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Most Unique Cafes Around The World

A lot of us pretty much live in cafes nowadays – they’re the perfect place for a catch up, a cozy cup of coffee, a midday snack, and so much more. But why settle for the familiar high street options that can quickly become boring when you could explore the world to discover some incredibly unique cafes! Next time you’re travelling, make sure to search the environs for some interesting options. Here are a few of the most unique cafes from around the world to get you started:

1. Disaster Café, Spain

This unique cafe is one hell of an adrenaline rush – everything inside of it is designed to withstand a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. What’s even more exciting is that you can actually experience periodic simulated earthquakes as you enjoy your afternoon cup of coffee. The staff even wear protective gear, which adds to the overall hectic atmosphere.

2. East Beach Café, UK

The unique concept behind this quirky British cafe has helped it win multiple architecture and engineering awards over the years. Designed to look like its surroundings – the sandy dunes, driftwood, and restless waves – the East Beach Café is definitely a work of art. You might even mistake it for a sculpture the first time you encounter it.

3. The Laundromat Café, Denmark

Doing the laundry has got to be one of the most soul-crushing chores in existence, which is why this unique Copenhagen cafe is an absolute lifesaver. The lucky locals now have the opportunity to grab a nice drink and a mouthwatering brunch as they wait for their clothes to wash. Surely this is one of the most genius inventions ever?

4. Lentil As Anything, Australia

Dedicated to promoting generosity and equality, this unique vegetarian cafe has completely scrapped the concept of prices; instead, it invites you to pay what you can for your food. The best part is that they offer a varied menu with delicious dishes such as the Sri Lankan curry. With such an incredible idea at its very heart, this Australian cafe deserves a lot more recognition.

5. Caffera, Philippines

A unique cafe that is based around photography, Caffera is the best place to go if you like taking pictures of your food and showing them off on social media. This establishment actually encourages its guests to take numerous photos of their coffees in an attempt to create that perfect shot. It also features a lot of camera memorabilia that has been turned into coffee shop accessories.

6. Vampire Café, Japan

The majority of Japanese cafes could easily make it onto this list, however we had to pick one and decided to settle for something a little more out of the ordinary. If you enjoy Halloween, then this vampire-themed cafe will quickly become your favourite spot. Their fun menu consists of treats fit for Dracula himself, whereas the fabulous interior will make any vampire lover feel right at home.

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7. Old School Delights, Singapore

Have you ever felt nostalgic about those bygone school years and wanter to revive that feeling, if only fleetingly? This unique Singaporean cafe allows you to do just that – it transports you back to your younger years through its unique design and presentation. What could possibly be more exciting that a such trip to the past!

8. Café Jamban, Indonesia

A cafe dedicated to toilets? That’s right – this unique Indonesian cafe is known for serving their food in giant toilet-shaped bowls. However, there is a reason behind this madness, namely that Café Jamban aims to educate its guests about the sanitation issues in the country. Aside from the peculiar aesthetic, this cafe also serves some incredibly delicious food.

Which of these unique cafes is your favourite? Do you know of any other unique cafes from around the world? Let us know below!
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