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10 Most Underrated Places On Campus At SJU

10 Most Underrated Places On Campus At SJU

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Everyone knows the popular spots on campus, but how about the underrated places on campus at SJU? From “The Beach” to the Jack Kaiser Stadium, keep reading for the 10 most underrated places on campus at SJU.

1.  St. Thomas More Church Garden

Everyone knows that St. Thomas More Church is one of the prettiest buildings on campus (have you seen the mosaic?), but it is also one of the most calming. The garden outside are prefect for when you need a moment of solitude or a place for self-reflection, especially when the fountain is on. The soothing noise of the flowing water and the rustling of the leaves make the spot a perfect place to say a quick prayer or just have a moment of peace and quiet.



2. “The Beach”

This cute St. John’s spot known as “The Beach” doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. It is the perfect place to sit, and relax. If you’re lucky, you can snap a like-worthy picture of a beautiful sunset over the famous NYC skyline. It is also a common site for crazy dares, such as bathing in the water when it is freezing out (but shh, don’t tell anyone)!



3. Sun Yat Sen- Asian Library

The Sun Yat Sen building in front of DAC is home to the Office of Global Studies but it is also the home of the Library of Asian Studies, a relax and quite unknown spot on campus. There is also an art gallery in the building that not many students know about.


4. Jack Kaiser Stadium

The entrance to the the baseball stadium originally known as “The Ballpark” is pretty beautiful and, yet, no one ever talks about it. There’s just something about the giant baseball design in the asphalt, and the archway displaying the name that makes it a really pretty place. I’ve also heard it’s a great place for midnight escapades.


5. The Little Theater

Another place where you can get a moment of quiet, if it’s open at the time, is the Little Theater. People don’t take advantage of the theater enough, but they definitely should. The Chappell Players, and other groups, often put on showcases or plays that you won’t want to miss!


6. Path between Newman Hall and the University Center.

This cute little path has tables where you can go and enjoy a break from reality. It is shrouded by trees and very quiet so it’s the perfect place for you to get a moment of tranquility!



7. DAC 4th floor.

The D’Angelo center is the bustling social hub of St. John’s University. Like every other floor, the 4th floor is half academic, half “social.” On the social side, in front of the ballrooms, there is a row of windows overlooking DaSilva Memorial Field and, further away, a glimpse of the skyline. This is a great place to sit by the windows and catch an amazing sunset from the comfort of a warm building (perfect for especially chilly days).

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8. Lawn chairs in the Great Lawn.

These white chairs scattered around the (smaller) lawn in front of Newman and St. John’s Hall are perfect for soaking up the sun on a warm day, or for people watching while you wait for class. Although they always seem to be taken, no one ever mentions how convenient they are! Plus, they really do look cute.



9. Most of the windows on campus (especially those that have a window sill to sit on).

Have you ever noticed that we have great windows at SJU? No? Well, you’re not alone. Most people recognize that we have a beautiful campus. Between the attention to detail and the incessant landscaping, St. John’s always looks amazing… and you can see it all through the windows! The best part is that most of them have ledges where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful views throughout campus.

10. Path to Upperclassmen Quad.

This path is usually one of the first places that new students see when they move in, and it is a pretty inviting sight! In the warm months, this path is home to an array of wonderfully colorful flowers and plants. It is also a less popular way of getting to the Great Lawn, so if you’re ever intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of walking down “The Strip” (and let’s be honest, everyone is at some point), then taking this path might just be the move.

What’s your favorite underrated spot at SJU? Comment below!
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