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10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

The personalised presents on Etsy are out of this world. Here are some of the best gifts for every occasion that are great for both men and women!

Etsy is one of the most exciting places for creative people to show their work, and it is an even better place to find a personalized gift for someone special! It can add a little extra gift to be reminded of a special date or phrase, and personalized presents just add the touch of love into a gift. These are the 10 most personalized presents on Etsy for every occasion!

1. Star Mapped Personalized Ring

One of the most unique and personalized presents on Etsy, these star mapped rings by Magnus and Bella are the pinnacle of customization! For these to be personalized you just need to input a special day, it could be an anniversary or birthday for someone, and they will personally engrave the stars that were in the night sky on that night! These rings are gorgeous for engagement rings for those stargazers or a lovely present for a friend that is a budding astronomer!

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

2. Personalized Bar Necklaces

These are perfect for friends and family in your life! Bar necklaces come in a selection of colors, rose gold, gold, and silver and can be customized with names, locations or even emojis! These are perfect if you have a friend milestone coming up, or even perfect for a birthday!

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

3. Personalized Wedding Order of Day

This is one of the best-personalized presents on Etsy for a wedding to make it unique and different! These cute order of the day decorations are quirky for your guests and also informative! They are also something that you could keep after the big day so you can remember exactly what happened! These come in different colors so you could even match the color of your wedding dress or suit to the color of the backing!

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

4. Personalized Face Socks

Nothing can be more personalized than getting someone’s face on your socks! PetPartyCo on Etsy are making business from printing people’s faces onto a pair of socks and they are a bestseller! Perfect for that person you don’t know what to get, they are funny and also a very thoughtful present! You can even get your dog printed on them!

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

5. Personalized Midwife Birth Counter

Not only is Etsy great for finding gifts for your SO or friends, but also great for finding those gifts for those that you work with! These are a clever idea for new midwives that are in training! For this gift, you have the option of the personalization of names and also the color of the feet!

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

6. Personalized Bridesmaid’s Collection

On Etsy there is a huge collection for bridesmaid’s gifts being personalized! These range from personalized alcohol cups, to personalized bikinis for that hen party! Etsy is a fantastic place to look for trying to find the perfect present for your best friend before you say I┬ádo.

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

7. Personalized Star Map

Another star related gift for those special people in your life that love astronomy or just art deco! This is a special gift for an anniversary with your SO, you can see the stars as they were the day that you met or the day you asked them the special question. On Etsy, these can be designed in a series of colors or prints with your personal date!

10 Most Personalized Presents On Etsy For Every Occasion

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8. Personalized Cards

Etsy will find you a card for any occasion, whether that be a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or the arrival of a friend. Etsy is also one of the best places to find your most personalized cards, from personalizing the movie poster of Mama Mia into a birthday card, or having a legoman who looks like your friend!

9. Personalized Hammers

Looking for a gift for your father or husband? Look no further! Etsy now has a wide selection of personalized hammers and tools for that tricky person to buy for. Buyers such as CoveCalligraphy put any message you desire onto an item of your choice, keeping the unique and quirky attitude towards printing and font.

10. Personalized World Globe

For the explorer in your life, whether that be a parent or your partner, these personalized world globes are perfect for a meaningful decoration. There is a selection of phrases you can choose from or you can choose your own! They also can be personalized with the name of the person you are buying for and a date! This globe here is from DollyKendall on Etsy!

Don’t see your favourite product from Etsy on the list? Comment below and show us your favourite personalized presents on Etsy!

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