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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Buy On A Budget

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, so you need to start thinking about gift ideas. Even if she’s not your biological mom, there has to be a mom figure you know that deserves something special. She can be your stepmom, your adoptive mom, or just your friend’s mom. If you know a good mom that you want to celebrate, but you’re on a budget, then here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that will be meaningful to her and kind to your wallet.

1. Write a letter about how she is a great mom.

This is an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea. Instead of worrying about buying her something fancy, you should express how you feel about her, especially if this gift is for a nontraditional mother figure in your life. Make it clear how grateful you are for them and how you have grown into the person you are thanks to them stepping up and being a mom for you when you didn’t have one. Take extra care with this gift idea and don’t use a store-bought card. Instead, buy some nice paper and a really good pen for this. Write slowly and carefully to avoid any mistakes or messes from scratching out words. Show them how much thought you put into their letter by producing a nearly perfect piece of writing they will read over again and again for years to come. 

2. Make her a bath bomb so she can relax from all her mom duties.

Motherhood is stressful. If your mom or mom figure needs to focus on self-care, then this will top the list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for you! Bath bombs aren’t too hard to make. You can easily Google a great recipe and make one that uses her favorite scent. Arrange the bath bombs in a cute little basket and write her a sweet card. Remind that important and powerful woman to take a break every once in awhile and relax.

3. Create daily notes for her to read throughout the year.

Of all the Mother’s Day gift ideas, this one will take the most work and effort on your part. Find a cute Mason jar and decorate it using paint or by gluing decorations on it. Then, take the time to write out 365 daily notes or reminders about her wonderful skills as a mother. You can also write out little quotes to inspire her every day. Put all those little quotes, encouragements, and reasons you love her in the jar and watch her face light up on Mother’s Day! For a whole year, she will look forward to reading something special you wrote just for her every day. Again, a lot of work is involved here, so make sure to start this a month ahead of time just to make sure you get it done on time.

4. Decorate a clay plot and plant her favorite flower.

If your mom or mom figure loves plants, then gift her a plant baby! A lot of stores sell cheap clay pots, and you can buy paint and glaze to decorate the pot and seal in your design. Then, purchase one of her favorite flowers from the garden section and plant it in your pot. What an affordable way to do something special and personal for your lovely mother. This is my personal favorite out of all the Mother’s Day gift ideas on this list. The mom you’re celebrating gave life in one way or another, so give her a little life as a thank you.

5. Bake a cake just for her.

Surely she has a favorite cake flavor. If you’re not much of a baker, you can still use a box cake to make her something delicious. If you get creative in the kitchen, though, this will be one of your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas. Find out her favorite flavor and put time, love, and effort into that cake. Even if decorating is hard or it looks like a fail by the time you’re done, that special mom is going to appreciate that you cared enough to do something so nice. She’ll still eat it and love every bite!

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6. Get crafty and make some fun soaps.

Why not throw in another self-care idea for Mother’s Day gift ideas? You could even pair this with the bath bomb! You don’t have to make soap from scratch to gift her personal scents. You can use Amazon or even your local craft store to order melt-and-pour soap. Simply cut the unscented soap into cubes and melt in the microwave. Then, you just add her favorite scent and maybe a soap dye before pouring the mixture into a mold. Once the soap solidifies, you can make her the cutest self-care package and throw in some face masks or nail polish from the store. You won’t have to spend a lot of money, but you can pour all your love and appreciation into this idea.

7. Go with a timeless classic and make her breakfast in bed.

If you live with your mom or mom figure, then this is the most classic of all the Mother’s Day gift ideas. What’s her favorite breakfast food? What’s something she wishes she could eat every morning but she doesn’t have time for it? Find out, and make sure you wake up before she does! Make her favorite food and bring it to her with her morning coffee or tea. Breakfast trays are extremely affordable, and you can generally find one at a discount store. If she doesn’t like to eat in bed, then set the table for her. Put a lovely bouquet of flowers on the table with your card. Set the table up with the best dishware in the house and use cloth napkins. Make that breakfast as fancy as possible and treat her like a queen. If you’re not the best cook, you can always buy her favorite breakfast food from a restaurant and put everything together.

Which one is your favorite idea? Do you have other great budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas? Share with us!

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