakes without superhero cupcakes! Featuring their most iconic symbols including Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s mask or The Incredible Hulk’s green fist. You can have as much variety as you want when it comes to superhero cupcakes. It doesn’t really matter if you are a fan of DC Comics, Marvel or both, when it comes to cupcakes everything it’s possible so be sure to personalize your tasty treats with your favorite heroes of all time.Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

3. Minions Inspired Cupcakes

We bet there hasn’t been a character of animated movies that has made us laugh and love them despite all their mischief actions as much as the minions have! These little yellow, and sometimes purple, fellows are beyond cute on their own, now imagine adding them as toppers to a peanut butter frosting cupcake! The combination is just so pretty you will be finding yourself wondering if you really have to eat the Minion on top of your cupcake or if you can keep it as a collectible.Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

4. Titanic Inspired Cupcakes

A classic movie such as Titanic can’t be left out of our movie inspired cupcakes! Titanic is one of those movies we have all loved and maybe shed a few tears for it.  But don’t worry, these cupcakes won’t become a disaster on the contrary, they are super gorgeous with an iceberg that has just been hit by a little sinking boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat


5. The Grinch Inspired Cupcakes

Our favorite mean Mr. Grinch has also his own set of cupcakes that can be a great gift on the holidays for those people who aren’t as fan of the season as some others! With his yellowish eyes staring straight into your heart to discover if you have been naughty or good this season, these cupcakes are definitely something you can even make by yourself at home. Give them a try and you can be amazed by the result.Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

6. The Secret Life Of Pets: Gidget Inspired Cupcakes

Inspired by one of the characters of the movie the secret life of pets, Gidget, a cute and fluffy doggie that is in love with her friend Max. She is super enthusiastic and has such a nice personality you won’t think it twice when making these cupcakes. Don’t forget to include Gidget’s typical pink bow to match with her tongue sticking out face and her white hair that just makes her so adorable you are not going to want to eat these cupcakes. Plus, they are also a nice choice for a kid’s birthday party or for a big dog lover!Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

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7. Detective Pikachu Inspired Cupcakes

These cupcakes are inspired by one the latest movie of the Pokémon universe, Detective Pikachu. Even though our favorite yellow pokémon is the main character of the movie, we wanted to include some of his friends in our treats idea too. In these Detective Pikachu inspired cupcakes, you can also find some creatures like Charizard, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff and of course Pikachu! If you have been a fan of the series since forever, then don’t look any further and have these as your new favorite cupcakes.Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

8. It Inspired Cupcakes

Cupcakes can be as sweet as you can imagine but look as scary as Pennywise, the devilish character from the movie It. If you have seen the movie you know that whenever you see a red balloon, serious trouble is coming. In these cupcakes we feature the unmistakable red balloon being held by a white hand that we all know comes from the scary clown pennywise, Stephen King created for us. If you have any friends that are huge horror movie fans, these cupcakes are definitely the perfect gift for them!Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

9. The Peanuts Movie Inspired Cupcakes

Snoopy and Charlie Brown are just some of our all-time favorite characters we couldn’t forget to add to our list! Just check out these super pretty cupcakes that feature all of Charlie brown’s best friends including Woodstock, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Sally and Franklin. The detailing on these particular cupcakes is so beautiful you are going to be afraid of eating them but take it easy they are made to be eaten without leaving any crumbs!Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat


10. The Corpse Bride Inspired Cupcakes

One of Tim Burton’s must watch movie, the Corpse Bride tells us the story of a young gentleman named Victor who by accident proposes to a corpse named Emily. The cupcakes we bring inspired by this movie have the undeniable taste of the Victorian era, with shades of light blue, a stitched heart and presented in their own spider web capsule. These ones are so pretty made you are not going to want to give any away!Movie Inspired Cupcakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat

Which movie inspired cupcakes are your favorites? Let us know your favorite movie you would like to see turn into cupcakes in the comments below!

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