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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect For The Working Mom

You love your mom, but yearly thinking of new Mother’s Day gift ideas has your mind scrambling to think of the perfect gift for her this year. Well, working moms can always use gifts that would help them in the professional aspects of their lives, so try considering your mom from this point of view. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that may be just what your working mom needs.

USB Bracelet

Technology never ceases to amaze. This stylish bracelet doubles as a charger for your phone, perfect not just for working moms, but for all moms. Get this for your mom and erase her worry of having a charging cable with her in case her phone battery dies. She can just wear her USB bracelet daily and always have a charger on hand, literally!

If your mom is not big on accessorizing or her job does not allow it, she can still loop this bracelet on her purse strap, giving her an always ready charging cable that she will not have to search for. These bracelets come in all sorts of designs and colors, so check out what all they have to offer!

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Smartphone Vase

How cute is this?! Give this to your mom so she can have a pretty phone stand that also holds flowers! You can give her fresh flowers in it for Mother’s Day. Bam. Plus, there is a hole in the bottom of the stand that will allow her phone to charge while it sets pretty.

If your mom is not such a flower fan or you just do not think she would use the vase, she can always use it to hold other things like pens. This is a multi-functional desk tool, and the functions can certainly extend beyond the floral aspect. You could even get her a pretty flower pen and place it in the holder instead of real flowers if you think she would like this more.

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Rose Gold Wrist Watch

Rose gold is pretty on any skin tone, and pretty much every female loves it. So remove the worry of if your mom prefers gold or silver and go with the sure metallic of these Mother’s Day gift ideas. Many working moms like wearing watches, so go for the double whammy and get her a rose gold wrist watch. Try saying that five times fast.

There are many rose gold wrist watch choices out there, so take the time to check them out. Take into consideration whether you think your mom would prefer small numbers, big numbers, Roman numerals, dots, or dashes on the face. Maybe sneak a peak at one of her other watches to see what its face looks like. But do not fret over this detail; you know your mom, and you know her tastes. If the watch says “mom” to you, go for it.

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Tile Pro

This is another super awesome gadget that any mom would love. She can clip one of these babies on her keys, purse, or whatever else is important that she needs in a flash before running off to work in the morning. This is a Bluetooth tracking device, and you can either push a button to make your Tile ring, or you can look up its last known location using the app.

The Tile Pro is one of several Tile designs, including sticky Tile trackers and larger Tile devices. The Tile Pro is the keychain version, so it is probably what your mom would use the most. Check out the devices and make your call! They come in a few different color options, so pick the one best for your mom!

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Insulated Drink Bottle

What mom wouldn’t like an insulated drinking bottle? Whether your mom likes cold drinks or hot ones or a bit of both, she will love and use the crap out of one of these. It is definitely worth investing in a quality bottle because your mom has done a lot for you and because you want your gift to last.

Yeti insulated bottles are well known to be durable and to keep your drink the temperature you want, so that is the one recommended here. They come in all sorts of cute colors, sizes, and shapes, so you can really get what you know your mom would want.

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Relaxing Bath Bombs

If you are still really struggling with Mother’s Day gift ideas, look no further. We all know work can be quite stressful. Give your working mom a bath bomb or two for Mother’s Day so she can relax with some soothing down time. She will appreciate it because you are showing her that you want her to take some time for herself, which we all need now and then.

There are literally hundreds of bath bomb choices, but for your special mom, why not go to the source? Lush created bath bombs decades ago, and they are still growing in popularity. This company makes all sorts of really fun and fantastic bath bombs. If your mom likes some shimmer, they have bath bombs for that. If your mom likes to stop and smell the roses, they have bath bombs for that, too. The particular bath bomb recommended here is filled with sea salt crystals, taking your mom to her beach paradise.

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Laptop Bag

Some working moms need their laptops a lot. If your mom is one of these moms, get her a cute laptop bag for Mother’s Day! If she already has one, she can always use another to change it up a little. Even if your mom does not need her laptop for work, she may like a laptop bag for those occasional times she does take her laptop out and about.

Laptop bags come in various colors and patterns, and are made of different materials. While leather is usually the classiest way to go, it is not always top dog. If you are struggling for ideas on what laptop bag design your mom might like, scope out her purse the next time you see her. Since this bag is similar to a purse, following her purse taste is a good idea.

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Gold Hoops

Not just every mom, but every lady should have a pair of gold hoops. Since your mom is a lady, you can’t go wrong with these Mother’s Day gift ideas. Small gold hoops look good on anyone, and they can be dressed up or down. Your mom will absolutely love getting jewelry from you, since not just anyone gives your mom jewelry, and it will be even more special since this gift is so darn classy. This gift will basically say to your mom, “Hey. I think you are a classy mom, and you deserve nice things like gold jewelry.”

Gold hoops are easy to find, and can vary in price depending on how much you want to pay. You can usually catch some pretty good fine jewelry sales at department stores, so check these out first. You may be able to score a $200 pair of gold hoops for $50. Mom raised you to be a bargain shopper, and she would want you to get the deals.

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Which of these Mother’s Day gift ideas do you like best? What Mother’s Day gift ideas do you have planned this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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