8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In Los Angeles

With so many places to go in Los Angeles the chances are that some will be overrated! Try not to fall into these tourist traps!

Every major city has its overrated places and landmarks that are filled with large crowds and tourist. Living in Los Angeles gives you the opportunity to meet many different personalities and visit landmarks throughout the city. There’s a high chance majority of those people and landmarks involve an aspect of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s visiting Hollywood Boulevard or The Santa Monica Pier, there are plenty of overrated and hyped places in the city! If you’re planning on moving or visiting LA, I’m here to help you dodge the huge crowds and tourist! Here are 8 of the most overrated places to go to in Los Angeles.

1. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame is overrated and crowded. Locals usually stray away from this area due to large crowds and tourist all over the area. If you’re the type of person who’s in a rush or dislike large crowds, don’t go there! Only go if your favorite celebrity is getting inducted or to stand outside of a film premiere. This is is one of the most overrated places in LA!

2. Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills is the home of the rich and famous in LA. It’s also the home of infamous Rodeo Drive. Honestly, Rodeo does not live up to the hype especially if you’re broke! Imagine walking around seeing people shop for bags that cost more than your student loans total. Expect to see Rolls Royce’s and Bentley’s all over the streets. It’s definitely the spot where influencers go to take a picture or show their experience shopping at designer stores. If you want to shop at Louis Vuitton, they have locations in malls in LA. If you enjoy overpriced food and parking take a visit to Rodeo Drive. This is also an overrated place in LA.

3. Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is overrated because of the large crowds and it being pricey. Any tourist attraction will be pricey. If you must visit this location go early or during a weekday! Locals usually go to have a morning run on the beach or watch the sun rise and set! The Santa Monica pier is like other boardwalks in any beach city! Take a trip to Venice or chill at the beach!

4. The Grove

If you’re visiting LA or have an LA bucket list, there’s a chance visiting the Grove is on the list! The Grove is an outdoor mall that has been a filming location for many television networks. The Grove became overhyped due to reality tv and the chances of seeing a celebrity. It takes hours to find parking unless you pay for valet! It’s super crowded with teenagers and their moms strolling around. If you suffer from claustrophobia, STAY AWAY! This is one of the most overrated places to go to in Los Angeles.

5. Runyon Canyon

All the fitness junkies and trend hoppers go to Runyon Canyon. You have chances of seeing a celebrity working out with their trainer or friends. Some Instagram fitness models host hiking meetups there. If you’re a fitness junkie this is the perfect place for you! Trend followers don’t even try it! You will struggle because the hills are no joke! I stay away from hiking trails in LA because of mountain lions! Yes, mountain lions roam around some hiking trails!

6. Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax Museum is on the list of Worst Wax Museums in the world! Don’t waste your time and $30 to see terrible recreations of your favorite celebrities and tv/film characters! Go to Madame Tussaud’s which is a few blocks away, the wax models look exactly like the actual person. As a member of the Beyhive and a die-hard Beyoncé fan, the HWM put no effort into her wax figure! This is another one of the most overrated places to go to in Los Angeles.

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7. Pink’s Hot Dogs

Have fun waiting in line for 45 minutes for a hot dog, if you plan on going here. It’s known for being loved by celebrities and has been featured in many old Hollywood films. This place is ALWAYS packed regardless of what time and day of the week. If you enjoy hotdogs and can bare long lines filled with tourist, Enjoy!

8. Hollywood

The whole neighborhood is crowded with actors, scammers and clout chasers. The rent is overpriced and the traffic is crazy! Don’t expect to see a celebrity because the majority of them live in the Hollywood Hills and west side of LA. If you’re into Youtubers and Instagram fame, this is the place for you! Hollywood isn’t as great as it seems. There are other parts of LA that live up to the hype! This is one of the most overrated places to go to in Los Angeles.

Have you been to any of these overrated places to go to in Los Angeles? Are there other overrated places to go to in Los Angeles? Comment below and share with your friends.
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