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5 Most Underrated Places on USC’s Campus

5 Most Underrated Places on USC’s Campus


It’s evident that USC has a beautiful campus. To most, USC campus is well-known for McCarthy Quad, Cromwell field, the USC bookstore, and Campus Center. However, there are many destinations on the USC campus that are unfamiliar to many, and are really underrated, especially to those who know the campus the best. Here are five places on USC campus that deserve a little more appreciation, and definitely more visitors to keep these places “poppin!’” Here are 5 of the most underrated places on USC’s campus!

1. Tutor Hall Cafe

Tutor Hall Cafe is located on the southeast side of campus, in the Engineering building. It is a hidden cafe by Parking Structure A. They serve a variety of Indian and Japanese food. It is almost never crowded, so the service is very fast. It’s a great place to study, grab a reasonably priced lunch between classes, or hold study groups with it’s indoor seating, and outdoor patio.

2. The Physical Education Building Pool

The Physical Education Building is home to USC’s indoor pool. It is a 25 yd. x 25 yd. pool that is heated, and offers lap swim to those who don’t want to deal with the crowded lanes of Uytengsu Aquatic Center. Because it is not the pool that the USC aquatics teams use, it’s not as popular. If you enjoy swimming, you should definitely go take a swim in this pool!



3. Trojan Generations Lounge, 3rd floor of Campus Center

The Trojan Generations Lounge is located on the third floor of the Campus Center. It is a great place to study or hang out because it is in the middle of campus. It also provides the convenience of purchasing food downstairs, without the hassle of having to hang out/find a place to sit in the busy patio.

4. School of Cinema

This part of campus is many times overlooked to those who are not in the School of Cinema. However, it is one of the most beautiful places on campus. It is home to a beautiful fountain, jaw-dropping architecture, and a serene upward view of palm trees. What makes this place so special is the quiet ambience, perfect for studying, reading a book, and even some alone time to reflect on overwhelming school days.



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5. Cafe 84

To those who know what Cafe 84 is: yes, it a residential dining hall, so it’s primarily visited by freshmen. It was redesigned in 2013, and has tons of great meal options, with a variety of cuisines to satisfy your cravings. It also promotes healthy-eating options, and has some cool themed events on special days/holidays. Fun fact: it was named after the 1984 Summer Olympics because it was built to accommodate the athletes.



I hope this inspired you to check out some new places at USC, and make the unfamiliar more well-known!

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