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Top 5 Most Famous Flower Shops In Los Angeles

Top 5 Most Famous Flower Shops In Los Angeles

If you’ve seen the 2010 classic movie “Valentine’s Day” you probably know how important the flower culture is to the city of Los Angeles. Angelinos are all about having beautiful fresh flowers in their homes at all times, buying them at local farmer’s markets or at their local most beloved flower shop. Flowers in L.A. are almost as important and cult classic as the famous avocado toast itself. So, here are the top five most famous flower shops in Los Angeles.

1. Toluca Lake Florist

A beloved local classic, the Toluca Lake Florist is located in an imaginary junction between Studio City, Burbank and the sweet neighborhood of none other than Toluca Lake itself. Being in such a centric and key location allows for this florist to be the #1 when it comes to buying fresh beautiful flowers. There’s truly no other shop as good as this one nearby, that’s why it’s so famous. This flower shop has been the local florist since 1946, making it more than just a classic, it’s practically an L.A. landmark.

Here you’ll be able to create your own custom-made bouquet with fresh-cut flowers and the help of dedicated florists. If you’re unsure of what you want, you can trust them to make the choice for you. The catch is that this flower shop also sells indoor and outdoor plants like fiddle leaf figs, parlor palms and more. Make sure you also choose a giant teddy bear or colorful balloons with your orders.

Toluca Lake Florist is located at 10601 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood, CA 91602.

2. Mark’s Garden

Mark’s Garden is a high-end fancy flower shop that most Angelinos resort to when in need of amazing and breathtaking flower arrangements. Although quite pricey, this flower shop is one of L.A.’s most favorite. Mark’s Garden does seasonal arrangements, custom arrangements, and even weddings and events. There’s truly nothing Mark’s Garden cannot do.

What makes this flower shop so unique is actually the fact that it has a unique floral environment: it’s part retail flower shop and part creative design studio. Its masterminds have created flower arrangements for numerous high-end events such as the Oscars Governor’s Ball, the Emmy’s, the Golden Globes and much more.

It is actually named “L.A.’s Best” on a continuing basis, making it your definite go-to shop when you’re in need of more than just an ordinary flower bouquet. Mark’s Garden is located at 13838 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

Top 5 Most Famous Flower Shops In Los Angeles

3. Orchid Republic Floral Boutique 

Orchid republic sells none other than the best and most beautiful orchids in the entire L.A. area. They offer unique orchid arrangements but also floral arrangements, hand bouquets, succulents, and flowering plants. This is definitely flower heaven. They describe themselves as chic and unique, with signature floral creations that are guaranteed to stand out.

The Orchid Republic opened in 2013 and since then they’ve been specializing in locally sourced sustainable flowers artfully arranged in classic and contemporary designs and luxury gift boxes for all occasions. Orchid Republic Floral Boutique is located at 4327 Woodman Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

Top 5 Most Famous Flower Shops In Los Angeles

4. J’adore Les Fleurs

A French-inspired flower shop in the lovely neighborhood of Studio City, this is a local favorite. With a lavish interior, worthy of France itself, and chic beautifully crafted boxes & vases, this is another flower shop on the high-end side. Although quite pricey, it’s totally worth it for a special occasion. You won’t get the arrangements that you get here anywhere else!

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These floral arrangements are what shabby-chic dreams are made of. J’Adore Les Fleurs is actually one of the first flower boutiques in the U.S. to specialize in boxed flower arrangements, after them many stores followed but none are as good as they are. Their website explains that their designs are inspired by the concept of “Hat Boxes in the Victorian Era, the elegance of French fashion and the chicness of Laduree Patiserie packaging”. 

A perfect gift that is more than just a flower bouquet, this is the flower arrangement all homes should have.

Top 5 Most Famous Flower Shops In Los Angeles

5. Twigs & Thyme

This is a posh flower shop located in the heart of Beverly Hills, offering the most delicate, original and high-end bouquets in the area. Twigs & Thyme is a floral design studio that features fun, creative and modern designs that will satisfy every possible flora taste. This renown floral shop creates pieces for personal orders, events, corporations, photoshoots, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, birthday parties, and even movie set designs.

Even if this is not your local flower shop, you need to pay a visit to this unique place and smell the flowers. Twigs & Thyme is located at 8685 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Top 5 Most Famous Flower Shops In Los Angeles

So, whether you’d like to do a flower tour and admire the most famous flower shops in Los Angeles, or choose your new go-to floral boutique, the options are endless and certainly beautiful. Comment below and tell us which one you’ll pick!

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