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Mother’s Day Gifts Any Mom Will Appreciate

To many of us, our mothers are the most important people in our lives. They raise us, nurture us, and love us unconditionally, no matter what. Mother’s Day comes around every spring, and it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the mom who has practically everything. Luckily, moms love pretty much any gift you give them because it comes from you. The only thing you need to get your mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift is to know what she likes! A bit of thought goes a long way here, so keep that in mind! Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that any mom will love!

1. Her Favorite Flower

Unfortunately, flowers don’t last forever, but the glow in her eyes when she sees them for the first time will absolutely stay with you for the rest of your life. Knowing something simple like your mom’s favorite flower can be a lovely addition to another gift or a gift in itself. Depending on the type of flower (and whether your mom has a green thumb or not), you could consider buying your mother a bush of her favorite color roses, or a lilac bush, or some other plant that she can plant in her garden if she has one. This is a way to keep the gift alive year after year. Otherwise, a nicely put-together bouquet and a box of chocolates never hurt anyone!

You can order a plethora of beautiful flowers from Bouqs! They offer different blends of gorgeous and ethically sourced flowers in bouquets fit for any occasion! Order the Role Model bouquet with 20 stems for just $39!

2. Her Favorite Perfume

Your mom, like you, probably has her own signature scent, and she’s probably been wearing it since before you were born. There are dozens of classic women’s perfumes from famous brands like Chanel, Dior, and Versace. While I don’t recommend buying your mom a perfume you’re not positive she likes, I do recommend getting her whatever you know she loves to wear. If you don’t know, find a clever way to ask! Gift giving is all about the thought behind whatever you give, and if you take the time to find out your mom’s favorite things, she will be more than pleased with whatever Mother’s Day gifts you come up with!

I recommend Chanel N°5 because it is a lasting, classic fragrance. Not too strong, not too subtle, and very mature and alluring. Perfect for moms everywhere!

3. Her Favorite Picture (Frame)

Chances are, one of your mother’s favorite things to see is your face. You are her child, after all, and she probably adores you. Why not get a nice picture of the two of you (and maybe your siblings/dad) and put it in a special frame so that she can display her love for you anywhere in the house. Whether she puts it by her bed, in the kitchen, on the mantle, on her desk, or anywhere else, she will look at it every time she’s there, and remember how much she loves you. She might even think about how good you are at picking out Mother’s Day gifts!

You can order a personalized frame to display a photo like the one above from Things Remembered starting at $29.99!

4. Her Favorite Collectible (Snow Globe)

For the mom who loves trinkets, a snow globe will go a long way. Snow Globes are one of the more collectible Mother’s Day gifts on the list. Designed to have beautiful falling snow and a sweet tune, snow globes are perfect for the mom who loves all things cute and calming. Like the frame above, this gift can be personalized and made specially, specifically for your mom. Gifts like these are sure to get the tears of joy rolling down your mom’s cheeks this Mother’s Day! Things Remembered has many gifts that can be customized and personalized, and so it’s a great place to get something meaningful for your mom!

Get your mom an extra special snow globe from Things Remembered, starting at $50.00!

5. Her Favorite Appliance

If your mom loves to cook or bake or spend any time whatsoever in the kitchen, there’s a bunch of easy yet thoughtful gifts you can find for her. For the mom who loves soups and stews? An Instant Pot! For the mom who loves baking? New cupcake pans, bread pans, and cookie sheets! For the mom who drinks way too much caffeine? A Keurig machine to reduce clean-up and give mom some more options.

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If your mom is a great cook, subtly encourage her to cook more by getting her something new and interesting to experiment with! Or, alternatively, if she’s not the best cook, get her something to make cooking a little easier! No matter what you get her, if the kitchen is one of the places she spends much of her time, she’ll be thrilled with whatever you get her!

You can order your mother the K-Classic Keurig right from the Keurig website while it’s on sale for just $79.99.

6. Her Favorite Self-Care Products

If you’ve lived with your mom, there’s a chance you’ve shared a bathroom with her, and if you have, then you must know what at least some of her favorite shower, bath, and personal care products are. If you know her go-to lotions and potions, you could always build her a gift basket with a bunch of small Mother’s Day gifts! Throw in her favorite lotion, her favorite bottle of wine, a gift card to her guilty pleasure place (like Starbucks, or Panera), a pair of cozy socks, and a few of her favorite snacks and sweet treats and you have a Mother’s Day gift basket! Buy her a nice bag to pack everything in so that it looks pretty when you give it to her, and voila! Mother’s Day gifts are purchased!

You can find many of the types of products I mentioned above off You can also find a basket to put it all in on Amazon! This Goodpick small woven basket comes in a bunch of colors and can be used later on as storage!

Which one of these Mother’s Day gifts is something you think your mom would love and appreciate? Tell us in the comments below!

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