The 5 Most Instagrammable Neon Signs In Houston

Neon was born to be instagrammed. Don't have time to hunt any down? We've got the best and more 'grammable neon signs in Houston right here for you.

Neon makes for the perfect insta-moment. It adds a touch of night life to an Instagram full of beach days and afternoon cocktails. But where can you get your own splash of that bright night light? We have here for you our five favorite neon signs in Houston that you’ll be dying to throw on Insta.

1. Love Buzz

Only during night does the energy of Love Buzz become a magnet, attracting those with an eye for its icy blue and pale pink glow. From the outside, Love Buzz is a robin egg-colored shack that channels Galveston’s bright beach homes, but inside, it houses comfort foods and warm people. Take a photo of its floating veined heart, then step up into the unknown luminescence of love.

Here are some of the hottest neon signs in Houston!

2. The Neon Gallery

All day and all lights, the Neon Gallery has dozens of photo opportunities waiting in a pitch black space. The “Come and Take It” sign is one of their more popular pieces, but there’s neon art galore, both in word and picture form. Interestingly enough, all neon art in the gallery is created by artist Tim Walker and his wife Suzette, who design and fabricate each sign. This is the must-see destination of all neon signs in Houston.

Here are some of the hottest neon signs in Houston!

3. Aqua S

Let the words do the talking, and you do the licking. At Aqua S, soft serve ice cream comes in flavors that are unheard of, such as Black Sesame and Sea Salt. Their renown “I Got Served In Houston” sign is a walled, indoor tribute to the effects of those unexpected flavors on whoever dares try them. Hold up your ice cream cones by the sign if you agree!

Here are some of the hottest neon signs in Houston!

4. Spec’s Liquor – Midtown

Before you down your liquid gold and call it a night, be sure to take action so that you’ll remember it. Snap a photo with the Spec’s bunny when it illuminates against a dark sky to show your friends the kind of fun you’ll be having later. This neon sign doesn’t advertise for much beyond its name, but it’s rowdy, kitsch, and guaranteed to make you feel crazy alive. Signs in Houston don’t get more classic than this.

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Here are some of the hottest neon signs in Houston!

5. River Oaks Theatre

Bring classic cinema to life at the old-school, marquee-style River Oaks Theater. This movie house is filled with decades of film and performance, and your followers will be able to see the rich history it brings just by its giant, radiant lettering. Opt for a slightly dressy look if posing with the theater’s sign to best channel your inner starlet.

Here are some of the hottest neon signs in Houston!

What are your favorite neon signs in Houston? What’s your favorite neon sign anywhere? Throw it in the comments so we can all go see it!

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