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Top 10 Motivational Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram For Women

Top 10 Motivational Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram For Women

I would love to say that I stay motivated for the gym all by myself. I would love to say that that I hop out of bed in the mornings ready to get to the gym and start lifting. And I would love to say that I have my workout all planned out and I don’t need any pre-workout to complete it. If there is anyone like that, I would love to hear their advice; however, I am not one of those people. I am someone who finds my motivation through a fitness community on Instagram. Before you get the wrong idea, I am not under the impression that the people on these fitness accounts are like the ones I mentioned earlier. I do, on the other hand, believe that they are motivated by others in this community as well–and they are honest when they’re not. What does it actually look like for me? I pick one of these lovely women below, scroll through the Instagram, reading their advice, struggles, motivation, and some of their workouts while leisurely dressing for the gym. I take two scoops of pre-workout and play some music. In the end, their fitness accounts are my motivation to keep going even when I see no progress–these are my favorites:

1. Whitney Simmons

Username: @whitneyysimmons

It’s no coincidence that Whitney Simmons is number one on my list of motivational fitness accounts. She is a representative for Gymshark athletic wear and a Youtuber. Each week, she posts approximately three workouts of her own creation of different muscle groups, including the number of reps and sets she suggests and does herself. In addition to this, she posts reviews about new Gymshark clothing drops and honest motivation about her own fitness struggles. Whitney’s trademarked catchphrase says, “it’s a beautiful day to be alive,” and I can’t help but feel uplifted when she stops on her story to remind us all of that fact.


2. Kate Taylor

Username: @taylorkayteee

Kate Taylor lives in the UK, but nonetheless, motivates me every day to be a stronger version of myself. The fact that she continues to push herself to lift heavy but is totally honest about when she eats 4000 calories in pizza in one night, gives me more confidence knowing I don’t have to be perfect to see progress. Every time I think I am falling off with my training, fitness accounts like hers remind me that we’re human and we can have fun eating and doing what we want. Not to mention, she has her own workout guides for growing your lower body strength. Don’t think it’s real? Check out her massive following and feedback with progress photos included–it’s amazing, honestly.

3. Iulia Danilova

Username: @fit.with.iulia


Fitness accounts that offer me free workouts or exercises to implement in my workouts are the greatest of all time (GOAT). Iulia is another Gymshark representative, which means she posts plenty of honest reviews and squat tests for those who are interested. Not to mention, if you are more dedicated to her programs and workouts, she offers her own app you can purchase monthly with customized workout plans that are updated every week–yes, every single week. Plus, she has recently been selling her own merchandise–including resistance bands and lifting straps–to assist you in lifting heavier weights.

4. Katrina Wright

Username: @collegecleaneating

While she is not in college anymore, she still offers great tips and prices on her products for college students. Her posts involve information on gut health, eating with a variety of fruits and vegetables, fitness motivation, journal ideas, mental health inspiration, and workouts. She is very honest about her own struggles both physically and mentally, and it is a comfort for college students to follow someone so authentic. She has her own website, The Daily Sculpt, which is nine dollars a month and offers a new program each month with customized workouts, access to her greens mix (for gut health), and a new recipe book for five-minute healthy meals.


5. Cristina Horford

Username: @cristinacapron

Cristina Horford’s account is definitely one of those fitness accounts that is incredibly appealing to look at. She is an entrepreneur and has her own app with her workouts posted for those willing to subscribe to it. If you want to get a sneak peek at these, however, you would be able to find some of her workouts on her Instagram as well. Not to mention, she offers plenty of at-home workouts for those who are short on time or uncomfortable at the gym. She also has a variety of products that are color coordinated and fun for all of us gym rats. Some items include ankle straps, barbell pad, hair scrunchies, and resistance bands.

6. Taylor Chamberlain Dilk

Username: @taychayy


I may be a little late to the party, but if you are familiar with Balance Athletica and their clothing brand, then this is the woman you want to follow. Taylor and her husband, Steve, are the brains and owners of Balance Athletica, along with their growing team. She is constantly posting updates on her brand and new colors and designs. Not to mention, she posts plenty of quick, healthy recipes and workout videos either from home or the gym. Even while on vacation, she makes sure to get in a quick workout to make herself feel energized and ready for the day–now that is the motivation I’m trying to have.

7. Suzie B

Username: @suzie_kb

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Much like the fitness accounts above, Suzie B is known for her workouts, which she uploads very frequently for any of those trying to follow her workout plan. Aside from this, she has her own collection of resistance bands in bright, beautiful colors, which she uses in her workouts. Plus, she has her own workout plans and apparel to show your SuzieB Fitness pride.

8. Sam Anne


I have cycled through tons of fitness accounts before coming across this account for meal prep. Sam is known for her organized meal prep despite working up to 72-hour shifts in a hospital. Her organization and dedication to working out despite her tiring schedule make me believe there is no way I can’t do this if she can. Plus, she is always super honest about when she is struggling or when she can’t make it to the gym because she can’t put any more stress on her body. Her meal prep is simple, quick, and adaptable. I find a lot of my recipes from her account.


9. Rachel Hollis

Username: @msrachelhollis

Rachel Hollis probably would not be the first name you found if you searched “fitness accounts” into google. However, she is quite dedicated to her fitness journey and it is that journey that continues to motivate me to do better as well. She has been battling with her body for over a decade before finally being able to find what works for her and reach a point where she is happy with herself. Every time I am considering skipping her workout, I check my Instagram and see a reminder from her telling me to “just do the thing,” and I immediately get myself together and go.

10. Tammy Hembrow

Username: @tammyhembrowfitness


I’m sure Tammy Hembrow is known throughout the fitness community as being an “ideal body” and while I do admire her progress, I would never push her looks onto myself or others. Everyone is different and we will not all look the same no matter whose program we follow. Nonetheless, she is a representative for Women’s Best, an athletic company based out of Europe, known for its supplements and recently released clothing line. She posts snippets of her workouts which you can subscribe to in her app as well.

Of course, it’s not required to follow fitness accounts in order to motivate yourself. Although, I think that a community that inspires and motivates you can have a huge impact on your progress and willingness to stick with your fitness plan. After finding this community, I have also seen plenty of accounts that will make you feel less than stellar and put you down for not looking a certain way. These are not those accounts. These are women who have worked hard and inspire me to do the same–I hope they will be that for you as well. Go ahead and give them a follow, it’s not permanent.

Featured image source: Pinterest