The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

Walt Disney Pictures is notorious for producing some of the most iconic, inspirational and beautiful characters, storylines and quotes of all time. Since 1931, that is the release of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, we have constantly been immersed and enlightened by the purity and beauty of the Disney label, and for generations on end, we are constantly being inspired by countless characters, quotes, morals and values that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. 

So here we have compiled a list of ten extremely inspirational quotes from our favourite Disney films new and old. These quotes have remained within our hearts since our childhoods and we will definitely pass down to future generations. 

1. Even Miracles Take a Little Time

Ever felt like you’re doing all the things you can to get where you want to be, and it still doesn’t seem to be enough? Well, that’s where a quote from our favourite Fairy Godmother comes in. The fairy godmother from Cinderella is the type of aunt we all want – there for us when we want, listens to our fears, and the best part? She can give us a full makeover with just a wave of her magic wand! 

It can be easy to feel like your life will never come together the way you wish. But really, our greatest enemy is impatience. Of course, hard work definitely pays off, so don’t fret. Whenever you feel down and feel like you’re not getting anywhere, just remember that “even miracles take a little time”, and you’ll forgive yourself all over again. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

2. The Past Can Hurt

Really, pretty much any quote from The Lion King is iconic. I mean, I’ve never been able to watch The Lion King without crying over Mufasa’s death (spoiler alert whoops). And so of course, there are numerous quotes throughout this film that have touched our hearts and stayed with us forever. 

When Rafiki provides some well overdue wisdom to our future king Simba, we learn something extremely vital about past trauma and heartbreak. Yes, we can have trauma that affects our future, but we can choose to escape it, face it, or take it with us everyday and learn from it. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

3. This One is Late

Disney fathers are by and large, either extremely dorky and hilarious, or extremely wise and beautiful. There’s rarely any in-between for the Disney dads. And on the latter of that spectrum lies Fa Zhou from Mulan, Mulan’s ex-soldier father. When poor Mulan doesn’t seem to pass her test with the matchmaker, Fa Zhou comforts his daughter by assuring her that she is simply a late bloomer.

Surrounded by gorgeous cherry blossoms, Fa Zhou takes note of a yet-to-bloom flower and subtly compares it to our dear Mulan. And if you’ve ever felt like you’ve fallen behind, just remember this beautiful quote. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

4. The Right Path is Not the Easiest One

Ever felt like you’re caught between two different worlds, two extremely difficult choices, and you just can’t decide which is the right one? What about choosing to break up with someone who has been toxic for you for sometime but you haven’t built up the courage to end the relationship?

In Pocahontas, Grandmother Willow perfectly provides us with wisdom to make these difficult choices, and tells us that often the easier path is not what is best for you or everyone around you. Choose wisely. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

5. Beauty is Found Within

“But she warned him not be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” Ah, I get chills with this quote from Beauty and The Beast every time. 

Spoken by the enchantress, it is easy to be caught up in the appearance of something ugly. The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies here. But in terms of people, it can be easy to get mislead by appearances, and this teaches us that if you really want to get to know someone, then you need to dig a little deeper. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

6. Life is Not a Spectator Sport

Sometimes it can feel like we’re watching the world go by, observing everyone around us with jealousy, longing and hoping our lives turn out similar to someone else’s. But if we are constantly watching other people live their lives, we risk not living our own to the best of our ability. 

Laverne informs Quasi Modo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame that he has been doing this his whole life simply due to his fears of being unaccepted by society. We could all stand to live our own lives in the fullest way possible. Only then will we really live. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

7. Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Sometimes we let our hearts decide our fates. We make decisions based primarily on what feels right, and ignore the little voice in our heads that tells us this may not be the best choice for us. But just like Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility, we need to listen to both our hearts and our heads in order to make strong decisions about our fate. 

Our beautiful Blue Fairy from Pinocchio beautifully captures this by singing “always let your conscience be your guide”, and reminds us that when we are faced with difficult choices, to listen to our conscience, the little voice in our heads, for wisdom and morality. 

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The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

8. Then You Shouldn’t Talk

Just like you should listen to your conscience when faced with a difficult decision, you should equally listen to your conscience before you decide to say something. In the ever quirky Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, a plethora of wise quotes arise from this film that have remained in our hearts for generations on end. 

The March Hare tells Alice not to talk if she doesn’t think. It can be easy to say exactly what we’re thinking, but really, if we all took the time to think before we say something, we could say much more meaningful things to one another. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

9. It Distracts From the Now

Sometimes we feel defined by our pasts, but, this is a vital mistake. When we focus and dwell on what has happened to us before, it indirectly clouds our judgements of the future, and most important the present. 

When Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles speaks of suits Edna Mode designed in the past, Edna shuns the old suit aside and says that she never looks back because it “distracts from the now”. We can all stand to allow ourselves to live presently. When we do this and take the lessons we learned from the past under our belt, we can live a much more enlightened life. 

The Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

10. You’re the One Who Can Fill the World

Sometimes we look to others for answers to our happiness. This often comes in the shape of relationships, love and inanimate objects that bring us joy and distract us from looking within ourselves. But when we do this, we risk placing our expectations on others to bring us happiness. But if we transfer our expectations on to ourselves rather than others, this will help us to be consistently happy without the need for others.

When Snow White of Snow and the Seven Dwarfs decides to run away on her own, she sings of being happy by herself, to fill the world with sunshine by just being herself. Honestly, I feel like Snow White is completely underrated with the amount of strength she composes within herself throughout the entire film. 

The 10 Most Inspirational Disney Quotes Of All Time

Who is your favourite Disney character? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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