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12 Mother’s Day Gift Baskets To Arrange For Your One Of A Kind Mom

Mother’s Day is near and picking out the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life can be challenging. Here’s a list that’s got half the work done for you. No matter what she likes, you can make it into Mother’s Day Gift Baskets. Check out these ideas for inspiration to find the best gift out there.

Doughnut Bouquet

Forget the tired old chocolate Mother’s Day Gift Baskets. Get her a doughnut bouquet instead! Poke sticks into each one and arrange them in a happy vase for an exciting presentation. Fill it with doughnut holes, confetti, and chocolate-covered strawberries to make it look bright, colorful, and fun. Intersperse your bouquet with sprinkled doughnuts, fritters, bars, and other shapes for variety. If she’s a chocolate lover, swap normal flavors for devil’s food cake, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate cream-filled doughnuts. Just a reminder that you love her a “hole” heck of a lot.

Garden Gifts

Here’s a treat for the mom with a green thumb. Swapping the basket for a DIY wrapped-up garden hose or small-to-medium terracotta pot will delight her. Give her new seed packs, a shiny set of pink tools, new gloves, and even a little birdhouse for her to paint. If you’re using a terracotta pot, you can decorate the outside with rustic twine and lace. Don’t forget to add a big bouquet of flowers to it! Carnations, lilies, and marigolds will finish the whole thing off with a colorful touch.

But First…Coffee

Being a mom is hard. Give her the extra fuel she needs to keep moving, like brisk Mother’s Day Gift Baskets of coffee beans. Fresh grounds, chocolate-covered espresso beans, Keurig cups, and even a coffee scrub for her face will put a pep in her step. Buy her a brand-new unique coffee mug with her initials engraved on it for an extra special touch. Don’t forget to add other coffee treats to the basket, like fresh fruits, biscuits, and coffee cake.

Spa Day

You can’t go wrong with luxury spa Mother’s Day Gift Baskets. This idea, however, is more affordable than a Swedish massage at a mountain resort somewhere (leave that for your dad to buy). Everything in this basket can be bought for a buck at your bargain store. Throw in a bunch of single-use face masks, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and a variety of miniature lotions and essential oils for her to try. A great idea for presentation would be to dress it up in a small, antique tub, but a cute shower caddy will work just as well!

Fruit Flowers

She shops at Whole Foods, adds chia powder to all her shakes and oatmeal, she grows wheatgrass…you know this mom. She’s the kind of mom who will grin ear to ear when she finds a gorgeous, handmade, edible fruit gift basket on the table waiting for her. You don’t have to be an artist to cut the fruit into the shapes of flowers, stars, and hearts for aesthetic. Use a melon baller to achieve perfectly round shapes. She’ll love it even more if you picked local, organic foods.

Brunch Basket

Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without muffins and mimosas. Grab a picnic basket and deck it out with preserves, brie cheese, crackers, fresh fruit juice, and champagne or prosecco. Add some homemade baked goods for a homey touch, like scones, danish, muffins or eclairs. If she’s not partial to champagne, there’s always rosé. These are great Mother’s Day Gift Baskets to make if your mom likes to go on hikes or enjoy scenic views with lunch. Be sure to pack plastic champagne flutes for easy cleanup.

Wine-Mom Basket

This is a classic. No list about Mother’s Day Gift Baskets would be complete without a wino set. If your mom loves to relax with her soaps and a full-bodied red, head to your grocer and pick up two-to-four bottles of vintage wines. For a mom who likes variety, start with a dark red then work your way up the color gradient to a sweet rose and even sweeter champagnes. If she’s into whites, opt for a dry brut and descend into sparkling chardonnays. Then again, there are moms who aren’t so fussy and would be perfectly happy with a six-pack of canned wine or a box of Arbor Mist. Just be sure to add some chocolates for good measure.

Everything Basket

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be hard for the mom that has everything. Raid the gift card rack at your grocery store and solve the problem in an hour. You can glue them to kebob sticks to arrange them in a festive basket filled with ribbons and candies. The perfect follow up to these Mother’s Day Gift Baskets would be a mother-daughter (or son) day at the mall helping her zero out those cards. For a cute card, take your favorite photo of you and your mom and put it on a stick too! Write a message on the back reminding her what a great mom she is.

See Also

$1 Basket

Look, you might be in college, but there are ways to make your mom spectacular Mother’s Day Gift Baskets on the cheap. Just go to your local dollar store and stock up on treats. Nail polish, lotion, her favorite candy, a new sleeping mask – you name it. Anything goes with this basket. Take those spare bucks in your wallet and spend it on little trinkets that will charm the wits out of her. She’ll be delighted to know you were thinking about her, especially if you dress up the basket with cute frills and ribbons. Grab a cheesy card she can pin on her fridge and write a sweet, goofy message on it.

Italian Dinner Basket

It’s Mother’s Day, so she deserves the night off. Treat her to a rustic Italian dinner with all the fixings. Pack all the essentials plus a few exciting gourmet items to keep things spicy, like a mason jar of vodka sauce, handmade ravioli packets, biscotti, and a nice vintage bottle of wine. To really make it look fancy, take an elegant dinner napkin and drape it on the breadbasket before arranging all the items. If you want a homier look, skip the basket and use a colander!


There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea lovers. If she’s one of the latter, then indulge your mom with a beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Basket of every kind of tea out there. Tea is a relaxing ritual, so don’t be afraid to toss in a few candles as well. Include accessories like tea bag holders, delicate spoons, and fancy cups so she has a new set to play with. Placing a brilliant miniature tea kettle front and center will grab her attention in seconds.

#Self-Care Basket

Here’s the Mother’s Day Gift Basket that calls for a little more personalization. Take a few (or a lot) of her favorite things and transform them into a one-of-a-kind gift basket. Start with a plush pair of socks, hot chocolate packets in a cool new mug, and lavender skin lotion. Then graduate to more specific treats like a DVD set of her favorite show, a motivational book, or even a locket with a photo of her kids inside. Sprinkle the entire thing with little handwritten notes containing special messages about why you love her so much.

What does your mom love to get on Mother’s Day? Share your thoughts below.

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