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The 8 Most Relaxing Spas Around The World

Spas are a great way to get some extra downtime, relax, and escape from the busy loud world for just an hour or as long as a week depending on the spa. You can typically expect to get anything from the usual quiet areas and access to saunas and hot tubs to glamorous face masks, relaxing spa massages, and body peels. Typically each treatment can be customized to your skin or body and is operated by experienced specialists, so you’ll likely get a better experience than you would doing it DIY. It’s a great way to take care of both your mental and physical health, all well feeling like a queen or king.

Still, choosing which relaxing spa to go to can be tricky and sometimes difficult. There’s your run of the mill spa with usually fewer treatments and fewer thrills but is affordable to your all-out luxurious spa that will likely cost you an arm and a leg. Of course one can at least dream of being able to visit some of the most luxurious spas. And believe me, there are some really crazy spas out there. From beautifully lit rooms to large swimming pools, these spas will put your local ones to shame. Here are 8 of the most relaxing spas in the world.

1. La Reserve Geneve

From a sauna to a large indoor pool, this spa is seriously fancy. Located in Switzerland, this spa is beloved by celebrities and politicians due to its high-end decor and 20,0000 square feet size. From the usual massage and face masks to acupuncture and osteopaths, there really is something for everyone here. You can even work on your fitness here, as you’ll get an exercise report afterward.

2. Spa at The Chedi Andermatt

Another spa in Switzerland, this spa gives off a super sleek and fresh new vibe with the interior design and fancy high ceilings. Plus, there are 10 treatment rooms and a giant pool. There are even salt steam baths and a hydrotherapy zone.

3. Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

This Finnish spa will make you feel at home with nature due to its interior. All of the building materials are natural and the design incorporates a rocky texture to make you feel like you’re outside.  The spa wraps around lakewater and the ceiling is made of sunken logs. Aside from the 5 saunas to choose from, there are also day treatments like facials and massages.

4. Zentropiaspa, Ibiza

This spa is truly fancy offering pools and little waterfalls inside to help you relax. From vitamin C facials to manicures there’s a lot to treat yourself to here.

5. Omni Grove Park

Omni Grove Park spa will seriously make you feel luxurious and take you back in time with the beautiful architecture. There are a whole plethora of tunnels to swim through and a variety of pools. Aside from the gorgeous interior and pools, there’s also a feet treatments and massages to look forward to.

6. St Regis Maldives Volummi Resort

Situated near the beach, there’s villas and a lagoon here to enjoy at the spa.  There are even private steam rooms and a large hydrotherapy pool.

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7. Vana Spa

Located in India, the Vana spa is super relaxing. From yoga, meditation, to some beauty treatments, there’s a lot to do here to relax and chill.

8.  The Alpine Spa

The Alpine in Switzerland at the Buergenstock hotel seriously provides some amazing views in Switzerland and great treatments. There’s even an infinity pool to relax and lounge in. The 10,000 square-meter spa offers a variety of treatments to indulge in.


Are there other relaxing spas we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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