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Most Underrated Restaurants In Seattle

Most Underrated Restaurants In Seattle

Seattle is known for its variety of eateries throughout every corner of the city. Some are more well-known than others, and while they can help showcase the history of the city, other restaurants tend to be more overshadowed. Because of this, those nifty joints that deserve, visitors and locals are missing some of the best cuisines the metropolitan has to offer. Here is a list of the most underrated restaurants in Seattle, inspired by different parts of the world.

El Camino

First on this list is Mexican cuisine that can only be complemented by the diversity in the Fremont area, and only steps away from the troll under the bridge. Their in-house margaritas make the “perfect accompaniment to our rich, spicy bistec de capitalino or the Northwest fusion of wild salmon in tamarindo sauce. Try one of our unforgettable appetizers, like our three-cheese shrimp quesadilla or plantain chips with succulent house-made guacamole.”

Chan Seattle

Next on this list is the only Korean gastropub in Seattle, located in the heart of Pike Place Market. What makes it stand out from the others is their “traditional Korean dishes using Western ingredients and modern cooking techniques. Korean-born Chef Heong Soon Park and his team bring diners an outstanding array of powerful flavors which blend spicy, salty, sour, sweet and umami on the plate.”  Along with an intimate setting fit for a relaxing evening, their core focus is “creating an immersive Korean culinary experience for our diners. Our full cocktail bar features an array of craft cocktails developed specifically to complement our menu. In addition, we make our own soju and shrubs in-house and serve makgeolli as well as a selection of local and Korean beers.”



Switching gears in terms of location is Caribbean cuisine so authentic it’s like you’ve teleported to the sunny beaches of Jamaica. According to the Stranger (who are just as big of fans as others), this original eatery has been “made into a Caribbean playground, with the help of a splash of colorful paint and a thorough reimagining of the space. The best part, obviously, is the sandpit where the gas pumps used to be; even on the dreariest Northwest winter day, the patio furniture and bright plastic shovels and buckets give the restaurant a playful, beachy vibe. Inside, the ceiling is covered in burlap coffee sacks and strings of lights, and aqua highlights liven up what should be, by all rights, a deadly dull building.”

Humble Pie

This local pizza place has been claimed by many as being “so Seattle.” And they could not be prouder of it. With many choices of wood-fired pie to choose from, it’s all pack with “local and organic ingredients, our unique sustainable space, delicious local beers.” Whether you’re looking for a quick bite “or to hang out with us (or, hey, our chickens), get ready for an experience like no other.”

The Pink Door

Next on this list is Italian cuisine that combines “community, culture, and generosity of spirit.” Along with all pink décor, it’s dinner and a show! Owner Jackie Roberts put nothing but passion into this place with “artistic touches and ephemera, staffed it with heart, sought out the most alluring and compelling entertainers she could line up, and created a menu that spoke to her roots and was free of pretense. On the Post Alley exterior, she crowned her establishment with a perfect shade of milky pink inspired by the tiles in The Duomo in Firenze.”


Most Underrated Restaurants In Seattle

Matt’s in the Market

Located at the start of Pike Place Market, you get a taste of the Pacific Northwest with a perfect view of the water behind the red sign to match. The key to owner Dan Bugges’ success is his “unflagging passion to create a memorable culinary experience for every diner, our daily celebration of the Market as the prime source of both inspiration and ingredients, our lasting respect for the traditions of the Market is guaranteed to continue.”

Brimmer & Heeltap

There are many well-known places to grab a bite in Seattle that are as vibrant as it is delicious. Why this next place is overlooked by others is beyond me. Right away, you’re in a space that’s “inviting, lively, and comforting. A sense of playfulness is present in everything we do, from the inventive dishes our culinary team prepares, to the friendly, genuine hospitality we provide. We’re a bistro that takes pride in being a neighborhood place – the kind you can escape to at day’s end for a delicious meal shared among friends.” 


Marmite Seattle

What started as a way for Bruce Naftaly to sneak into his now-wife Sara’s heart turned into a dream for that “eureka moment” in French cuisine. Together, the dynamic duo shares a “love for the unexpected and a passion for connecting with those who grow and raise the ingredients they lovingly prepare. It is in this actual dialogue that magic happens, which is why we make a point of creating long and lasting connections with those who grow and raise what we serve in Marmite, Spirit in the Bottle, and Amandine Bakeshop next door. Often a rare or unusual ingredient is available to us because of a farmer willing to grow it specifically for Bruce and Sara, with our sincere promise that we will bring equal love and care to the produce once it reaches our kitchen.”

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Most Underrated Restaurants In Seattle



Of course, this list could never go wrong with cuisine that tests the boundaries. Located in Pioneer Square at Traveler’s Hotel, this Italian joint are “heirs to a tradition of excellence. We are renewed by creativity. We are authentic but with a modern eye. We have taste for the honest and classic We have patience and skill for the true development of cooking.”

Mai Thaiku

They say the best places to have food are those with recipes originating from family ties. The aim of this next place from the beginning has been to share “love and passion for true, authentic Thai cuisine and culture for our customers.” And, no matter where they ended up, that promise is never broken. Their recipes “originated in the villages and street stalls of Thailand and have been passed through generations to arrive on your table.”

Uneeda Burger

Closing off the list is a little more casual than others, but that doesn’t take away from how great it is. It provides roadside service with “ seriously delicious burgers, sandwiches, sides and shakes created by Chef Scott Staples. A great selection of fine wine and craft-brewed beers complement the menu’s premium quality and locally sourced beef burgers, chicken and veggie options.”


Most Underrated Restaurants In Seattle

Which of these lesser-known Seattle food joints would you visit on your next visit? Which ones did not make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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