The 15 Most Relatable Friends Quotes

The 15 Most Relatable Friends Quotes

Friends is one of the funniest TV shows ever and with Chandler’s sarcasm, Joey’s hunger and Rachel’s well Rachelness you get some of the most relatable quotes. Here are 15 that sum up pretty much most situations:

1. The one where your friend is basically a magnet

You can totally relate to this if your friend is always getting the hottest girl/guy to the point to where you have no idea if you’re ever going to find anyone at all. There are two types of people in this world, Chandlers or Joeys, there is no in between.

2. The one where you see that perfect stranger you know you’ll never see again

Ever sit at the back of a bus or walk down a street and see the most perfect person in the world and you immediate have to tell your friend because you know you’ll never see that person again and want to cry, well Rachel does.


3. The one where someone messes with your food

If you have a sibling then you can relate to this on a spiritual level. The worst feeling ever is when you find out someone has thrown away your food especially if you’ve been saving it all day, if looks could kill.

4. The one where all you want to do is take a bath in peace

This is a perfect representation of how you feel when you’ve just come back from a long day at work or uni and all you want is to take a hot bath but someone interrupts your relaxation.


5. The one where all you can think about is food

This is the perfect representation of when everything goes wrong but all you want to do is order pizza because pizza makes everything so much better, it’s basically a remedy for everything.

6. The one where all you want to do is kill someone

You know the feeling when someone really annoys you so you feel like killing them, Rachel puts this so accurately. If you’re a girl then this is so relatable for when you’re on your period, PMS is crazy.


7. The one where money is not everything… well kind of

This perfectly sums up how us girls feel when we’re broke and we meet someone who’s rich, I’d like to say that it doesn’t matter to us but lets be realistic, of course it matters.

8. The one where you try denying your feelings

This may just be the most relatable Joey quote ever, what are feelings right? They’re so irrelevant and they’ll just disappear, right? Well Joey think so, and he obviously knows what he’s talking about.


9. The one where pizza is a group thing

Pizza is life so it’s only right that you order pizza together, and if you order pizza alone then that’s betrayal and punishable by banishment, no I’m not kidding.

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10. The one where you realise you’re getting too old for this shit

It’s not a great feeling when you realise you’re getting old, when you know people your own age are getting married, having children and moving out, your face probably resembles Joey’s.


11. The one where Sundays are for not moving

We all love Sundays because it’s the end of the week, after long hard days at work, we can have this one day to just chill. Am I the only one who stays in bed all Sunday and only moves to get food?

12. The one where you’re Monica

If you’re not a Monica, an obsessive, clean freak, perfectionist, then you definitely know one. If you’re a Monica then you find yourself saying things like “you’re stupid” if your not then you’re usually on the receiving end of that comment.

13. The one where you get mad when someone takes one of your chips

You know when you ask someone if they want food and they say no, but when you get your food they eat it (I have to admit I’m one of these people), well this quote is a result of this.


14. The one where everything in your life always goes wrong

You know this feeling when everything you’ve done for the past week is make bad decisions like binge watch TV shows instead of doing actual work and you realise these bad choices have consequences. Sometimes it gets so bad you have to find someone to make those decisions for you, not like you’d listen though.

15. The one where you’re surrounded by rich people

This is so relatable if you’re friends with people who have more money than you. It’s hard to explain to people that you don’t know what it’s like to have rich people things and do rich people stuff.

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