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10 Most Haunted Places In Massachusetts To Visit If You Dare

10 Most Haunted Places In Massachusetts To Visit If You Dare

If you're into visiting haunted places around Massachusetts, check out these haunted places in Massachusetts to get your blood boiling again!

As September closes, the time of Halloween draws near. The smell of pumpkin spice and apple cider paired with the crunch of leaves beneath your feet reminds you that it’s Fall and that it’s time to get into the spooky season cheer. Guys and girls alike are searching for their perfect Halloween costume, different TV networks are replaying old classic horror films, and Whole Foods has a sale on pumpkins. But, it’s not enough. You just don’t feel the heart thumping excitement that you used to for the Halloween love of Spooktober. If you’re into visiting haunted and interesting places in the city of Boston and in different parts of Massachusetts, check out these haunted places in Massachusetts to get your blood boiling again!

I had so much fun touring some of the most haunted places in Massachusetts!

1. Charlesgate Hotel

This is hands down one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts. Located in Boston, the Charlesgate Hotel is at Beacon Street and Charlesgate East in the Back Bay area. This is quite close to Northeastern University and easy to travel to. The building that is formerly known as the Charlesgate Hotel is now a complex of 2 different apartment buildings. There are many different stories about people communicating with ghosts through Ouija boards and seeing spirits fly by.

2. Fort Warren

Fort Warren is located on a little island off of the Boston Harbor. It is great to visit during the spring and summer seasons. For those feeling adventurous, exploring the Fort could mean catching sight of the Lady in Black. It is said that a woman in old black robes can be seen haunting the Fort, mourning her late Confederate husband who was held there as a prisoner.

3. Omni Parker House Hotel

Regarded by many people as the most haunted hotel in New England, the hotel is chock full of different kinds of ghost sightings, sounds, and experiences. Several people have died in the hotel, making it a hotbed for the paranormal. The third floor is said to be the most haunted, and if you’re looking for a specific room to book, Stephen King’s novel “1408” is said to be based on room 303. The hotel itself is quite nice and is known to be family friendly. Located in downtown Boston, this definitely makes the list for one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts.


4. The Pilot House

The Pilot House used to be an old inn back in the 1800’s. It was a lively place for sailors and other folks to stop by and eat. Although the inn is no longer there, there is a lot of ghostly activity. A “Lady in White” can be seen walking around in the 1st floor kitchen. Others say that laughter and the sounds of partying and glasses clinking can be heard. It’s worth a visit, located in the North End of Boston!

The pilot house is one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts, so scary!

5. The Boston Commons

The Boston Commons are the earliest pieces of land settled by the Europeans, so it’s no surprise that it has been accused of ghost sightings and paranormal occurrences. It is said that there were many hangings that transpired there in the past and that, occasionally, ghostly figures of different women can be seen walking through the park.

6. Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

Located in Boston’s North End, the burying ground is an old cemetery that was established in 1659. It is open for tourists to come visit, and of course, has ghost stories galore. It is said that there are many ghosts that wander the cemetery. Many of them soldiers and slaves that were buried there over the many centuries. A very serene, yet haunting place to visit.

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Visit Copp's Hill Burial ground for a fun time with friends, it is one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts!

7. Metropolitan State Hospital

This abandoned mental hospital, located in Waltham, MA, was established around the early 1930’s. After running for several decades the hospital was eventually shut down and left to rot. During its time of operation, there is at least one confirmed murder, in which a nurse got hacked to death by a patient with a hatchet. At the ruins, singing of kids can be occasionally heard, along with other strange noises, and the occasional wisps of a ghost.

8. The Lizzie Borden House

Located in Fall River, MA; which may be little out of the way. Though a beautiful B&B now, it used to be the site of a horrible murder. A girl by the name of Lizze Borden murdered her stepmother and father in cold blood with a hatchet. Located just an hour or so away from Boston, visitors can choose to sleep in Lizzie’s room, or the stepmother’s room where she was murdered. According to the owner of the B&B, there are actual strange occurrences and those who stay there sometimes leave in the middle of the night spooked.

9. Emerson’s Culter Majestic Theater

The theater is great place to see some awesome plays, but also a really convenient place to experience some paranormal activity. There appear to be 3 different ghost experiences that can occur: a married couple can be seen walking the grounds occasionally, a ghostly girl will take items if they are hidden away for her, and a mayor that performed and died there during a show can also be seen on the premises, allegedly of course. Located on Tremont street in Boston!


10. Salem, MA

Probably known as one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts, as well as the world, Salem is known for its ghost stories and crazy paranormal activity. Infamous for its witchy activities and consequent witch trials, this old New England town is filled with ghost sightings and all kinds of strange occurrences. A gorgeous place to visit in the fall, especially during Halloween season. About a 45-60 minute drive from Boston and public transportation is also available!

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