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8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

Washington, DC is a huge tourist spot, from the White House to the Capitol Building, tourists flock to many spots. But here are some of the most overrated.

There are many amazing spots to visit in and around DC. There are so many museums to explore and places to shop that the options are endless, but not all DC destinations were created equal. Some places in DC have become tourists traps and there may be a better way to spend the day in the city.

1. The Capitol

The Capitol is an interesting place if you want to see where legislation is held for the United States Government, but other than that there’s not much to do there. It can be a very entertaining tour if you have the right guide, but if you skip it you won’t be missing much.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

2. Hope Dimond

The Hope Dimond is located in DC’s Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and is said to be cursed. The exhibit the Hope Diamond is in is very small and always crowded. The necklace is so hyped up that you expect to see something amazing, so when you finally push your way to the front and see the dark blue jewel it can be a bit disappointing. Fortunately, there are so many other cool things in the museum to go see, so you won’t leave totally disappointed.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

3. Spy Museum

The Spy Museum is one of those places that people either love or hate. The museum is pretty expensive considering it’s surrounded by a bunch of free museums that offer more variety. Your time could probably be better spent somewhere else, but if you do choose to go here be prepared to spend most of your time in small overcrowded spaces. Or just wait for the new location to open next year.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

4. The Newseum

Another museum that you have to pay to get into. The Newseum, dedicated to the first amendment and the evolution of communication, is either hit or a big miss for a lot of people. The admission fee alone turns many people away, but for those that do go in many of the exhibits are boring and not worth spending much time at. With so many free Smithsonian museums there are plenty of other options available.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

5. Georgetown Cupcakes

Many people flock to Georgetown Cupcakes to say they’ve been to a place that was on TV. They’re good cupcakes most of the time, but not waiting in line for forty-five minutes good. At almost $4 for a pretty average cupcake, they are pretty expensive and you might just be better off making your own.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

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6. The Exorcist Stairs

The Exorcist is by far one of the creepiest movies ever made, so naturally many people will want to see places that were in the movie. The only problem is most people don’t know they’re the infamous Exorcist stairs. It’s a fun place for movie buffs but for most people, it’s just another staircase in Georgetown.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

7. National Harbor

The National Harbor is not all that special. It’s very crowded during the summer and filled with restaurants and other over-priced places for tourists to spend their money with very little variety. If you’re looking for a nice dinner by the water than Old Town Alexandria is a better option and closer to the city.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

8. The National Zoo

Unfortunately, the National Zoo is nothing to write home about. It’s really just another zoo. There’s nothing special or eye-catching about the zoo. If you’re looking for a free option to entertain yourself for an afternoon and you’re in the area then the zoo might be a good place to go, just make sure you’re prepared to pay a small fortune for lunch.

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In DC

What do you think are some of the most overrated places to go in DC? Tell us in the comments!
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