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5 Motivational Podcasts To Listen To

5 Motivational Podcasts To Listen To

In the 21st century,  the need for time management due to the faster pace in lifestyle can make it quite difficult to simply stare at a book for a certain amount of hours in order to intake a wealth of information.

Luckily today, the new wave of podcasts on platforms like Spotify, YouTube and more gives us the ability to listen to a vast wealth of knowledge, often while we are doing other important tasks.

To get your day started right, here are 5 Motivational Podcasts that you should listen to right now!

Gary Vee’s Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuck, a.k.a Gary Vee is one of the most popular internet personalities right now. He is an entrepreneur, a New York Time’s best selling author, speaker, and perhaps one of the most well-known internet personalities.

Gary is known for is often brash and “no-nonsense” personality. He often speaks on a variety of different topics regarding success and entrepreneurship.

Gary Vee’s Audio Experience podcast has a unique blend of interviews and discussions regarding business and marketing from today’s most prolific thinkers and celebrities like Jessica Alba, Daymond John, or Arianna Huffington.

5 Motivational Podcasts

The Dave Ramsey Show

He is a well-known radio host and businessman, known for his show, The Dave Ramsey Show in which he often gives tips and tricks regarding how to properly handle your finances, and grow them too.

Dave’s financial advice promotes a strict and disciplined approach when it comes to tackling any debt and the proper handling of personal and household finances. Dave is particularly known for is 7 Baby Steps guidelines that show you how to save for emergencies, pay off all debt for good, and build wealth but in a practical way.

5 Motivational Podcasts

TED Talks Daily

By now you’ve seen a TED talk by either watching some during class or perhaps by coming across a viral video. TED talks are part of a nonprofit organization geared towards spreading ideas and information, these talks typically have a short time frame (18 minutes or less) but often has an impactful message. 

Each TED talk often has a different speaker who is very knowledgeable on a particular subject, these subjects can range from very serious topics such as religion, global issues, or poverty, to less serious like time management, relationships, or yoga.

The TED Talks Daily podcast allows you to hear thought-provoking ideas every weekday. I like to listen to TED talks sometimes while driving to work sometimes for either daily motivation or inspiration on a particular idea.

5 Motivational Podcasts

See Also

The Perfectionism Podcast

Sam is a wellness and mindset coach, as well as a personal development blogger. Her current podcast called The Perfectionism Project (formally known as The Smart Twenties Podcast) is geared towards sharing advice regarding personal development and growth, as well as life advice for perfectionists. Sam will often share life lessons through her own personal stories.

I really like The Perfectionism Podcast because Sam really breaks down common patterns that people may have when it comes to self-sabotaging their success and analyzes why people get in their own way. She also has a lot of advice regarding entrepreneurship, confidence, productivity, and so much more.

5 Motivational Podcasts

The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus become well known for their documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things on Netflix. This documentary discussed the obsession that western culture often has with buying a lot of things and how we often hoard what we don’t need.

In The Minimalists Podcast Joshua and Ryan talk about living a more meaningful life with fewer things.

This podcast may inspire you to clean out that clutter in your house that you need to get rid of. 

5 Motivational Podcasts

What motivational podcasts to you listen to in the morning? How do they inspire you in your daily life? Comment down below and share!

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