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Movie Besties That Are Just As Crazy As You And Your BFF

Movie Besties That Are Just As Crazy As You And Your BFF

Movie Besties That Are Just As Crazy As You And Your BFF

When I watch a movie, I love looking for characters, relationships, and friendships that I can relate to and that remind me of my own life, and movie besties are the first ones that I connect with. My relationships with my best friends are some of the most sacred relationships in my life, and whenever I see similar situations and people in films, I immediately text my BFFs to say, “Hey look! It’s us!” Here are some of my favorite movie besties to remind you of just how crazy and lovable your relationship with your best friends is.

1. Sam & Frodo (Lord of the Rings)

As far as movie besties go, Sam and Frodo are by far my favorite. One of my oldest friends is literally nicknamed “My Frodo” in my phone and has been since 2015. Sam and Frodo’s relationship is one built on mutual trust, loyalty, and commitment–if the world was ending, you’d find Sam and Frodo together. Sam’s line “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you,” says everything about their friendship.

If you and your BFF are Sam and Frodo, you have a relationship filled with trust and love. You know exactly what to say when the other one is feeling down, and nothing from orcs to Mordor deserts to death could keep you from taking care of and being there for each other.


2. Philippe & Driss (The Intouchables)

One of the major themes of “The Intouchables” is literally friendship, and nothing makes that clear than the relationship between Philippe and Driss. This isn’t a film about movie besties that have grown up together and have built a relationship over time–this is an instant and unlikely friendship, built by two people who just understand one another. Not all friendships have to be created from diapers. Some are found by two adult people who understand and respect one another for being exactly who they are.

If you and your bestie are like Philippe and Driss, you met as adults and immediately clicked. You have the same sense of humor and know how to tease and pick at one another without taking it too far. You knew from the moment you met that it was going to be a friendship for the history books, and you’re not afraid to push each other to try new things and be adventurous.

3. Amy & Molly (Booksmart)

Amy and Molly are the kind of movie besties that have built their lives around each other–they know each other’s life plans, nightly schedules, and exactly what movie to put on after a hard and stressful day. They’re two sides of the same coin and their personal bubbles are made to fit two. They also know how to have a good time with just each other or in a room of people.


If you and your BFF are Amy and Molly, you’ve been together since birth and know every deep, dark secret that can only be whispered to the dark in the middle of a sleepover. You’ve got your whole life planned–including that your kids are going to be best friends, too–and you can’t imagine life without each other.

4. Harold & Kumar (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle)

Harold and Kumar are the perfect movie besties for best friends that find the most relatable relationships in stoner flicks. These two are always together, absolute partners in crime that are like two halves of one whole. They don’t leave each other to deal with even the most ridiculous or dangerous situations alone, and they know exactly who to call when they need someone to be with.

If you and your best friend are like Harold and Kumar, you are always together. When one of you is invited to something, it’s assumed that you’ll come as a pair. You know everything about each other down to your fast food orders, and you know exactly who to call if you ever need a hand (or to get bailed out of jail).


5. Bill & Ted (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

Bill and Ted are the kind of movie besties that can only be considered as a whole unit. You don’t have just Bill and you don’t have just Ted–you can only have Bill and Ted. Like peanut butter and jelly or cookies and milk, Bill and Ted were made for each other. They share the same thoughts and have so many of the same personality traits that they’re basically the same person.

If you and your best friend are Bill and Ted, you are like two peas in a pod. You may not be the smartest people in the room, but you always know how to make each other laugh and you know you’ll have a great time if you’re together. You probably plan to become roommates and open a business together in the future, and you’re the definition of platonic life partners.

6. Thelma & Louise (Thelma & Louise)

Thelma and Louise are the epitome of movie besties–they are literally willing and ready to commit crimes in the name of friendship. They protect each other and are prepared to drop everything at the drop of a hat if the other needs them to. They have a relationship built on love and loyalty and are the definition of “ride or die” besties.

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If you and your BFF are like Thelma and Louise, you are not afraid to get into a fight in the name of your best friend. You are incredibly protective of each other, and while you might be pretty docile or laid back about your own problems, you won’t hold back on someone who dared to mess with your bestie. There is literally no man in the world that can come between you and your BFF, and all your partners know that your best friend comes first.

7. Janis & Damian (Mean Girls)

As far as movie besties go, Janis and Damian are underrated and should be considered the perfect best friends relationship. They are the type of best friends that are completely comfortable being exactly who they are around each other. They tease each other, but they’re incredibly supportive of everything the other does, and they will always be there as the loudest cheerleader.


If you and your bestie are like Janis and Damian, then you are not afraid to be open and real with one another. You have a world made for two, and your favorite activity is judging other people together. You are always there for all the big moments, and while you might fight or argue sometimes, there’s no doubt that you’ll be there if the other one calls.

8. Katherine, Dorothy, & Mary (Hidden Figures)

Sometimes movie besties aren’t just two people–some besties are a perfect trio of amazing women there to wholeheartedly support and readily pick each other up. In “Hidden Figures,” Dorothy, Katherine, and Mary are ready to face fire or ice together, whatever may come. They are there for the highs and lows, and they make sure to always show their support and admiration for each other. No matter who else is around, these impressive and wonderful ladies are going to be together, laughing, crying, and screaming together.

If you and your besties are like Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy, then you know exactly who you are going to call whether you’re winning or losing. You celebrate the highs and mourn the lows together, and you know exactly how to help your besties when it’s been a hard day. You are all amazing and impressive in your own ways, and you are the first to gas each other up when you need that extra support and confidence boost.


Know of more movie besties that are just like us and our BFFs? Tell us in the comments!