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15 Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

15 Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

This upcoming Mother’s Day is the perfect time to try some new Mother’s Day dinner ideas. One of the best ways to show your mother that you appreciate her is with food, and better yet food you two create together. With these fifteen dinner ideas, the two of you will be sure to have a lovely Mother’s Day meal together. We’ll have you covered with appetizers, main courses, and drinks!

1. Bite-size potatoes O’Brien

Before starting with dinner, making these delicious hors d’ouerves will start your Mother’s Day meal the right way. This take on the traditional potatoes O’Brien will make your mouth water and add a touch of color to your plate. Feel free to have only a few or fill your plate with these appetizers!

2. Bruchetta

This fresh and delicious dinner idea will be a hit at your Mother’s Day dinner. The fresh taste of tomatoes prepared with cilantro on your choice of warm toasted bread and drizzled with olive oil is a light way to start your meal. The taste will be sure to remind you of how close you both are to summer!

15 Mother's Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

3. Guacamole

Since it’s always a crowd-pleaser, having a bowl of guacamole is one of the best Mother’s Day dinner ideas. Great tasting guacamole does not have to be complex and can only involve a few simple ingredients including red onion, cilantro, and diced tomatoes. It can be enjoyed with chips spread out on a plate or your choice of toasted bread.

4. Spinach Bites

Warm and flaky spinach bites make for a great appetizer. Combining spinach and cheese along with any other ingredients you can think of in a bite-size appetizer makes for an ideal treat before dinner. For extra flavor, try including a dipping sauce for your spinach bites like ranch dressing or garlic butter. 

15 Mother's Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

5. Charcuterie Board

Having a charcuterie board at your Mother’s Day dinner makes sure you get to have all your favorites in one place. By its very nature, a charcuterie board includes every ingredient needed to make appetizers to appeal to everyone’s taste with slices of meat, cheese, fruit and crackers. Whether you are hosting a party or just celebrating with your mother, a charcuterie board combines delicious ingredients with visual appeal and practicality. 

6. Grilled tilapia 

Sharing a nice grilled tilapia for dinner will definitely make you feel like you are treating yourself for Mother’s Day. Eating fish at a restaurant can be expensive, so save some cash by grilling your own at home. This dinner is best enjoyed with a side of steamed rice and vegetables and a lemon wedge to add a citrus flavor.  

7. Macaroni and Cheese

This classic meal is always appreciated whether it’s Mother’s Day or not. However, you can take your mac and cheese to the next level by spicing it up a bit with a few extra ingredients. Add in some grilled vegetables or sprinkle in different varieties of cheeses. Only you and your mom will decide how much cheese is too much if there is such a thing. 

15 Mother's Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

8. Lasagna

Lasagna makes for one of the best meals you can make at home. It’s one of those dishes that evokes a home-cooked feeling that is made even better when made with your mother. It’s a relatively straightforward dish and can be customized to include extra ingredients like vegetables, extra cheese or marinara sauce. 

9. Pasta

Pasta is one of the most versatile choices for an entree with plenty of textures and sauces to mix and match. For a nice Italian-inspired dinner, we also recommend a nice garden salad and a side of breadsticks to make your meal complete. Making an entire pot of pasta to serve for Mother’s Day dinner will make sure you will have leftovers for days to come. 

10. Pizza

You can never go wrong with a pizza for dinner, even on Mother’s Day. Making your own Margherita style pizza for scratch makes for an incredibly flavorful dinner which is made better with your choice of wine. Or you can always have a pizza delivered to have a movie night with your mom. It’s her day to relax after all. 

15 Mother's Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

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11. Grapefruit Lemonade

When it comes to drinks, presentation is always important. Serving a grapefruit lemonade includes a lovely shade of pink that is perfect for spring, incredibly refreshing, and will perfectly complement your dinner.  Garnish with a slice of grapefruit for extra style points. 

12. Sangria

While usually drunk in the summertime in Spain, a chilled sangria would make for a great drink that your mom would appreciate. It is an easy drink to make from scratch that involves your choice of red wine, cognac, and citrus fruits. Add a skewer of your choice of fruits to serve adds flavor and color. 

15 Mother's Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

13. Mocktails

For non-alcoholic options, mocktails are great dinner ideas for flavorful drinks without the buzz. The key to a great mocktail is maintaining the flavor and texture of a traditional cocktail. Add sparkling water and some mint leaves to your lemonade for a refreshing mocktail to serve with your dinner. If the weather is appropriate, enjoy outdoors on a nice spring evening. 

15 Mother's Day Dinner Ideas Your Mama Will Appreciate

14. White wine and fruit

Add some flavor and color to your white wine by adding your choice of berries or fruit. To keep your wine chilled,  add frozen fruit instead of ice cubes. The fruit adds to the flavor and won’t water down your wine. This fruit and wine combination would be great served for brunch or dinner!

15. Whiskey punch

For a drink that packs more of a punch (no pun intended), a delicious whiskey punch is a flavorful summery drink perfect for a Mother’s Day dinner. There’s no one way to make a whiskey punch, you can include different types of fruits based on your taste and also decide how much whiskey to include. Serve in a bowl with a ladle or just for you and your mom to enjoy together!

Which of these Mother’s Day drink ideas are you going to try this year? Let us know which were your favorites in the comments!

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