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8 Mouthwatering Mexican Restaurants in Boston

8 Mouthwatering Mexican Restaurants in Boston

There’s multiple restaurants within walking distance in any given area of Boston, and it can be overwhelming to try and figure out where to eat with the amount of options we have in the city. If you’re someone who loves Mexican food, or you’re just looking to try someplace new this week, these 8 delicious Mexican restaurants in Boston will make your decision a little easier.

1. El Pelon

With locations in Fenway and Brighton, this Mexican restaurant is extremely easy to get to by T regardless of where in Boston you’re coming from.

El Pelon could not be more affordable, with every item on the menu coming in at under ten dollars. The restaurant also does a great deal of charity work with the homeless community in Boston. A night out at this restaurant won’t take much out of your paycheck, and you can feel good about where it’s going.

This restaurant is also a safe bet no matter who’s in your crew as they have gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options, none of them any less delicious than the rest of their menu.

If you’re looking for an ideal date night, affordable and tasty Mexican food at El Pelon followed by a Red Sox game right near by is a great way to go.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

2. Amelia’s

If you’re used to the freedom Chipotle gives you to build your own dish, Amelia’s is the stop for you. With a range of plates to choose from, from the classic burrito to a fajita wrap, this restaurant gives you choices every step of the way.

After choosing the dish you want, you also get to choose everything that goes in it, from the base to the toppings, ensuring that you get exactly what you’re in the mood for. It’s Chipotle if Chipotle was more local and server more authentic Mexican food.

Amelia’s is another extremely affordable restaurant, and with its numerous locations in Beacon Hill, Brighton, Boylston Street, and Huntington Ave, this stop couldn’t be more convenient.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

3. La Catrina

La Catrina is a unique local spot that is unlike any other in Boston. It is a little bit of a commute out of the theater district, but an easy trip on the green line that is well worth the time.

This restaurant serves delicious food that is made fresh in house every day, and without any other locations, you know you’re getting a one of a kind experience.

La Catrina offers both traditional Mexican dishes, as well as more Tex-Mex street food style options, so there’s something for whatever mood you may be in.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

4. Los Amigos

La Catrina puts its own spin on Mexican cuisine, and it’s a relatively young local eatery, with its founder opening the first location after his graduation from Babson College in 2012.

Despite its recent beginnings, La Catrina has expanded rapidly, a testament to its quality and patron appreciation. The expansion works out well for customers, as there are now five convenient locations in Coolidge Corner, Brighton Center, Newtonville, West Roxbury, and Somerville.

With a fast-casual environment, La Catrina is the perfect stop for anyone looking for a quick experience with authentic-tasting Mexican food.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

5. Lolita

Lolita is the most unique restaurant on this list, featuring things that are unique in the restaurant scene as a whole, let alone Mexican restaurants.

As you finish your meal at Lolita, you’ll receive cotton candy, and you’ll get a temporary tattoo on your way out. The restaurant also features unique cocktails, namely their tequila slushies.

However, the atmosphere at Lolita is what truly makes it stand out. Sensual steampunk is the best way to describe it, and relatively intense vibe makes the entire experience one of a kind.

Lolita has two locations in Back Bay and Fort Point, both in the heart of Boston. Fort Point is a scenic area of Boston surrounded by museums and a view of the water to complete the outing, while Back Bay is a shopping central.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

6. Bartaco

Almost the polar opposite of Lolita, Bartaco aims to capture a South American beach vibe. It’s open, airy, and natural setting perfectly set the tone for a peaceful and relaxing meal.

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Where Lolita is serving patrons ready for a serious dining experience, Bartaco is a casual and laid back stop for lunch or dinner. It makes a perfect place to rest and fuel up in the middle of a long day out.

In addition to tacos (their specialty), Bartaco branches out from traditional Mexican cuisine with other unique menu items like rotisserie chicken.

Located in the Seaport, Bartaco is one of the most scenic areas of Boston, making a spot not to miss during your time in Boston.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

7. Anna’s

Anna’s as another restaurant you can frequent and feel safe knowing that your money is being used well. The restaurant prides itself on bringing in capturing the tastes of Mexican street food and bringing it to the city.

Almost even more noteworthy than their amazing food, however, it the restaurant’s commitment to give back to the city and the environment. Anna’s supports countless organizations, events, and grassroots movements in Boston, and supports the community with food donations and charity, as well opportunities for locals to receive gift cards.

Anna’s also goes the extra to mile to make sure that their ingredients are fresh and local, and even powers their catering vehicles with vegetable oil.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

8. Border Cafe

While many of the restaurants on this list on this list strive for authentic Mexican cuisine, Border Cafe focuses the Tex-Mex style of Mexican food.

Border Cafe takes Tex-Mexico food extremely seriously, using only the best ingredients from around the country, and making your entire meal fresh when you order.

The location closest to the heart of Boston is in Cambridge, so it’s more of a subway or Uber trip rather than a quick walk. However, the unique and interesting fusion of cajun and Mexican foods make Border Cafe worth the trip.

8 Delicious Mexican Restaurants In Boston

What are your favorite Mexican restaurants in Boston? Let us know in the comments below!

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