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10 Most Memorable Reality TV Fights Ever

10 Most Memorable Reality TV Fights Ever

10 Most Memorable Reality TV Fights Ever

What makes Reality TV shows great television is the drama, tension, and fights between cast members and/or contestants. While most parts of Reality TV aren’t ‘real’, the fights the happen on-screen display that Reality TV is real for the people on the show that signed their rights away to have themselves be edited to however the producers choose to be. This is done in exchange for a spot in the limelight and fame. These are the 10 most memorable Reality TV fights ever:

10. Kenya Moore vs. Porsha Williams:

During the Season 6 Reunion Special of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the show’s villain Kenya accused fellow Housewife Porsha of cheating on her ex-husband, which led to the two to start bickering. The situation becomes physical when Porsha pulls Kenya’s hair and starts to drag her across the floor!! Security guards had to come on to the stage break up the fight. Porsha would eventually get charged by police for assault. 

9. Van vs. Jean-Philippe:

Despite being teased a lot by Chef Gordon Ramsay, Hell’s Kitchen Maitre-D’Hotel Jean-Phillippe is a nice, fun guy who is loved by all the contestants (and Ramsay too, when he’s not roasting him). Although not as intense as Ramsay, the Belgian does have his limits too.

Jean-Philippe and contestant Van butted heads throughout the second dinner service of Season 6. They had a few verbal exchanges (no yelling) with each other during the service and Jean-Phillippe lost his cool after Van (who was on table-side service that night) ran back into the blue team kitchen to get more pans and refused to listen to him. This caused Jean-Philippe to lose his temper and follow him into the kitchen, yelling at the contestant to listen. Things almost got physical until Ramsay pulled both men into the storage room and told them to knock it off. The two funny highlights of this fight were Van’s teammates’ reactions in their confessionals to when The Belgian got all up in Van’s face and when Jean-Philippe told Van ‘ladies first’ when they got out of storage room. In the video below, skip to 25:12 to see the fight. 

8. Teresa Giudice vs. Danielle Staub:

The second fight to feature on this list from The Real Housewives franchise happened on during the Season 1 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. At a dinner with all the housewives, all hell broke loose when Danielle placed the book Cop Without A Badge on the dinner table in order to confront the allegations and rumors of her past. This lead to a bunch of yelling, screaming, and Teresa to do the famous iconic table flip (video below), making this fight one of the most Memorable Reality TV Fights ever. 

7. Lauren Conrad vs. Heidi Montag:

Tensions between the former best friends started after Heidi Montag (left) began dating her future husband Spencer Pratt. Despite Lauren Conrad (right)’s attempts to warn her friend that her new boyfriend was a ‘Suckish’ person, Heidi ended up choosing to side with her boyfriend over her best friend. Lauren ultimately ended her friendship with Heidi after accusing Montag and Pratt of fabricating rumors to the press of an existing sex tape of Conrad and her ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler. 

10 Most Memorable Reality TV Fights Ever

6. Annie Duke vs. Joan & Melissa Rivers:

Poker Player Annie Duke (on the right) butted heads with the late Comedian Joan Rivers (on the left) throughout Season 2 of The Celebrity Apprentice. Annie and Joan were initially on the same team before Donald Trump switched some of the celebrities around from both the men’s’ and women’s teams. Joan was moved to what was the original men’s team while Annie remained on what was the original women’s team. This was when the feud started between the two and Rivers’s daughter Melissa (who was also on the show and remained with Annie on what was the original women’s team), was caught in the crossfires constantly between the two. Imagine having to decide whether to defend your teammate and mother’s biggest rival (Annie) or your mother and competitor on the other team (Joan). 

Highlights of the rivalry between Annie and Joan that season include the latter comparing the former to Hitler and Melissa’s firing (which is one of the most memorable firings of the show and one of the most memorable Reality TV Fights ever). Although on separate teams, Joan was angry about her daughter’s firing as she accused Annie and Brande Roderick of conspiring against Melissa. This led to both mother and daughter going on a foul mouth tirade. Both rivals ended up making the final two, with Joan winning. 

10 Most Memorable Reality TV Fights Ever

5. Meat Loaf vs. Gary Busey:

The second (consecutive) fight from The Celebrity Apprentice to make the cut, the spat between Meat Loaf and Gary Busey during Season 4 ranks highly amongst the most memorable Reality TV Fights. In a task where the celebrities had to create art for charity, Meat Loaf, who was fed up with Gary’s antics (Busey had gotten into a bad motorcycle accident in 1988 that still has some effects on his brain) exploded in a profanity-laced rant at Gary and mistakenly accused the latter of stealing his art supplies. One knows that this feud is one of the most memorable Reality TV Fights ever when Gary Busey isn’t depicted as the crazy one and when Mark McGrath has to come in and hold Meat Loaf back before things get physical. 

4. The Marcel Head Shaving Incident:

The villain of Top Chef Season 2, Marcel Vigneron earned the wrath of his fellow competitors by talking endless smack and for picking fights constantly. Normally, this would justify why the others antagonized him until Marcel became the victim himself!! After the final five chefs left completed the last elimination challenge (which determined who would compete in the finale), Marcel went to bed while the other four (Sam, Ilan, Cliff, and Elia) got drunk. After Elia and Ilan shaved their own heads, the group decided they wanted to shave Marcel’s hair off and a drunk Cliff (the African-American man on top in the photo below) pinned Marcel (underneath Cliff and the man on the floor) to the ground so the others could shave the villain’s head (which didn’t happen). The incident lead to Cliff being disqualified from the contest.

10 Most Memorable Reality TV Fights Ever

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3. Tyra Banks Yells at Tiffany:

A shocking double elimination lead to both Tiffany and Recbecca being sent home during Season 4 of America’s Next Top Model. While the two were saying their goodbyes to their fellow contestants, Rebecca was emotional, but Tiffany was laughing and making jokes, which irritated host Tyra Banks. This led to a confrontation to spark between the Tiffany and Tyra, causing the latter to yell at the eliminated contestant in a fiery rant that became one of the most iconic moments in the history of Reality TV.

2. Omarosa vs. Piers Morgan:

The third fight from President Donald Trump’s former show The Celebrity Apprentice to make this list is also one of Reality TV’s most memorable fights ever. During Season 1 of The Celebrity Apprentice, Omarosa and Piers Morgan were constantly at each others’ throats, despite being on different teams initially. When Trump switched the teams around and the two rivals were put on the same team, things got much worse.

During one of their fights, Omarosa brought up how Piers’s children would be ashamed of him and this comment caused the English Broadcaster and Journalist to snap. Although their team won the task that week, the tension was so bad that Piers told Trump he never wanted to work with Omarosa again and told him to either separate them or fire one of them. Ultimately, Trump moved Piers to the other team. The clip below shows every time the two rivals fought over the course of the season. 

1. Keesha’s Birthday Fight:

One of the most iconic moments in the history of Big Brother and memorable Reality TV Fights ever happened during Big Brother Season 10. Houseguest Keesha had the most dramatic birthday ever when multiple verbal altercations between almost all the remaining houseguests kept interrupting the festivities.

The first shouting match started after Jesse (who was trying to take a nap in another room) eavesdropped on a private conversation between Libra and Keesha in which Libra was explaining to the birthday girl how upset she was that April (HOH that week) didn’t view her as a valuable player. When Jesse told April about this, the HOH went to confront Libra and the two women got into it, along with Keesha (who was siding with Libra as she felt that April was disrespecting her). When April revealed that it was Jessie who told her about Keesha’s and April ‘s private chat, this sparked the other confrontations to happen, including the legendary yelling match between Libra and Jesse.

The funniest part of the fight was when all the fighting stopped, everyone sang the most awkward and saddest rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Keesha. After the birthday girl blew out the candles, there were several seconds of awkward silence. Libra ended the tension by delivering one of the show’s most iconic lines “Anyone want cake?” However, Michelle indirectly caused the fighting to start up again after asking what even caused the fight in the first place. This leads to another argument and screaming match to break out between Jesse and the birthday girl Keesha. 

Which of these Reality TV fights on the list do you remember the most? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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