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10 Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes She’ll Eat Up

10 Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes She’ll Eat Up

Before you know it, Mother’s Day will be here, and you don’t want to be under-prepared, do you? Here are 10 Mother’s Day breakfast recipes to give you a head start on making your mom’s special day even more special.

Sure you could go out to breakfast on Mother’s Day, but we don’t really know how things are going to be with respect to the pandemic by then. You don’t want to give her Covid for Mother’s Day, do you?

Besides, take it from someone who has spent numerous Mother’s Days working at a restaurant, you don’t want to go out to eat for breakfast on her special day. You’re likely to have to wait for over an hour just for a table, and there’s a very good chance that every employee in the restaurant is absolutely miserable. So why contribute to that when you can serve your mom breakfast in bed instead? Let’s dig in!


1. Sausage And Egg Casserole

We’re starting off nice and simple. This one’s easy to make and easy on the taste buds. Isn’t loading up on carbs and then taking a nap the perfect way to start any Sunday? Don’t deprive mom of the laziest of Sundays she could hope for just because you decided to extend your culinary abilities beyond their limits. If you need something easy, then this recipe is a great place to start. Just keep in mind that you have to refrigerate overnight before you can start baking. This is not a last-minute solution.  

2. Peanut Butter And Bacon Scones

Sweet and savory is just the ultimate flavor combination, is it not? This recipe looks to put the versatility of bacon to the test. I mean, you can throw bacon into just about anything and it instantly improves, right? Right. If these scones turn out just right, they’ll be just moist enough. Treat mom to something as sweet as she is, probably. I don’t know your mom. 


3. Vegetarian Spinach Quiche With Almond Crust

It would be easy for me, a gluttonous gluten-consuming carnivore to populate this list with 10 of the most decadent Mother’s Day breakfast recipes independent of dietary restrictions, but that would be irresponsible. In comes this gluten-free, vegetarian option. In fact, the crispy gluten-free almond crust is the star of the show here. You can make the argument that this isn’t really a breakfast food, but I would counter that it’s close enough, and isn’t anything a breakfast food if you eat it in the morning?


4. Coffee Cake With Chocolate Streusel 

Okay, maybe dessert for breakfast isn’t the best idea, but if there’s ever been a time to bend the rules a little, it’s Mother’s Day. The best Mother’s Day breakfast recipes are really all about flavor anyway. You want something that looks and smells irresistible, and this recipe has you covered. Plus, it’s got the word coffee in the name, so it counts as a normal breakfast food, right? 

5. Chicken And Corn Bread Pancakes With Spicy Syrup

Here’s something a bit different, courtesy of the South. Pairing fried chicken with pancakes, or waffles, or any similar breakfast food always sounds weird until you try it for the first time. Then everything just makes so much sense. “Spicy syrup” may almost seem like an oxymoron, but it goes perfectly with this recipe. Not all Mother’s Day breakfast recipes are created equal, and I think this one might just be my favorite. 


6. Gluten-Free Chocolate Buckwheat Waffles

Once again, we need to include a few Mother’s Day breakfast recipes that are inclusive of different diets. Not everything can be the delectable powerhouse that the previous entry is. Still, this recipe promises a healthier option that should still taste great. I’m definitely not nearly as enthused about this one, but that says a lot more about me than it does the recipe. For a less unhealthy option, you can’t go wrong with these waffles.


7. Dutch Baby Pancake With Raspberry-Orange Coulis

I’m not going to lie, I simply had to include one of these in my collection of Mother’s Day breakfast recipes because of the name. “Dutch baby” is such a silly, yet widely accepted name for a type of dish. Allegedly the name originated at a Seattle restaurant called Manca’s Café and was popularized after a feature in Sunset Magazine. Etymology aside, this recipe stands out on its own and looks absolutely phenomenal. 

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8. The Ultimate Sticky Buns

While we’re on the subject of names, how’s this for a name? This dish sets an impossibly high bar for itself. It’s a bombastic claim for sure, but somewhere, the ultimate sticky buns actually exist. Why not give this recipe a shot and determine if these buns live up to their name? They certainly look sticky. They certainly look like buns. Maybe they are the ultimate buns after all. Who are you to deprive your wonderful mother of the ultimate food?

9. Cinnamon French Toast With Cream Cheese Glaze

I would be lying to myself if I didn’t include a French toast recipe on this list, as French toast is the superior breakfast food in its category. That’s right, I said it. I know it’s a hot take, but French toast is so much better than pancakes and waffles. Literally, any recipe could work here, but I opted for this one because it made my mouth water the way few have. It’s simple, yet so effective. Treat your mom to these incredible flavors. 


10. Breakfast Lasagna

We conclude this list of Mother’s Day breakfast recipes with a culinary mashup that is sure to delight your mother on her special day. You see, anyone can make crepes. That’s easy. But to put those crepes in a delicious lasagna? Now that’s living. Show the person who gave you life that you’re willing to go above and beyond to show your appreciation. 


Well, I’m incredibly hungry now. If this collection of Mother’s Day breakfast recipes was helpful to you, why not share the deliciousness with a friend? I’m going to go eat something now.

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