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Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

When most people think about Boston, they don’t think about fashion. Boston is an ever expanding city  with lots of potential. The city has great food, good music, entertaining sports and stylish clothes to offer. Boston features both high-end and fast fashion stores, boutiques and thrift shops. If you live in Boston and want a break from the routine of your usual clothing stores, or are going to the city for a visit, bring an empty bag with you because we’ve got the most stylish clothing stores in Boston that you just have to visit.


If you’re head over heels about luxury brands but don’t wanna pay luxury prices, Boomerangs is the place to go to. Clothing stores in Boston don’t offer the clean conscious that Boomerangs does. Boomerangs is a secondhand clothing and furniture store so you can find brandname items that are a fraction of the original price. The fashion industry is also one of the biggest creators of waste! Instead of going in the bin, these clothes are getting a second chance. Who knew you could recycle and shop and the same time? But wait, there’s more! Not only is Boomerangs a good option for those trying to save the environment but the proceeds of the store are donated to organisations that treat and prevent AIDS. Shopping at Boomerangs is a win-win situation.

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

LIT Boutique

This store is perfect for those who need everyday pieces that don’t look like everyone else’s. LIT boutique is a stylish store that offers everything from workwear to swimwear and everything in between. Their pieces are stylish, modern, and unique. If you like Zara and For Love & Lemons, you’ll love LIT Boutique. Their prices are equally matched with the aforementioned stores. Clothing stores in Boston can seem repetitive but at LIT Boutique, you’ll never have to worry about seeing the same items. If you can’t make it to Boston, LIT boutique has an online store that’s easy to get around!

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston


Do you love to look stylish yet effortless? Do you live in clothing that is loose and flowy? Are you a plant mom? Think minimal gold accessories are to die for? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Pinkyotto is where you belong. Clothing stores in Boston make clothes that look good but what about comfort? If you’re into feeling good while looking good, definitely check out Pinkyotto. Their pieces are flowy that results in an effortless vibe. The fabrics are light and airy which is perfect for the hot summers and weekend trips to Cape Cod. The pieces tend to have one color but their pieces with prints are still beautifully minimal.

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

Covet Vintage

If you liked the idea of Boomerangs, just wait until we tell you about Covet Vintage. Covet Vintage is a vintage store with a highly selective buyer. The secondhand shop only features designer and luxury brands such as Chanel and Balenciaga. When you walk in,  you know you’ll find something amazing because they put so much effort into choosing the right clothing for their customers. In a way, it feels like you have your own personal shopper. Don’t go to covet vintage if you’re looking for designer leather. The boutique has a strict no animal cruelty policy, so you won’t find any snakeskin here. More and more clothing stores in Boston are not only trying to provide beautiful clothing, but are trying to make a difference in the world.

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

All Too Human

A lot of clothing stores in Boston are just that, clothing stores. All Too Human is not one of those stores. The store features clothing but also displays art alongside the clothing. We love this concept! We truly believe that fashion is art. It’s brilliant to have fashion and art mingling together as if it were all one big gallery. Not only do we love the idea of boundary-less art in one space but we love the clothing. The pieces sold are very much like works of art. The clothing isn’t typically for day to day but is more for that one ‘wow’ piece that you pull out for special occasions. Every piece is totally different from the last. If you’re wondering about the style think, bold prints and colors in eclectic styles.

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

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Crush Boutique

Crush is the perfect name for this boutique because we are falling in love and falling hard! This is one of the most stylish clothing stores in Boston. Crush has a vibe that’s a mixture of preppy and pretty. It’s made for the girl next door type. If you’re wondering abut the style, think of Anthropologie and Francesca’s. It’s cute and quaint but also timeless. The items you pick up from Crush boutique aren’t following trends. This store has styles that will stand the test of time. It’s a good place to invest in! Also keep this place in mind if you’re looking for something to wear to work.

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

For Now

Hold onto your hats! This retail space isn’t technically a store but it sells clothing. For Now is a retail space that features multiple online brands. Every so often the brands switch out with a new one. Which is completely amazing! Have you ever thought about buying something online but you want to feel the quality of the fabric, or see if the color is the same in person, or just want to try an item on? All of that can be solved in the For Now space. The brands are thoughtfully picked and the variety of brands means that theres’ something for everyone! Clothing stores in Boston usually only offer one brand but this stylish store can offer much more. And who wouldn’t want more options?

Stay up to date with them on their website or follow them on social media to keep up with the brands who are there and who’ll be making an appearance next!

Most Stylish Clothing Stores In Boston

Boston is a great place to find stylish clothes and without breaking the bank! Which clothing stores in Boston are you most looking forward to visiting? Do you already have a favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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