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18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

Mother’s day cards should be intimate and meaningful unless of course, your mom is an actual crazy person that fills you with disdain. 

Anyways, your mother brought you into this world and the least you can do is get a card that will bring her to tears. 

1. Handwritten Card

Luckily for me, my mom will literally cry at anything sentimental. All you have to do is put a little care and thought into this card and she will cry like a widow at a funeral. 


Whether it’s an inside joke, or a memory only the two of you will remember, a handwritten card will show that you carefully thought about what you wrote. 

It’s the best of any mother’s day cards you can possibly get her. If you have great handwriting, then write a heartfelt message.

If you’re an artist, then you can really get creative and come up with something unique and interesting that will get her tears flowing. 


 2. Creawoo Wooden Card

This unique design is a perfect mother’s day card if you have a special message to write to your mother. Made from high-quality walnut grain basic on red color polywood, makes this particular gift something special. 

18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

3. Lovepop Japanese Maple Pop Up Card

This 3D pop-up card is ideal for anyone that appreciates the beauty of nature and superb craftsmanship. 


18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

4. Floral Bouquet 

If you’re looking for a mother’s day card that is long-winded and lifetime movie channel level cheesy, then this is the one for you. You can find it on Amazon.

5. Butterfly Boquet 3D Pop Up

This card has incredible craftsmanship that would make any mother ball her eyes out. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s your mom, don’t you think she deserves it?


18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

6. Defined By Your Actions

This Mother’s day card has a stunning color palette and an even better message that’s sure to bring her to tears. The inside message reads, “You’re the very definition of everything a mother can be. Happy Mother’s Day”

7. I Wish You All The Happiness

Another mother’s day card with a gorgeous design. Wish your mom all the happiness she deserves, not just today, but every day. 


The inside reads, thinking of you, Mom, not just because it’s Mother’s Day (though that’s a very good reason), but because you deserve all the happiness that I could ever wish you. And I do. Happy Mother’s Day”

8. Garden Delights 

This card has superb details and wonderful engraving. If your mother is obsessed with flowers and loves to see them grow, this will be perfect for her. 

The inside message read, “The world would be a more beautiful place. Happy Mother’s Day with love”


18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

9. Love You More Than Words Can Say 

Like most mother’s day cards on this list, you can find this particular tear-jerker on Hallmark’s website.  A sentimental message oughta do the trick to really get the waterworks flowing. 

The inside reads ” I know I haven’t said “thank you” enough… But that’s because there’s no way I ever could. You mean so very much to me and I’m so glad you’re my mom.”


10. For the Religious Mom

If your mother is overly religious and constantly harassing you to pray to God, give thanks to most high, and possibly raise the roof, then this card is a must. 

Nothing will make a religious woman cry more than a bible verse. 

The inside read, “We have shared together the blessings of God. Philippians 1:7 NLT
To know you is to love you… and to love you is to be especially blessed! Happy Mother’s Day”


11. You Deserve Happiness

Your mother deserves happiness above anyone else. It’s for her to be told that every once in awhile, so here’s your chance to say it. 

12. Pink Tulips 

If your mother enjoys tulips you might what to get this card for her. It also works well if you have a complicated family because this card lets her know that you still love her. 

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13. Pretty Little Birds 

If you really want to pull on some heartstrings, this mother’s day card is the perfect option. It’s cute, elegant, comical, and sentimental at the same time. 

18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

14. For The Momma’s Boy

It’s crazy how sons bond with their mothers and daughters with their fathers. As a momma’s boy myself, I look for any way to show how much my mom means to me. 


18 Mother’s Day Cards That’ll Bring Her To Tears

15. How Wonderful You Are

If I got this card for my mother, she would absolutely lose it. The tears would flow as soon as she read the first two words. Get this card for her. 

16. Happiness and Love 

Add a personalized message to this heartfelt mother’s day card on Hallmark’s website to add another gut punch. 


17. Thanks For Being There

Hallmark has great a great collection of beautiful mother’s day cards. This one has a great and extravagant message written on the inside that’s sure to bring your mother to tears. 

The front message reads, “For all the ways you’ve helped me find a smile on those less-than-perfect days…

For all the talks we’ve had that went on for hours but never felt like it… For all the times you’ve made me feel like I wasn’t the only mom who’s ever wondered if she’s doing a good job…”


18. Simple, Yet Satisfying

Let mom know just how much she means to you and the whole family with this simple card. It sports a trio of die-cut paper flowers, glittery green stems. 

The front message reads, “A Mother’s love can be many things a hand to hold and guide our steps, a word of encouragement right when it’s needed, a bright laugh that fills the room.” 

Find it on Hallmark’s website like many other mother’s day cards on the list. 

What mother’s day cards do you prefer? Do you love your mom enough to make her cry on a day dedicated to all mother’s? If so, why not leave a comment below and share us on social media and don’t forget to wish your mother a happy mother’s day!