5 Moves To Get You Killer Abs

These moves to get you killer abs are going to change your workout routine and better yet you’re stomach! You are going to feel your torso burning while you work out your lower and upper abs. Not only that, you will be working your obliques and that is what is going to make your waist smaller. Don’t forget though, abs are truly made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Exercising your abs are going to help you define those muscles, but you cannot do it while you are not eating well. Clean up your diet, do these exercises and more, and you are on your way to killer abs!

1. Lifted cross-legged crunches

This move is going to burn, but that is how you know you are chopping away at that stomach fat and working for your killer abs. Life one leg to a table top position at a 90-degree angle. Then cross your other leg over your lifted one. From here you are going to crunch as you would normally then bring the opposite elbow to your lifted knee. You are going to do this exercise for 40 seconds rest for 20 seconds then switch sides for another 40 seconds. This move is going to get you that burn in your upper abs instantly!

lifted cross leg crunches

2. Russian twists

This killer abs movement has tons of variation and it going to get you that tiny waist you have been longing for. The hardest variation of this move is balancing on your backside, your back and legs lifted off the ground. You can use a weight of your choice and move your upper body only, from side to side. You can drop the weight to make it easier or you can even lay your feet on the ground and complete this movement. Just ensure that you are leaning back to activate your abs. Your obliques are going to feel the burn on this one. Make sure you complete this for at least 30 seconds or until you can no longer handle that killer abs burn!

lifted cross leg crunches

3. Alternating leg lifts

While you are laying on your back you are going to keep one leg on the floor (or keep it off the floor for more of a challenge) while you lift the other leg into the air. Don’t let your leg go past your hips and keep them in an L position. Make sure you are using the weight of your legs for this exercise rather than momentum. You can even add an ankle weight to make this move a bit more challenging. You will be alternating back and forth between legs for a total of 30 seconds punching out as many kicks as you can. Throughout this exercise make sure you are pressing that lower back to the ground to prevent injury and activate your abdomen. You are going to feel this in your lower abs getting rid of that muffin top!

5 Moves To Get You Killer Abs

4. Bicycle crunches

Do you ever see those gorgeous people with the V line on their stomach? Well, guess what? Doing this move will make you one of those people too. Keeping your upper back off the ground you are going to move in such a way that looks like you are cycling. Alternate your legs back and forth as though you are peddling. As you move your knees towards your face touch the opposite elbow to that knee just as you did during the lifted cross-legged crunches. This move is going to help you define your killer abs and, in time, having you constantly taking your shirt off!

5 Moves To Get You Killer Abs

5. Dead bugs

This move is going to work your entire abdomen. The twist in this movement is good for the obliques, the upper body lift is good for the upper abs and the lower body lift is good for your lower abs. You are going to lay on your back and lift your arms above your head. Then you take one arm to the opposite leg. You are going to alternate this movement back and forth for at least 30 seconds or until you feel the burn in your transforming killer abs!

5 Moves To Get You Killer Abs

What has helped you get your killer abs? Spread the wealth and share below!

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