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Most Stylish Clothing Stores Near Pace University

Most Stylish Clothing Stores Near Pace University

Pace University’s Westchester campus may not be the one close to 5th Avenue for an idealistic (and tremendously expensive) shopping spree. But why should that mean students from the Pleasantville campus cannot embark on a clothing store journey guaranteed to make them trendy and stylish? Opportunities that allow you to make a major fashion statement are everywhere if you know where to look. With these stylish clothing stores near Pace University (and some malls) listed below, we’ll help any Pace Student in Pleasantville be excited and ready to check out these spots for their next ambition outfit.


Rhodadendron is a boutique smack-dab in the middle of Pleasantville, Memorial Plaza. It’s a stylish clothing store right next to Pace University. They sell women’s clothing that goes from small-to-large, but their sizes are relatively big (especially with blouses, sweaters, and dresses) and can fit those who are an XL. They also have fashionable items such as patterned scarves and flashy jewelry that capture the attention of the eye. They also have clothes that lean toward a very distinct feminine style, including floral patterns and bright and sprightly colors.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Rhodadendron is they are always having sales, especially at 50% and up. Some of their prices are high, but these various sales knock it down plenty. They have clothes appropriate for all four seasons, so you will always discover something of value at Rhodadendron.

Most Stylish Clothing Stores Near Pace University (PLV)


Located in Thornwood, Pamela’s is a vintage store that sells both new and used accessories and clothes, all guaranteed to be in mint condition. Items can range from a luxury brand (such as Gucci, Coach, and Calvin Klein) to being from casual and popular retail brands (such as Old Navy.) At Pamela’s, there is truly something for everyone. One can shop there if they’re interested in a stylish throwback look for a fancy night out, are interested in some 00’s jeans, or want to admire jewelry from a by-gone era. That’s what Pamela’s is like walking into a room that is a culmination of dozens of fashion trends that have come and gone as the decades rolled on by. The cultural style of the moment may be ever-changing, but Pamela’s is proof it never really disappears – especially for those who still want to appreciate it.

Pamela’s is proud to announce they have been steady in business for the past 30 years. Their sizes can range from an XXS to an XLL; there is a 99.999% chance you will find something at Pamela’s that fits your body type in a comfortable way! Their baby items (I told you, there is something for everyone) go from $2.00-8.00. Even some of their more high-end products come at affordable prices. Going strong since 1986, you won’t regret a visit to Pamela’s. So what are you waiting for? These stylish clothes are next to Pace University in Thornwood. It’s not that far a trip!

Most Stylish Clothing Stores Near Pace University (PLV)

Galleria White Plains

White Plains is an immensely popular and even stylish city in Westchester with students from Pace University in Pleasantville. This is understandable: the distance is a short, 15-minute train ride on the Metro-North only a shuttle away from campus, and its urbanity can be a breath of fresh air for those who sometimes grow tired of the small-town life in Pleasantville. White Plains includes several eating spots (like Fridays and Buffalo Wild Wings), bars, dancing clubs, a movie theatre, and stores in their two malls.

One of them happens to be the Galleria White Plains, a large and sprawling mall bristling with almost every major mainstream clothing store that pops to mind. If you want something chic and cheap, try the always-popular female clothing stores that are Forever 21 and H&M. If you want to upgrade it somewhat, the Galleria also has its own Aerespostale and Macy’s. When it comes to footwear, you won’t be disappointed as they have a FootLocker, Journeys, Vans, and Tate’s Menswear. Victoria Secrets is readily available for a woman who is ready to feel and look a little sexy. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg with what the Galleria offers. It provides for a safe and comfortable shopping trip; it’s all the clothing stores you’ve been inside and have heard of before. You know exactly what you’re going to get, and I bet it’s something you will look utterly fabulous in. You want to talk about stylish clothing stores close to Pace University? The Galleria combines them all in one place.

Also a bonus: they have a huge food court in this mall, with famous fast-food brands like Taco Bell, and different stations with different types of food (Italian, Chinese, etc.) Shopping can be a taxing experience on our feet and our stomach. After shopping all day, you can sit back and lounge with some of your favorite foods. A win-win situation for all.

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Most Stylish Clothing Stores Near Pace University (PLV)

The Westchester

This mall is like the rich, glamorous, and slightly more stylish aunt of the Galleria White Plains. Remember how we mentioned how Westchester was not home to the famous 5th Avenue in Manhattan? The Galleria is if someone took much of those famous 5th Ave stores, shoved it on the first floor of one mall, and relocated that mall to The Westchester. Ironically enough considering its mall title, The Westchester is like a mini-Manhattan version for those who miss the city but wish to stay local. It has several stylish clothing stores close to Pace University and is perfect for any student who wants to have a Treat-Yo-Self day.

But don’t fret if you’re thinking that 5th Ave stores are infamously pricey and you can’t afford it right unless you count window-shopping. The Westchester has many more stores that will capture your attention and may loosen that thick wallet of yours we know you’re lugging around; there’s Nordstrom, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Hollister. With their dressing rooms, you’ll have a blast trying on these stylish and fashionable clothes from these acclaimed brands. Then maybe why not window-shop and fantasize about buying a Gucci bag from the first floor? Hey, a girl can dream.

Most Stylish Clothing Stores Near Pace University (PLV)

Don’t be afraid to kick-ass and take names with whatever awesome clothes you choose to buy from these recommendations! These stylish clothing stores near Pace University will save you time and trouble. That morning class that makes you want to snore will be more bearable if you show up looking like a 100 bucks. Let us know what your favorite stores around Pace University Westchester down below!

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