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15 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Storrs Before You Graduate

15 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Storrs Before You Graduate

There are so many delicious things you need to eat in Storrs before you graduate. If you go to UConn, be sure to check out these restaurants!
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UConn has countless options for dining. Whether you have dining hall swipes, are going on a date, have a fast-food budget, or you’re hungry after midnight, Storrs has got you covered. Check out the 20 most delicious things you need to eat in Storrs below!

1. The UConn Dairy Bar

This is one of the greatest things about UCONN. They use milk from the cows housed on Horsebarn Hill and is the greatest ice cream I have ever eaten. Between the unique flavors (salted caramel crunch, banana chocolate chip, coffee espresso crunch) and the classics (husky tracks, chocolate, chocolate chip) there is something for everyone.


2. Calzones – DP Dough

So many options to choose from, from dipping sauces to fillings and seasonings. Some are even specific to Storrs itself, like the Mac Daddy Zone and the Coach Jim Cal-Zone. They can be split so you can make two meals out of it too. The most recommended from all of my friends is the Buffer Zone.

3. Puds – Wallys

Puds, for those who are unsure, are fried potato balls. Freshly made and fried they are definitely worth a try at least once while at UCONN. Wally’s makes their own honey mustard dipping sauce as well.


4. Hangover Burger – Wallys

This burger is topped with bacon, chili, cheese, puds, and a fried egg. One of the things you need to eat in Storrs at least once before you graduate.

5. Wraps – Gansett Wraps

Wraps and falafel are the name of the game at Gansett Wraps. With only two locations (Narragansett RI and Storrs), this is one of the few chances to enjoy their delicious food. They have pizza, soup/salad, and subs as well. I recommend the Husky Wrap, which is a grilled buffalo chicken wrap with fries inside the wrap. Best birthday dinner 🙂

6. Toasted Sandwiches- Toasted

While I have not tried this myself I have heard great things about Toasted. There is a full menu of sandwiches (both sweet and savory) as well as an option to make your own creation. These sandwiches are toasted to perfection so the cheese melts just the way a perfect sandwich should.


7. Chili from dog lane cafe

I know one of the managers, and he recommends this. It is a big hit at Dog Lane.

8. Salads from USM

You can customize your salads with whatever you may want, or you can choose from their menu. These are delicious. I recommend the southwest salad with crispy chicken. These may be a little more on the expensive side (If you add chicken or anything to it) but definitely worth it.


9. Boules at the beanery

Made fresh daily these are delicious. I can vouch for it, because I am there when they are made at work. The fillings are delicious, such as garlic mozzarella and spinach & artichoke, and they are the perfect size whether you want to split with a friend or indulge for yourself.

10. One plate two plates

Located in the Union this is an expensive but healthy option. The menu consists of natural foods from the local area. They serve burgers, salads, a hummus plate, flatbreads, wraps, and more. If you are a vegetarian/vegan or gluten-free this is a place you should check out.

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11. Fresh burgers and shakes from Mooyah

This chain restaurant offers delicious and fresh taste. Everything is made in front of you, including the milkshakes made from ice cream and mix-ins. Try a Reeses or mint chocolate chip milkshake and their fries. You can also sign up for their rewards program and participate in Mooyah for Twoyah every Tuesday, because who doesn’t want double the burger?

12. Blaze pizza (with ovalini mozz and roasted garlic)

Blaze is a fast-service Chipotle-style of ordering pizza. You go down the line adding as many delicious toppings as they can fit on the dough. 180 seconds later your pie is done and ready to enjoy! As someone who was there for the opening and talked to the manager I recommend adding ovalini mozz and roasted garlic, as well as getting a s’mores pie and blood orange lemonade.

13. Mac and cheese from USM

USM serves mac and cheese every single day, and any student will attest to its greatness. I can happily say USM mac and cheese is a constant part of my diet while at school, and it’s cheap!


14. Insomnia

Not many schools have the luxury of an Insomnia location so close to campus. By having it on Storrs Center you can walk there or have them deliver to you at 3 in the morning. It does not matter which kind you have because they are all great!


This restaurant only serves breakfast and lunch, but there is no lack in flavor! They have eggs, toast, and pancakes, as well as a good amount of lunch options served on (what else?) toast! Worth checking out, even though it is a little further away for some people.

Are there any other things you need to eat in Storrs? Comment below!
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