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Most Effective Ways To Pack Your Suitcase

Most Effective Ways To Pack Your Suitcase

Most Effective Ways To Pack Your Suitcase

The most important thing to know when traveling is how to pack your suitcase. What we bring with us when traveling is just as important as having the actual planned trip. It simply gives you peace of mind once you have everything packed and ready to go. But picking out what you want to take with you can easily get overwhelming.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have enough time. This is not only so that you do not forget something but also so that you do not get stressed out. You might think packing is an easy task that you simply throw in some clothes, shampoo, and a toothpaste. However, this is not the case. Once you have arrived at your destination you will notice that you have missed something so obvious. Either your toothbrush or if you wear glasses you would hate to have left your contact solution at home. These are very annoying inconveniences but are easily fixed. But if you are someone who takes prescription medicine you definitely cannot replace that immediately once you are away from home.

If anything else, if you are on a business trip and you happen to have left important documents then your trip was of no use. So packing your suitcase is meant not only for personal belongings but for whichever items you need to serve the purpose of your trip.


Before you even pick out or think about what you want to put inside your suitcase you need to make sure that you have the time to do everything. You might think that you can do things last minute but I guarantee you that either you won’t get the things that you actually need or pick out things that you want. I speak from personal experience it is best you make time when packing just to make sure you do not forget anything.

Effective packing is not only for the items going inside the suitcase but includes the whole experience. This means effective packing includes a whole thought process that will make sure that you get everything that is needed inside your suitcase.

Here are the most effective ways to pack your suitcase.


1. Compressing

Compressing items is that best way to secure that you fit as many items as possible when you pack your suitcase. This means that clothes will be folded to the bare minimum size. If you fold your shirts and pants in thirds instead of in half, which might seem weird at first, you will be able to fit more clothes in your suitcase. The way I lay out my belongings is by putting my clothes on the upper corner of the suitcase while having my shoes and personal hygiene products on the edges. Clothes, towels, blankets or pretty much anything that needs folding takes up the most room. I put all my intimate clothes in one bag along with my socks simply because it allows me to know where everything is located. The same goes for my hygiene products, I put them all inside a bag.

2. Ziplock bags and containers

What I do so as to not have my items floating around in my suitcase is that I put my belongings in ziplock bags and containers. This meaning that my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash will all be in containers which I would put inside one ziplock bag. My make up I would put in another ziplock bag which makes things much easier because this allows me to find things quicker. Personal hygiene items I will put inside another ziplock bag. The final things that would go inside ziplock bags are any medication or eye contact solution.

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I think it is best if ziplock bags are put underneath clothes. Simply because it gives you more space to put clothes and stuff on top. If you need to find anything you just look underneath your clothes.


3. Rolling clothes

Another option for putting clothes inside a suitcase is by rolling your clothes. By rolling your clothes you are making room for the width of the suitcase. If you are someone who simply is not good with folding, rolling clothes your best option for when you pack your suitcase. It is quick and simple to roll clothes and will be easier to find clothes in your suitcase.

The best method for folding clothes would be by doing so in half and then rolling upward. When folding your clothes, you do not have to roll them tightly. Just roll your clothes just good enough so that they fit well in your suitcase. If you do fold clothes too tightly, it is very likely that you will cause wrinkles on them.

Hope these ideas will help you pack your suitcase for when you travel next.  There really is a perfect way to pack a suitcase just pick whichever is most effective and easiest for you.

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